Best Snow Brooms Review 2019
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Best Snow Brooms: Reviews and Buyers Guide [Winter 2021]

It’s time to break out the snow brooms, ice-melts, and snow shovels when winter comes. Not familiar with the term “snow broom”? A snow broom is what you use to sweep away snow from the hood, windows, doors, and roof of your car after it snows.

The best snow brooms, however, are far from being created equally. If you want to get the best value for your money when buying a snow broom, you need to do a bit of research first. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about snow brooms, including our top picks for the best snow brooms currently available for purchasing online.

Our top choice is the Snow Moover Extendable 50″ Car Brush and Ice Scraper, a workhorse bristle broom with a long handle, heavy-duty ice scraper, and a grip that’s easy to hold with or without gloves. Our favorite foam head snow broom is the Sno Brum Auto Snow Removal Tool, which we love for its deep, damage-free swipe and telescoping handle. Read on for our reviews of these and other options, as well as an in-depth guide on choosing the best snow broom for you at the bottom of the article.

Backyard Boss Top 3 Snow Brooms for 2021

Snow Moover - Best Snow Brooms: Reviews and Buyers Guide [Winter 2021]Snow Moover
  • Type: Bristle, scraper
  • Extends: 50 inches
  • Material: Plastic, foam
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Sno Brum Original - Best Snow Brooms: Reviews and Buyers Guide [Winter 2021]Sno Brum Original
  • Type: Foam head
  • Extends: 46 inches
  • Material: Polyethylene, foam
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Snow Joe SJBLZD - Best Snow Brooms: Reviews and Buyers Guide [Winter 2021]Snow Joe SJBLZD
  • Type: Foam head, plastic ice
  • Extends: 49 inches
  • Material: Plastic, foam
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Best Snow Broom for Fluffy Snow

Snow Moover Extendable 50 Car Brush and Ice Scraper with Foam Grip
    The standard-bearer of bristle-type brooms. The adjustable length, no-nonsense ice scraper and wide head make it effective for most uses.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The Snow Moover car brush has a firm brush head to make it easy to get rid of the snow that’s piled up on your car and an ice scraper/ice chipper on the other side to help you chip away all the ice underneath on your windshield and windows.

The brush also has a pivoting head, as well, but you still have to adjust it manually. In its original size, it’s a compact tool that you can keep in your car or your hall closet at home, and it won’t take up too much space.

Further, the extendable arm of this snow broom increases your reach with the tool from 35 to 50 inches. This allows you to reach over the top of your car without having to lean against your car or stand on your tiptoes, which is a solid advantage when you hate freezing, overextending your back, or slipping. (We do.)

The handle remains sturdy even at its fully extended length, which is a big plus when you’re dealing with a big pile of snow. The foam grip is not only comfortable but also gives you a firm grip on the handle.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: If you’re looking for a comfortable-to-use snow broom that’ll make quick (and safe) work of light, fluffy snow, this could be the one for you. It is not our recommendation for those who deal with tons of heavy snow.

Best All-Purpose Snow Broom for Light to Moderate Snow

SNO BRUM AUTO Snow Removal Tool
    Good for jobs big and small, auto or home, and at a really low price. This is a good snow broom for just about any kind of snowfall or clearing most surfaces.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The Sno Brum Auto is designed for cars, as the name suggests, but it’s the most efficient tool we’ve found for sweeping clear hot tub covers, porch railings, windowsills and more. While we wouldn’t use it as a roof rake (unless we were in a real pinch), it’s a multipurpose tool with a clean sweep and no-fuss design.

The large head measures about 17in across and lets you push lots of snow with one swipe. It’s made of sturdy plastic and high-quality molded polyethylene foam, which keeps your car surfaces safe from scratches. The long handle extends from a generous 27 to 46 inches in length, so you should be able to get to every inch of your vehicle (or railing, or balcony, etc), regardless of your height. It’s also powder-coated, which means it shouldn’t get icy as you use it in cold temperatures.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: For quick and efficient clearing of snow from cars, trucks, and SUVs, this broom works well for just about anyone in any region, regardless of how much snowfall is received annually.

Best Snow Broom for Heavy and Wet Snow

Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper
    This is the snow broom to get if you live somewhere with frequent heavy snowfall, especially if you have a large vehicle.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The brilliance of a snow broom like this one from Snow Joe is that the foam head never really touches your car – or its perfect paint job. That’s how it’s able to remove snow from your car without damaging the paint.

Even more, if you were to scrape the foam head across your car accidentally, it’s soft enough not to cause damage. But it typically leaves behind a small bit of snow on your vehicle. As such, it isn’t the best tool for when you get a light dusting of snow.

The large foam head is big enough to push large quantities of snow off your car’s hood, roof, and truck in just a few swipes and light enough that you barely feel it. Once you clear snow from the driver’s side door and the roof, pop into your car, turn it on, and crank up that defroster.

That said, by the time you’re done clearing snow from all your car surfaces, the ice on your windshield and windows should start to melt a little, making an even easier job for the ice scraper on the other end of the pole.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: Though lightweight, this is a powerhouse of a broom that might be your best bet for clearing snow from car surfaces if you live in an area that deals with lots of wet and heavy snow each year.

Best Full-Featured Snow Broom for Heavy Snow

SubZero 14039 50-inch Crossover Super Duty Extendable Snowbroom
    Curved, telescoping handle, pivoting head, and other integrated design features for the snow-brooming maximalist.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hopkins super-duty crossover snow broom is one of the ruggedest and diversely designed snow brooms on our list. One of our favorite features of this particular Hopkins snow broom is its pivoting brush head. This means you have multiple ways of removing snow from car surfaces without having to do much more than adjusting your angle of attack.

This particular snow broom is perfect for clearing car surfaces when the snow is fluffy and moves easily, as well as when you need to put a little more muscle behind it to get wet and heavy snow to budge. That is because you can change the position and function of the versatile head. When you do, the pivoting head transforms the tool into an even sturdier broom that stands up to even the toughest snow piles.

This isn’t a compact piece of equipment. The curved pole is convenient for reaching the tops of truck and SUV roofs, but it’s a large tool. Plus, it expands to 50 inches. Although that pole is sturdy, it is made of metal, so make sure you have gloves on when you use it.

Also, it’s a good idea to let it dry thoroughly before you slide the pole back to its original 36in, or you could end up rusting the inside quickly.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: If you prefer the versatility of a pivoting head and bristles rather than a solid foam scraper, this could be the best snow broom for you, regardless of how much snow your region receives each year. But if you have heavy snow and you like a tool with lots of built-in features, this si the way to go.

Best Snow Broom for Vans, RVs, and Commercial Vehicles

Snow Moover Extra Long Deluxe Snow Brush & Ice Scraper
    If you have an RV, van or semi, this is the right snow broom for you. The ultra-long reach and durable construction mean you'll never be buried, no matter how tall your vehicle is.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The Snow Moover Extra Long Deluxe Snow Brush & Ice Scraper is more than strong enough to tackle the heaviest of snow buildups, and also gentle enough not to damage your car’s finish.

You won’t have to worry about figuring out how to adjust the handle to make it longer, because it is super easy to handle. The extra-long reach is one of its best features, as it is completely adjustable and offers access to the top of the vehicle for people of any height.

There are an awesome ice chipper and ice scraper multi-tool built onto the end of the long handle as well. This feature is extra crucial for ice buildup on windshields and around sensitive areas like windshield wiper blades. Plus, despite its size, it is also technically speaking a compact tool, as you can adjust the size quickly and easily. This is not a snow broom that you’ll have to keep at home or in the bed of your truck.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: Those with tall vehicles and a range of snowy conditions to contend with. This is ideal for businesses, truck drivers, and anyone who drives a tall vehicle, especially in areas with heavy snowfall.

Best Compact Snow Broom for Storing in Your Car

Mallory 533 SnoWisp Deluxe 26 Snow Brush with Integrated Ice Scraper
    Sometimes a snow broom is just a snow broom. This is one such time: the no-frills, portable, reliable snow broom everyone should have in the car, just in case.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The simplicity of this product is its primary appeal. It’s a snow broom. It will brush away snow and fit in your trunk and that’s about it. Oh, and there’s an ice scraper.

One downside to this snow broom is that there aren’t any guarantees that come with it. But, most people who use this broom just push the snow off and don’t grind the bristles into their car’s surface so, there is no real need for a no-damage guarantee from the manufacturer.

All things considered, it’s an affordable snow removal tool with a soft grip and high-quality material. That makes a great snow broom for anyone, regardless of the region they live in and how much snow it receives each year.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: Anyone who’s ever been stuck in the parking lot at work after an unexpected snowfall. And anyone with a car that has a backseat, passenger seat, floorboards, or trunk to store this little guy, just in case.

What Is a Snow Broom?

Everyone’s heard of an ice-scraper and has more than likely owned one or two, or ten. Snow brooms, though, aren’t as widely known and are used primarily in regions that receive heavy annual snowfall.

With the ever-changing weather patterns of today, however, snow brooms are becoming much more well-known tools for battling the winter weather.

Snow brooms are designed to quickly and efficiently rid your vehicle of all the snow that accumulates on the top and sides of it.

The best snow brooms consist of all high-quality materials, including rubber, heavy-duty foam, plastic, and more. More often than not, the best snow brooms also include several extra beneficial features such as a long handle, squeegee, and even ice chippers.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with smaller vehicles or larger vehicles, the best snow brooms easily and effortlessly remove snow and ice from virtually all types and areas of car surfaces. More importantly, snow brooms also prevent accidents caused by icy windshields, and windshields suddenly covered with snow that slid off of the roof of the car.

Stay safe out there, and keep others safe while driving in the wintertime by investing in the best snow broom for you and your car.

man cleans his car with a brush after a snowfall. Snowdrift after a snowstorm on auto snow broom in use
A compact snow broom with ice scraper like this one is great for keeping in the car year-round, just in case.

How to Know Whether You Should Get a Snow Broom

The best reason to buy a broom is to remove snow from your car. Many of them have telescopic handles, which allows you to reach every inch of your vehicle, from bumper to bumper to the roof. Others are more compact, which makes it easy to store in your vehicle in case you’re out and about.

The bottom line is if you drive and you live in a place that snows, you need a snow broom. You may have heard them referred to as snow brushes, but rest assured, they’re the same thing. So, what’s the key difference between the different types of snow brooms available? Keep reading.

Types of Snow Brooms

Before you buy just any old broom, make sure you’re buying the right one for where you live, your vehicle type, your height, and you should even consider the convenience factor. In fact, you may want more than one type of snow broom.

Compact Snow Broom and Ice Scraper Combo

Woman is clearing snow off of windshield of a car with a brush
Telescoping brush plus ice scraper combo in use.

The compact variety of snow brooms, specifically the sort of ice chippers and ice scrappers on end, are one of the handiest snow removal tools you can have the sense to invest in.

Compact snow brooms are typically sized just right for extending your reach just a little, and they work great at removing that bit of snow that accumulates while you are at work or out shopping. Further, they make great all-in-one snow removal tools to brush, swipe, and sweep snow off of car surfaces from any and all angles as well.

Not only do they make quick work of snow, but with the ice scraper on the opposite end, they can be used to chip away at any condensation that’s frozen underneath the snow that’s piled up.

Telescopic Foam Snow Broom

If you’re worried about damaging your paint job, a foam blade is going to be your best bet for a snow broom.

Snow brooms of the foam blade variety are extra easy on car surfaces and extremely hard on snow. They’re strong enough not to bend when you’re pushing snow off your car, but they won’t leave any scratches either.

The long telescoping handles that tend to come with foam blade snow brooms allow you to decide on and adjust the exact length of the handle. This ability extends your reach by several inches at the very least, enabling you to reach the very top of your car(and to infinite beyond!..)

Bristle Snow Broom

Some people prefer a stiff-bristled brush head to remove snow from car surfaces, which are extremely effective at doing it. Bristle-headed snow brooms often come with ice scrapers or ice chippers on the other side, as well, or with attachments that you can quickly and easily switch with the bristled head.

Choosing the right bristle snow broom for you comes down to personal preference. The good thing is that they’re all affordable enough that you could probably try out a few to find the one that works the best for you and your vehicle.

Selecting the Best Snow Broom

Keep in mind that a snow broom can be used to do a lot more than sweep snow from car surfaces. It can help you clear snow from hot tub covers, porches, the windows of your home, and the grill. You never know when you might have warmer temperatures, and that may call for a cookout weekend.

To help you choose the best broom, you should start by reading through snow broom reviews, like the ones here. They can show you the pros and cons, based on others’ experiences, as well as all the other information you need to know about the best snow brooms.

Little boy helps parents sweeping snow from a car
A bristle broom with a straight handle is the traditional snow broom style. They’re effective enough for most light-to-moderate snowfalls and simple to use.

The Best Snow Broom for You and Your Vehicle

Snow brooms are a must-have tool that everyone in today’s world of unpredictable weather needs in their home and car in the winter months(unless you plan on making some epic snow sculptures with the stuff). To select the best one for you and your vehicle, you have to pick one that has all the right features for you and your car. There is surely one that stands out among the others based on your specific needs – it may even be one from our list. to recap:

Best Snow Broom For Fluffy Snow: Snow Moover Extendable 50 Car Brush And Ice Scraper With Foam Grip
Best All-Purpose Snow Broom For Light To Moderate Snow: Sno Brum Auto Snow Removal Tool
Best Snow Broom For Heavy & Wet Snow: Snow Joe Sjblzd 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper
Best Full-Featured Snow Broom For Heavy Snow: Subzero 14039 50-Inch Crossover Super Duty Extendable Snowbroom
Best Snow Broom For Vans, RVs & Commercial Vehicles: Snow Moover Extra Long Deluxe Snow Brush & Ice Scraper
Best Compact Snow Broom For Storing In Your Car: Mallory 533 Snowisp Deluxe 26 Snow Brush With Integrated Ice Scraper

Do you have a snow broom that you can’t live without? And if so, was it one from our list? If so, feel free to let us know all about it in the comments section below.