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Best Snow Pusher in 2021

With the first snowfall officially arriving in some areas, many homeowners are digging out their go-to shovel or snowblower. Whether you’re clearing large amounts of snow from your driveway or clearing off your front porch, choosing the right tool for the job can make your job so much easier!

Unlike a traditional shovel, snow pushers are designed with a wider curved blade, allowing you to quickly and easily clear large areas. Using the same approach to clear snow like a snowplow, they work by gathering up and pushing aside the snow with ease. By eliminating the need to physically lift and move piles of snow, they speed up the process and save you from unnecessary aches and pains.

In this guide, we will look at how to choose the best snow pusher for your home, including recommendations from the Backyard Boss team. Don’t be caught unprepared this winter season!

The Backyard Boss Top Snow Pushers for 2021

True Temper SnoForce Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher/Scraper - Best Snow Pusher in 2021True Temper SnoForce Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher/Scraper
  • 20” Wide
  • Poly Combo Blade
  • Ergonomic Aluminum Handle with Multiple Grips
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The Snowplow “the Original Snow Pusher - Best Snow Pusher in 2021The Snowplow “the Original Snow Pusher
  • 48” Wide
  • UHMW Polyethylene Blade
  • Fiberglass Handle
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HOMCOM Heavy-Duty Snow Shovel Rolling Pusher - Best Snow Pusher in 2021HOMCOM Heavy-Duty Snow Shovel Rolling Pusher
  • 29” Wide
  • Repositionable Metal Blade
  • Adjustable Metal Handle
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Garrant Yukon 35-Inch Extra-Large Ergonomic Snow Pusher with Steel Handle - Best Snow Pusher in 2021Garrant Yukon 35-Inch Extra-Large Ergonomic Snow Pusher with Steel Handle
  • 36” Wide
  • Polyethylene Blade
  • Ergonomic Steel Handle
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ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Push/Scoop Combination Blade Shovel - Best Snow Pusher in 2021ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Push/Scoop Combination Blade Shovel
  • 18” Wide
  • Polycarbonate Blade
  • Alloy Steel Double Handle
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Why You Can Trust Us

Living in the ‘Great White North, I am no stranger to snow and the work required to clear it throughout the season. While we have invested in a snowblower in the past when living out in the country with longer driveways full of packed snow to clear, that would feel like a bit of overkill at our current small-town home. Shortly after moving in, we decided the best solution would be to purchase a snow pusher.

When you first discuss going shopping for a snow shovel, it sounds easy enough. After all, a shovel is a shovel, correct? However, it didn’t take long for us to realize that there was more to consider than we had first assumed. We started to research the different options available.

In this guide, I will draw on my first-hand knowledge from experiencing Canadian winters. It, combined with careful research into the different products available and insight from the existing customer, reviews will provide a clear picture of the best snow pushers on the market. I hope that you find all of this information helpful!

Best Snow Pusher for Smaller Spaces

True Temper SnoForce Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher/Scraper
    This ergonomically designed snow pusher is only 20” across, making it ideal for removing large quantities of snow in smaller or uneven spaces.



Why We Like It: With multiple grips for hand placement options and a unique ergonomic design, the True Temper SnoForce Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher/Scraper is designed to help you clear snow from smaller, oddly shaped spaces.  

In addition to the multiple grips, allowing you to easily change your hand placement for different uses, the shovel also features a footstep. It provides the additional leverage necessary to lift heavier loads of snow, including compacted snow or wet snow.

The 20-inch poly combo blade is a combination shovel blade, effectively working both as a snow shovel to scoop snow as well as a snow pusher. When reversed, the shovel functions as a scraper to remove snow and ice from tight areas such as porches, steps, and walkways. The scraper on this specific model is a poly combo just like the shovel. However, larger models include an aluminum wear strip to prolong your shovel’s lifespan and break up any ice with ease.

Who Should Buy It: Homeowners looking for a snow removal solution that will work effectively on walkways, stairs, porches, and other smaller spaces will enjoy the versatile design of the True Temper SnoForce Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher/Scraper.

Best Snow Pusher for Larger Areas

The Snowplow “the Original Snow Pusher” 48” Wide Model
    Quickly and easily clear your large driveway or outdoor space with the extended reach and reliability of this 48” wide UHMW poly blade.



Why We Like It: While the True Temper snow pusher mentioned above is suited for smaller or oddly shaped spaces, The Snowplow “the Original Snow Pusher” 48” Wide Model is the opposite. 

This heavy-duty snow pusher is designed to quickly and easily clear large outdoor spaces such as driveways or parking lots. It features a polyethylene blade that is 48-inches wide and reinforced with a tuff brace support system to move high quantities of snow, including cutting through compacted snow or denser snow with ease.

The fiberglass D-grip handle is comfortable and easy to control. If the cold weather brings inches of snow-topped off with freezing rain, you may find yourself trying to break through a crust of ice. Flip over the snow pusher, and you can use the cutting angle to chip away at it. Despite featuring a cutting edge, this model from The Snowplow, like all their well-known snow pusher models, is gentle on surfaces allowing you to use it on the blacktop, concrete, wooden decks, roofs, and more.

Who Should Buy It: If you need to quickly and efficiently clear a large space with even ground like a driveway, this snow pusher is the best tool for the job.

Best Wheeled Snow Pusher

HOMCOM Heavy-Duty Snow Shovel Rolling Pusher
    Extra-large commercial grade wheels and an adjustable handle make this a great choice for extra large spaces or for homeowners that need additional support when removing snow.



Why We Like It: Shoveling snow can be a challenging task for those having an injury or illness. If this sounds familiar, the Homcom heavy-duty snow shovel rolling pusher may be just the solution that you’re looking for. 

With built-in rubber wheels, this shovel can move from asphalt to gravel with ease. It navigates both smooth and uneven terrains. The reinforced blade features steel edging designed to improve flexibility and the ability of the shovel to break through the ice and pack snow free from the ground as you work.

The extendable handle is t-shaped with cushioned and comfortable handlebars for better grips. It can be adjusted, making it fully customizable to your personal needs. When you’re done using it, this snow pusher can be easily collapsed for storage and set up once again in just minutes the following season.

Who Should Buy It: For those looking for a snow removal solution that takes as much pressure off your body during use, this snow pusher is worth the investment.

Best Ergonomic Snow Pusher

Garrant Yukon 35-Inch Extra-Large Ergonomic Snow Pusher with Steel Handle
    Lightweight and easy to maneuver, this ergonomic snow pusher is perfect for clearing driveways, ice rinks, and other outdoor spaces without causing back pain.



Why We Like It: The Garrant Yukon 35-Inch Extra-Large Ergonomic Snow Pusher with Steel Handle is a low-cost snow pusher, but don’t let that discourage you. 

Measuring 35-inches across, this durable snow pusher makes it easy for you to remove large quantities of snow without back pain or injuries. The secret to this shovel is the ergonomic double handle. It provides great strength and encourages you to maintain a natural position during use. While the size of this snow pusher isn’t suitable for smaller or oddly shaped spaces, it’s ideal for clearing snow from driveways, ice rinks, or other large areas.

This snow shovel is relatively shallow making it a great choice for clearing fresh snow or light snowfall. However, it may not be the best choice if you are working to clear heavy or compacted snow. Weighing just over 3 pounds, it is surprisingly light. It makes it easy not only to use but also to transport around your yard as required. While it is designed to be stored fully assembled, it does feature an easy-to-use knockdown system that is tool-free if required.

Who Should Buy It: The lightweight and ergonomic design of this snow pusher make it a great choice for those looking to clear light snowfalls quickly while preventing aches and pains.

Best Combination Snow Shovel and Snow Pusher

ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Push/Scoop Combination Blade Shovel
    With the additional benefit of an add-on handle, this combination snow shovel and snow pusher will allow you to tackle all your snow removal needs with a single tool.



Why We Like It: This combination shovel features a durable design suitable for tackling most of your snow removal needs without the need for additional tools. 

Unlike a dedicated snow pusher, the blade features bucket sides, allowing it to hold snow when scooping and removing it from your path. At the same time, the curved design of the blade works efficiently as a snow pusher, clearing snow from surfaces like sidewalks and driveways with ease. For those looking to purchase all their landscaping and outdoor care needs from a single company, the shovel is part of a larger collection of yard tools, including a leaf rake, push broom, and more.

The durable handle features a D-grip end for easy maneuverability, while an additional add-on handle adds leverage when lighting heavier loads. This feature makes the shovel even easier on your back, helping you to avoid unnecessary aches and pains. The lightweight poly blade can cutt through snow and ice with minimal effort, allowing you to remove snow from all of your outdoor spaces with a single shovel.

Who Should Buy It: Providing you with the functionality of a traditional snow shovel and a snow pusher in one convenient package, the ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Push/Scoop Combination Blade Shovel will help you to tackle all of your snow removal needs.

What is the Difference Between a Snow Shovel and a Snow Pusher?

man lifting a combination shovel full of snow up
Image Credit: ErgieShovel on Amazon

A snow pusher is a specific type of shovel designed for moving larger volumes of snow with ease. While a traditional snow shovel has a narrower blade designed to pick up and move snow to a new area, snow pushers work like a snowplow to push the snow into a large pile out of the way. Each of these shovel types has its pros and cons and is uniquely suited for different situations. For example, a traditional snow shovel is a better choice for a narrow stone walkway, while a snow pusher will clear a large, paved driveway for easier.

What is a Combination Shovel?

By combining the lifting ability of a traditional shovel and the plow-style pushing ability of a snow pusher, a combination shovel provides you with the best of both worlds. The blade of the shovel is wider than a traditional shovel and curved. If you are clearing a larger space that has a unique shape or is slightly uneven, these shovels are the ideal combination of both tools.

Important Factors to Consider when Shopping for Your Next Snow Pusher

person using the cutting edge on a snow pusher
Image Credit: The Snowplow on Amazon


Most snow pushers currently available on the market are made from high-quality plastic such as polyethylene or polypropylene. It is because it’s readily available, highly durable, lightweight, and lower cost. However, a plastic snow pusher may not be the best option for your snow removal needs.

If you live in an area with large quantities of heavy snow and ice, you may need to invest in a shovel with a metal edge. An aluminum blade will make it easier to cut through heavily packed snow. It works by cutting down on the strain that you experience while trying to push the snow clear. These shovels often include a cutting edge either at the edge of the blade or on the back of the shovel that is designed to break apart ice with minimal effort.

On the other hand, if you are clearing snow off a delicate surface, a metal edge may run the risk of causing damage. In these situations, a snow pusher with a rubber edge will still clear the snow effectively while also protecting the surface below.

Blade Size

Choosing a shovel with a wider blade size will offer much more efficient snow removal in large areas. However, it can also limit the areas around your home where your shovel can be used effectively. Driveway snow shovels are often wider in size since your driveway is a large, open area about to accommodate the wide blade. However, push shovels used for walkways, sidewalks and porches generally feature a more compact design. It allows for better maneuverability in smaller or oddly shaped spaces.

Type of Handle

Most traditional shovels have a basic straight handle; however, we have learned that this design is often associated with back pain from lifting with incorrect form and putting strain on your body. To combat this risk of injury, companies have been focusing on creating ergonomic handles that allow you to keep shoveling snow while saving your back. Ergonomic shovels feature a curved handle that, with its design, aligns your body in the best way possible for moving deep snow with minimal impact.

If you can’t locate one of these overly comfortable handles, other options will help make the process easier to handle. Consider an adjustable handle to customize your shovel to your needs. It could be a handle with minor adjustments or a fully telescoping handle. Another popular option is to purchase an extra assist handle, which is a handle that can be attached to your shovel closer to the blade to provide you with better leverage.

Wheels or No Wheels

For those that experience significantly large volumes of snow or have a larger driveway of snow to clear, you may be interested in purchasing a shovel with pre-installed wheels. These snow pushers are a happy medium between the convenience of a snowblower and the cost-effectiveness of a traditional snow shovel. The durable wheels can navigate snow and ice. However, they are best suited for a large, even paved surface like a large driveway or parking area.

Additional Features

As you have likely already seen, there is more to the selection of a snow shovel than most people realize. In addition to the different handles and materials, there are also features that you may find on some models that aren’t available on others. Many high-quality shovels and snow pushers feature wear strips along the blade of the shovel. These work to prevent wear from contact with rough surfaces, prolonging the lifespan of your shovel. They can be made from rubber, metal, or even plastic and are designed to be replaced when they wear down.

Another feature that is more commonly seen is the presence of a cutting edge. While snow pushers are effective in moving a pile of snow, they can struggle when there is ice introduced to the mix. The cutting edge works to break up ice effectively into pieces small enough to be moved with the snow pusher so that you can finish the job with ease.

Finally, if you are purchasing a portable or telescoping shovel, you may be looking for an option that can easily travel with you for many reasons. While most travel-focused shovels are traditional snow shovels, those planning on winter camping or other outdoor activities during the winter months may also be on the search for a portable snow pusher. In addition to folding up easily for transport, many portable shovels feature an emergency tool to assist you if you find yourself stuck in a snowbank and need to set yourself free. Just be sure to keep your shovel in reach in your vehicle when you’re on the road.

How We Picked

With a surprising number of snow pushers on the market, I had a long list of products to sort through and consider. To help better sort through this list, I started by sorting the different shovels into categories based on their intended use. From here, I was able to look at several important factors, including the value, size, material, weight, handle style, and whether they featured an ergonomic design.

To select the five products that you see highlighted above, I combined my research with my personal experiences, the experiences of the Backyard Boss team, and the reviews left by other customers. It helped me to assess whether each shovel performed as promised in a real-life situation.

The Best Snow Pusher for Your Snow Removal Needs

While I believe that all 5 of the products featured in this guide are worth the investment, there was one product that stood out above the rest. The True Temper SnoForce Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher/Scraper is uniquely qualified to clear snow from both large, flat surfaces like a driveway as well as smaller, more compact spaces like your front steps. 

Featuring an aluminum double handle, durable poly combo blade, and ergonomic design, this 3-in-1 snow shovel, snow pusher, and scraper is the ideal tool to tackle just about any snow removal project while protecting you from aches and pains.