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40 of The Best Snow Sculpture Ideas: #27 is So Cool!

40 of The Best Snow Sculpture Ideas: #27 is So Cool!

Whether you’re thinking of adding an interesting element to your winter garden, or you just feel like basking in the magic of a winter wonderland this holiday season, ice sculptures can definitely help you achieve that special winter look with a few simple ideas. When someone mentions ice sculptures, people most commonly associate them with weddings or fancy parties. This isn’t the case anymore. Many people express themselves artistically through ice sculpting and the results are absolutely stunning. Check out some of the most gorgeous snow sculpturing ideas we’ve found and prepare to be mesmerized!

1. Game of Frozen Thrones?

Check out this gorgeous frozen wonderland! The trees are carved right into the snowy walls. The chairs, aka “thrones” in this setup are gorgeous and sparkle right under the frozen tree boughs. It’s a truly magical sight that everyone will be completely amazed at. All you need now is some strong mead and some impressive bonfires to go with this amazing setup for a fun winter evening. The details in the snow carved branches are so intricate, someone may just be fooled at the fact they’re merely a snow carving.

2. Frozen Forest

More impressive carving skills, this forest is depicted etched in snow. The intricate shapes in the branches and throughout the snow bunny are so realistic, you just may be able to fool a few guests to its authenticity. This is a gorgeous idea for anyone who has weather that stays frozen over for long periods of time. You’d need some major artistic capabilities to execute this idea, but it’d be well worth it considering how gorgeous and magical the finished product would look.

3. Frozen Mural

You’ve seen those fantastic painted murals on the walls of some of your favorite museums and historic places, but could you imagine how fantastic it’d look to create one out of snow and ice? This amazing mural is wonderfully detailed with a few figures carved right into the snow. This would be a fun idea for a party or even if you host a historical society group. If you don’t have the artistic prowess yourself to pull off a carved mural, you could easily commission someone to help you out.

4. Snow Deer

This snow deer or elk sits proudly as he watches over the frozen landscape. A new perspective from the standard snowman, this deer would make a fantastic addition to any outdoor landscape. Imagine how fun it would be to create something entirely different and new in the snow with the kids? Take that, traditional snowman! Get the whole family involved and create several fun winter critters to liven up the frozen yard and draw plenty of attention to your house.

5. Snow Whale

This snow sculpture is amazing! A massive whale has breached the surface and his huge body is making snow waves! This appears to be a blue or humpback whale, but if you’ve got a favorite sea critter, you can make adjustments accordingly. Again, this is a perfect design for someone who is over the traditional snow family or snowman. This would make a great project for an environmental or sea science class.

6. Snow Nativity

I’m sure you’ve heard of live nativity scenes or even painted nativity scenes, but can you imagine how different it’d be to have a snow nativity scene? Imagine your yard with a wall made of snow and this classic religious scene carved right into the wall? You could include a spotlight so that everyone can see it as they drive by. Adding some light could also cast some defining shadows to bring out the shapes even more clearly.

7. Tree Man

Taking an interesting concept from a traditional snowman, this tree man is busy climbing up that tree trunk! This is a fun idea, especially for a household that has small kids running around. How funny would that be for people to drive by and see these snow people climbing up the trees to your yard? It’d sure be stop-worthy and a different sort of décor for those driving around to check out the Christmas lights. It’s a fun idea!

8. Snow Castle

This snow castle looks like something out of the Harry Potter series! This gorgeous, intricately designed castle stands proudly against the frozen backdrop. This would be so much fun to create, but you’d definitely need a game plan to execute this design. Start planning it out with blueprints as if you’re building your own frozen house if you have to! The end product will be well worth it.

9. Ice House

If a whole castle isn’t necessarily your thing, consider creating a frozen house! This gorgeous house can stand in the front of your house or even sit in the backyard as part of a kid’s frozen fun theme. This would be the greatest addition to any sort of décor, really. If you’ve spent time making Santa’s Workshop as part of a holiday display for the holidays, for example, you could utilize a house that could be Santa’s house!

10. Dancing Elks

These dancing elks are having the time of their life! Imagine this adorable duo dancing across your own yard? People driving by would love it and it’d be great to be able to build it. You could easily start this design by building a strong base out of snow and then adding all the details later. More of a reindeer person? Simply add the impressive horns to create the scene with reindeer instead of elk.

11. Snow Messages


Create your own custom message out of snow to people that are driving by. No matter what holiday it is that you celebrate, you can add all kinds of messages into the snow to create a very interesting concept in terms of yard décor. Even if it isn’t the holidays, you can use the snow to create any kind of greeting. Imagine how cool it’s be to write someone’s name in the snow for a birthday? It’d be great!

12. Snow Pooh


This Winnie the Pooh is made entirely of snow. That won’t stop him from enjoying some afternoon honey, though. Even the honey pot and honey are made of snow! That’s snow Pooh’s favorite, after all. This is a great idea for a home that has children or even just the fan of the classic kid’s cartoon. Winnie the Pooh has been around for a really long time for a good reason. He’s charming, lovable and full of fun.

13. Robot Guy


You can easily build some of your favorite characters in the snow. Being able to use a 3D rendering of your favorite cartoon character, emoji, or movie character would help immensely, and thankfully, you can find most 3D renderings to your favorite shapes online. In this case, the spotlight was added behind the figure to give it so much depth and the light also helps bring out all those great defining shadows so there’s no mistake to whom it is.

14. Snow Cat


This snow cat is so convincing, even the housecat is convinced they’re bff’s! This is a super cute idea for anyone who appreciates cats and wants to immortalize a cat in snow for a few months. Snow cats would be the cutest addition for any sort of porch decorative scene or even adding a few snow cats into the garden. It’s a fun idea that will last you all winter and beyond if you live in especially colder climates.

15. Snowman on Bike


Have a family member that is super into bikes? This great snowman is ready to come wheeling into the mix! This is a great idea in incorporating that traditional snowman with a little added fun. This snowman is so adorable and the best part is, you probably do have an old bike laying around already that you could leave out in the snow for a while.

16. Sad Snowman


A bit different from the traditional snowman, this snowman needs a moment to himself, if you don’t mind. You can create all kinds of funny or sarcastic emotions by way of snow people. This concept uses a bench for the snowman that has just had it today. You can create all sorts of colorful characters by using different props and ideas. Get creative and let those juices flow!

Snow Sculpture Idea for Kids

17. Snow Kids

Make snow renditions of your own kids! This fun idea would be a great project for the entire family because you can get your kids input and easily create a lasting memory. Who knows, maybe you could make it a tradition to make your family in snow and your own kids would carry the tradition on with their own families. It’s a sweet way to spend some quality time together.

18. Snow Creature

Have a favorite animal or cartoon figure? Recreate them in snow! This adorable little creature is peering out from his or her coat, shovel in hand. You can make all sorts of characters out of snow to give your yard some extra fun. Even woodland creatures can add to the fun if you have a favorite animal outside. Chipmunks, deer, hedgehogs … the possibilities are endless! You just need to find the time and get inspired!

19. Diva Snow lady

This snow lady is absolutely fabulous. Just look at all that color and those great, dramatic eyelashes! Maybe she’s a Hollywood actress on vacation, or you know, maybe you’ve just created your own interpretation of Aunt Matilda. Whatever the case may be, creating people out of snow is a fun idea and an even greater project. This would be perfect for the holidays when you’re expecting plenty of family coming in to town!

20. Movie Characters

Are you a big fan of the movie “Frozen”? Create the colorful characters from that movie out of snow! Not only will your kids love it, but any fan of the movie would surely appreciate it. If you’ve never seen “Frozen” or you have another favorite movie in mind, you can easily recreate any character or person from the films easily. Just make sure you have plenty of detailing elements so there is no mistake who you’re creating!

21. Snow Totoro

Japanese cartoon film fans, get ready to start creating! Totoro, the lovable character from the cartoon, is ready to grace your home with his enormous presence! Well, really, you can make him as big or small as you’d like since you are in charge of the sculpture, here. You can recreate Totoro and all his friends out of snow by adding detailing carvings in the actual snow. Add hollows, grooves and lines just by incorporating necessary tools.

22. Snow Relakkuma

If Totoro is great, but he’s not your favorite, easily create a pair of snow relakkuma to your yard! These adorable characters almost look like little snow teddy bears. You can easily create shape to your snow statue by using shovels, picks and even some tools you’d use in your garden. Anything that will really carve out the snow and create defining lines would work perfectly in creating your favorite characters.

23. Snow Car

Make your car out of snow, or any car, for that matter, to create a fun shape in the yard. How cute would that be to have tiny little cars spread out throughout your yard or to even have one massive car in the front of the house chock full of gifts and goodies for the holidays? You can just create characters in snow to create them, but a holiday car would be an especially cute idea.

24. Red Hat Snowman

This adorable little snowman is ready for the festivities in his red hat and scarf. His expression matches his enthusiasm as he sits on the bench waiting to greet all your guests. This would be the perfect little host for the entranceway to a party of a holiday work get together. Pretty easy to create, this little dude just really needs those defining elements to bring it home.

25. Baby Snowman

Create an adorable little snowman complete with a coat and plenty of toys to keep him entertained. This little guy is adorable as he sits on your yard with his toys, ready to welcome all your guests and family members over. This little guy is tiny, so you don’t have to worry about adding too many design elements into the snow. Just make sure to add plenty of toys for him to play with!

26. Snow Homer


This is a great idea for a household that appreciates The Simpsons. Snow Homer is even colored yellow, just like in the show! You can add color to snow by adding any type of dye or even a Kool aid mixtures into the snow before sculpting. You can also just use a spray paint of some sort to add color to already assembled snow sculptures, just be careful when spraying since the spray can go everywhere if you’re not careful.

27. Luxury Snow Car


Have a kid who really just wants that expensive car for Christmas? Well, here you go! This would make an amazing joke – to sculpt the actual car out of snow. I mean, you’d have to make sure your kid would have a pretty great sense of humor in order for this whole thing to go down correctly, but you know, I can imagine a wiley dad pulling this off even if the kid would get upset. Whatever the reason, having a snow care out front is pretty impressive!

28. Snow Bunny


This little bunny is a character from a cartoon and would be perfect for adding to a house with kids. This big guy is peering out over the edge of the home and is ready to greet all your guests! His face is absolutely adorable and his whiskers really add all those extra touches together so we know who exactly he is. Adding details like these whiskers is so important if you want to make sure everyone knows who you are creating.

29. Funny Frozen Characters


It doesn’t really matter who you want to recreate in snow, just as long as you add plenty of fun! These two seem to be having the time of their life as they laugh on greeting guests and enjoying the day. You can add all sorts of decorative elements into the actual snow sculptures, but in this case, sometimes a great expression or smile is just enough décor to get the job done!

30. Snow Dog


Well we’ve showcased the snow cat, so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have a snow dog in the mix, too! This is so adorable and would look great to recreate the family dog out of snow to place in the front of the house. Make sure to take a photo of your dog with the snow dog so that everyone can see the dog’s confused reaction – just make sure he doesn’t pee on himself!

31. Snow Monster


Are monsters more your thing? Recreate your favorite monster out of snow! This massive guy looks a bit creepy, but also a bit cute. He’s pretty much the best of both worlds, but you may want to keep your distance. Judging by those teeth, it’d be a good idea not to figure out this dude’s temperament. This would be a great sculpture to have toward the back of the yard to make guests do that double take to figure out what this is.

32. Snow Gator


Ever heard of a snow gator? They’re notorious in these parts. To be absolutely honest, I’m not even sure if this is a snow gator, but it definitely looks like one. This dude looks friendly enough, though, so I wouldn’t be concerned going into the house. You can literally recreate anything in snow, or even come up with your own interesting concept – just like this snow gator, here.

33. Robo Snow Cop


This is so impressive! Robo Snow Cop is ready to protect your home! He doesn’t even mind if it’s chilly outside. This guy would look absolutely fantastic in the front of the house or even on a driveway. All Robo Cop fans will be sure to stop by and want to take photos with him. Even his gun is made out of snow. This idea would definitely take some time, but would be totally worth it!

34. Snow SpongeBob


Lovable Snow SpongeBob is ready to get the party started! He looks great sitting on the lawn ready to make everyone laugh. To really bring this idea home, you could spray paint him yellow so that there is no mistake that SpongeBob is in the house. Or you know, outside the house. This just goes to show how fun it is to use snow to recreate some of your favorite characters of all time!

35. Flock of Snow Peeps!


Create your own army of snow people by using this great design! How adorable is this! All these little snow people are hoping they’re not late for the party as they scuttle up the hill and into your yard. This is such a different idea that would make everyone who sees it super happy. This also wouldn’t be very hard to do if you had some friends or family members helping you. It’d totally worth the time because it’s so adorable!

36. Painted SpongeBob


Remember how I brought up that snow SpongeBob would look great if he were painted? Well whoever designed this snow SpongeBob thought the exact same thing. It does look better all painted up, doesn’t it? You can use spray paint or any other kind of paint just depending how complicated you want to make the job. It’s a fun idea that the whole family can get in on!

37. Classic Snow Car


A bit different from the luxury car we saw earlier, this car is more of a classic. This classic looks great made up in snow and would make a sweet nostalgic element to the traditional holiday scene. Maybe add a Christmas tree on top of it as if a family in the 50s just picked out the perfect tree and are ready to start the holiday feels. It’s a fun idea that can bring so much more character into a holiday landscape.

38. Snow Vader


Snow Vader is great for the family that loves Star Wars. You can easily recreate Vader’s iconic helmet by utilizing a snowbank or creating an actual snow wall to begin with. If you have access to a pickup truck, it may help moving a massive amount of snow so that you can start to carve Vader’s helmet out of it. You would need the snow to be pretty packed in order to start carving, so keep that in mind as well.

39. Snow Archway


Surprise holiday guests by making a decorative archway out of snow! It’s a great idea because you don’t have to spend extra money on decoration! You have all the materials you need right in your frozen yard. And better yet, there is no cleanup! Once the weather changes, this gorgeous snow archway will just collapse and melt away.

40. Snow Shark


I’m sure you’ve heard of landshark, but have you heard of snow shark? Just as deadly, just as adorable. This guy is ready to start the conversation! Look as his teeth and impressive dorsal fin. The detail in this guy is fantastic and even if it isn’t close to Shark Week, shark enthusiasts will surely enjoy that this guy is joining all the holiday fun.

To Conclude

So which great idea are you leaning toward? Do you have a favorite? Do you have a few favorites? The greatest thing about snow sculpture projects is that you can literally recreate anything in snow. You just have to make sure you have a good idea and the time to make it work. See a couple ideas that appeal to you? Use them to recreate your own frozen landscape! The possibilities are endless when it comes to snow statues! Do you have experience creating snow sculptures in the past? We’d love to know about it! Feel free to share your experiences in the comments so that we can all get some extra insight into this frozen world. Happy creating!

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