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Best Snow Shovel Reviews

Clearing snow from our walkways, driveways, and porches is unfortunately a daily chore for many people through the winter season. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t receive much snowfall, chances are you’ll be reaching for a shovel at least once this year to help clear a pathway to avoid nasty slips and falls. Your shovel choices should be considered carefully as not all are made the same, nor are all as durable, or as easy to lift as variable counterparts. Nothing is worse than being part way through a job and having a handle break, or discover that your shovel is not as helpful as you want it to be.

As a native of a very snowy area, I have learned (mostly through trial and error) how a good shovel can help you get through the worst of the winter snows. Our list of best snow shovel reviews can be found below based on top rated consumer feedback.

Snow Shovel Comparisons Chart

Garant YPP24EAKDU Yukon
Ergonomic Snow Pusher

Material: Poly and aluminum
Blade Width: 24 inches
Weight: 4 pounds
Warranty: 90+ days limited
Suncast SC2700
Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo

Material: poly and steel
Blade Width: 20 inches
Weight: 4 lbs
Warranty: 3 years limited
Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Material: poly and steel
Blade Width: 18 inch
Weight: 2 pounds
Warranty: 2 year
True Temper SnoBoss
Ergonomic Snow Shovel

Material: poly and aluminum
Blade Width: 26 inches
Weight: 5.6 lbs
Warranty: 90 days
The Snowplow 50548
Snow Pusher

Material: Poly and Fiberglass
Blade Width: 48 inches
Weight: 8.3 pounds
Warranty: Limited/Situational warranty support

How is a Snow Shovel Different than Other Shovels?

Snow shovels are designed specifically for moving large amounts of snow through scooping, lifting, and throwing of snow to help clear your yard. Specialty handles, as well as wider, tapered, and curved blades define the snow shovel to make these movements easier to accomplish without overly taxing your body.

The blade is often made of aluminum, a more lightweight metal; steel, a strong, long-lasting metal; or plastic, which is surprisingly strong and long lasting as well. Occasionally these blades are further reinforced by molded ridges to provide extra support for heavier snow loads.

These differ from regular flat bladed or rounded nose shovels which are designed specifically to dig and move soils. Snow is rarely as compacted as soil, is much lighter, and it also often adheres to itself better to allow for larger amounts to be moved at any one time.


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Why Choose a Snow Shovel?

There are many products available to move snow: such as a snowblower, or an electric snow shovel. But many times people do not have the storage space for such items, or do not feel that they have a large enough area to justify such an investment. Also – those who live in areas where snow is not a regular occurrence, purchasing larger, bulkier items are most likely not worth the buy. Shoveling your yard is also excellent exercise for those who are physically fit to do so. There are also great activities that you can do to help warm up your muscles for the exertion it can cause. If you regularly attend the gym, or look for ways to add in movement to your day this is a great way to get yourself moving and in shape. Snow shovels are also handy tools to have around even if you do have an mechanical versions on hand. They can get into smaller spaces, are a quick grab and go solution that doesn’t require maintenance or startup procedures, and are also a great tool to use for quick cleanup after using other types of products.

Types of Snow Shovels

Snow shovels are not a one size fits all, nor are the many types available a good match for all body types or physical capabilities. Others are designed for specific jobs and may not work well with heavier snowfalls. Your best winter shovels are going to be those that best fit your climate needs.

Ice Scraper

An ice scraper has a smaller, flat head that is designed specifically to scrape heavy, packed, or ice filled snow off your yard surfaces. It also is usually durable enough to use to chip away at packed ice that may be lying underneath your snowfall. These can damage your cement, so be careful with use.

Ergonomic Shafts Shovels

These S-shaped shafts help keep you from putting too much strain on your back when both bending, lifting and tossing snow. They are designed to keep your back as straight as possible, and also occasionally include a second handle along the shaft to aid in lifting. These are also great to keep in your vehicle as they can be made shorter to fit in most any trunk space.

Telescoping Handle Shovels

These handles are fully adjustable and can help in easing the strain shoveling can cause by allowing you to find the perfect length for height and personal preferences.

Manual Push Shovels

These wide, flat headed shovels are made to be pushed out in front of you to move snow out of the way. Usually light enough to lift and toss as well, the design is specific to pushing larger amounts of heavy snowfall when needed.

Push Along Snow Plow

Similar to a push shovel, these usually have a set of wheels along the back of the blade to make your job even easier. These are excellent choices for fresh, or lightweight snow, but may not dig into heavier, packed snow as well as other choices.

Snow Sleigh Shovel

These are tools most often found in areas that receive regular, heavy snowfalls all at once. Purly built for pushing, these large shovels are built of aluminum and can scoop up huge amounts of snow to push out of the way.

How to Shovel Snow

Many people believe that with a snow shovel you just dig in and start tossing, but actually this is a very inefficient way to get going. The most convenient way to shovel (or push) snow is to start down one side of what ever area you are clearing to create a strip, and then work down next to the strip you have cleared either tossing the snow back behind you, or pushing snow – moving the least amount of distance for efficiency.

How to Choose the Snow Shovel For Your Yard and Climate

Where you live, your yard size, and your preferences very much influence your snow shovel choices- and what works for one person may not work well for you. The important thing is to research what each shovel can do, and decide on which is your best pick prior to purchase.

Do you get regular, deep snowfalls?

Regular, deep snowfalls require something that can move large amounts of snow at a time. Lightweight, large bladed type styles are most likely your best bet if you need to pick a shovel type. Or you may want to consider something mechanized to more quickly, and efficiently, move snow.

Is clearing off your porch and steps occasionally difficult?

If clearing off your smaller walkways is a difficult task due to the bulk or heft of whatever you normally use for snow clearing, a snow shovel is an excellent tool to get into those hard to reach places and to ensure you have gotten everything off the surface of your area.

Are you limited in storage capacity?

If you don’t have a lot of space to store winter tools, shovels often make excellent choices as they can fit easily into small spaces, or even front hallway closets. Obviously larger snow sleighs may not be the best choice for small spaces, but luckily there are many other shovels with similar design that can store easily.

Is pushing a shovel a difficult task?

If you struggle to push, or lift a shovel then perhaps investing in something that can make your job easier is worth considering. Electric snow shovels are generally affordable and easy to use, and are small enough to store in smaller places.

Our Top 5 Rated Snow Shovels Explained

It isn’t difficult to find a snow shovel to but once the leaves begin to fall. They are available in most corner hardware stores and garden centers in every town. But choosing one that can last, and also keep your body from being to stressed while you use it, can be a slightly daunting task and often results in many trials and errors. Knowing the pros and cons of differing styles, and the reasoning why some shovels are considered better than others prior to purchase can save you money in the long run.

Garant YPP24EAKDU Yukon Ergonomic Snow Pusher

Quick Info

  • Material: Poly and aluminum
  • Blade Width: 24 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Warranty: 90+ days limited
The wide, 24 inch blade of this snow pusher allows you to move large amount of heavy snow at one time. The poly blade is reinforced with multiple molded ridges to ensure durability, and the ability to handle snow loads. Unlike many other similar designs, this particular shovel does not have a steel edged wear strip, which is actually a plus as many times they will curl up, or even damage the surface of what you are shoveling due to the pushing motion you use to clear larger amounts of snow. Although built to be a snow pusher, the lightweight, ergonomically designed handle does allow for leverage to lift and throw. This also reducing the strain placed upon your back that often occurs with a snow shoveling chore. The width of this shovel does dictate that heavy, wet snow will not toss easily, but lighter snowfalls should easily clear with your choice of shoveling movement.


  • Wide blade moves snow well
  • Sturdy and easy to move
  • Lifts lighter snow very well


  • Plastic edge will wear over time
  • Best for flat surfaces

Who Should Purchase This:

Excellent for areas that receive heavy snowfalls, and for people that have wide drives, this is a shovel that can help get the job done quickly and with a minimal amount of effort. If you prefer a pushing motion, rather than a lifting motion, then this is also a great design to have you walking behind and reducing the strain upon your back and shoulders.

Suncast SC2700 Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo

Quick Info

  • Material: poly and steel
  • Blade Width: 20 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years limited
20 inches wide with a reinforced poly blade, this is a combination shovel that can take on just about anything old man winter can throw at it. Built with a flatter surface with a slight curve, it is made to both push, and lift snow no matter what the conditions. The blade is also lined with a steel edge wear strip, and has a steel core shaft with a d-handle for easy grip for whatever motion you are using. Combination shovels are very popular in areas that receive heavy snowfall due to their versatility, and weighing in at only 4 pounds, this is a product that is easy for anyone to lift- even with a load of snow on. The poly is also lined with graphite to keep snow and ice from sticking- to make snow removal that much easier.


  • Very durable
  • Steel strip holds up well
  • Easy to grip


  • Heavier feel for short statured people
  • May be better for lifting than pushing

Who Should Purchase This:

This is a great choice for any area that receives regular seasonal snow, as well as in climates where a reliable shovel is available for use. It doubles up as a push version in light to medium weight snow, and can handle digging and tossing as well.

Snow Joe SHOVELUTION SJ-SHLV01 Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Quick Info

  • Material: poly and steel
  • Blade Width: 18 inch
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 year
The 18 inch wide blade of this shovel is attached to a unique, strain reducing handle to provide excellent scoop and lift support while shoveling heavy snow. The heavy duty, reinforced poly blade has an aluminum strip to help prevent wear and also cut into heavier snow with ease. The shaft is also a steel core, making it durable and long lasting. What makes this shovel so unique is the spring loaded, ergonomic shovel grip that creates a fulcrum and creates leverage that can reduce back strain up to 30%. The flexible grip returns back to place after each load, allowing it be ready for the next application of weight. Plus, the 2 pound shovel weight makes it about the lightest you can find anywhere.


  • Really saves back
  • Durable design
  • Helps move snow quickly and efficiently


  • Aluminum strip may not last long
  • Takes some getting used to

Who Should Purchase This:

Areas of heavy snowfall would definitely benefit from this shovel, as will anyone who needs to reduce the bend and lift strain upon their body while shoveling any amount of snow through the season.

True Temper SnoBoss Ergonomic Snow Shovel

Quick Info

  • Material: poly and aluminum
  • Blade Width: 26 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 90 days
This combination shovel has a unique design made to provide ergonomic support while pushing, lifting, and throwing snow out of your way. The blade is a full 26 inches wide and is set on a heavy duty reinforced poly blade that doubles as a snow sleigh and shovel scoop all in one. There also is a steel wear strip to help keep your poly blade from wearing down too quickly. The ergonomic handle is wide design that also includes choice handle grips to provide added leverage and lift. A foot step is also provided to help with lift. Plus, it pushes well to move large amounts of snow with very little effort. It also is reversible to get into tighter spots along steps and decking. The 5.6 pound weight does seem a bit heavier, but the design makes it easier to work with compared to other, lightweight designs.


  • Incredibly easy to push heavy amounts of snow
  • Excellent customer service
  • Chops and cuts heavy snow easily


  • Heavy to lift wet snow
  • Blade will wear over time but replacements can be sent

Who Should Purchase This:

Perfect for high snowfall areas, the design works well with any body type and ability due to how well it pushes and the opportunity for strong leverage. This isn’t a shovel to necessarily invest in for small snowfall areas as simpler designs may be more convenient for use.

The Snowplow 50548 Snow Pusher

Quick Info

  • Material: Poly and Fiberglass
  • Blade Width: 48 inches
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited/Situational warranty support
Everybody loves to have a snowplow in their yard, but even if those services are unavailable to you, you can take advantage of the The Snowplow Snow Pusher that provides a extremely wide 48 inch blade. This highly durable poly blade is impact resistant, non-abrasive, and by all accounts seems fairly indestructible. The reinforced handle allows you to use the shovel to shop, as well as push, snow for convenience. Although the blade is not angled, since it is 10 inches high you can easily push the snow load to the side and out of the way without worrying it will pack up in front of you. The D-handle end allows for good grip and a place to push from, and well as to pull back or lift when absolutely necessary. It also comes with a hanger for easy wall storage.


  • Rustfree- no markings on the yard surfaces
  • Glides easily over smooth surfaces
  • Blade is very durable


  • Does not cut into packed snow
  • Included screws may work loose, easy to replace

Who Should Purchase This:

This is the perfect blade for long, smooth driveways and climates that receive a lot of snowfall on a regular basis. Keeping up with the weather is important for helping to keep your drive clear, and this is a tool that can help make that happen.


The winter season brings with it a whole myriad of challenges, and getting your walking, and driving, surfaces clear shouldn’t have to be one of them. A strong, and durable shovel that fits your winter climate precipitation amounts, and your own personal preferences, is a must in order to keep your property safe and clear from winter hazards. Of course, each shovel choice is going to be specific to many of the factors I’ve mentioned above, but it you do get regular snowfall, my personal favorite is the True Temper SnoBoss Ergonomic Snow Shovel. This shovel has it all and can be used to easily push, chop, cut through, or toss anything mother nature decides to dump on you. Having lived in a cold snowy climate, I know I wish I had had one of these to make quick work of my walkway and drive each morning! If you have any questions or comments about our choices, we;d love to hear about them below. And,as always, please share!

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