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Best Snow Shovels For Kids In 2021

Winter is a season that brings a lot of joy! There are plenty of fun backyard activities you can do that make this season so special, like building a snowman or snow fort, snowball fights, winter sports such as skating, skiing, or sledding, and many more. Some prefer to spend most of their time indoors when it is cold, but it is crucial to get outside during the winter as it has many health benefits.

However, winter also comes with some not-so-exciting responsibilities. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, shoveling snow! But what if I tell you that you can turn it into a fun task for you and your kids? Hand them their very own snow shovel and even make it into a friendly competition by having them lend a helping hand and spend some quality time outside. They will love it, and you will have less work to do!

We’ve put together this list of the best snow shovels for kids you can currently find on the market!

    Liberty Imports Kids Metal Snow Shovels

    4 Bright Shovels For 4 Kids

    These four kids’ shovels come in four different bright colors to make the shoveling even more fun! They’re lightweight, making them not only great for small children but also toddlers. They are also very sturdy, meaning they won’t break quickly.
    Rocky Mountain Goods Kids Snow Shovel

    Perfect For Kids Age 3 to 12

    This golden shovel is an extra strengthened single plastic bend design piece that is surprisingly as strong as metal. It’s perfect for shoveling heavy snow while still maintaining a light weight for both older kids and toddlers.
    Ideal Sno Kids Outdoor Snow Shovel

    Brightly Colored Snow Shovel

    This snow shovel comes in various colors and fun combinations, so every kid will know which shovel belongs to him or her. It measures 25-inches tall and the scoop is 10 by 9 inches tall, making it the ideal size for children 5 years of age and older.
    Superio Kids Dark Blue Snow Shovels

    Two Durable Snow Shovels

    These two dark blue shovels are lightweight for kids but are as durable and sturdy as adult-sized shovels. They’re made of soft but durable plastic, which is also very safe for kids. It’s a perfect gift for kids who wants to shovel as fast as adults.
    Garant Grant Kids Snow Shovel

    Once Piece Various Colors

    Garant snow shovel comes in one piece and is made of polyethylene that is safe for children ages 3 and up. There are many fun and bright colors to choose from, so every kid will find something suitable. It’s also very lightweight and easy to use.
    SumpMLC Twin 2 Pack Shovels

    Twin Shovels For Different Use

    These two twin shovels are designed to be used at the beach, but kids also can use them to shovel the snow due to their high durability. They are made of plastic and are extremely lightweight, making them a perfect choice for toddlers!
    Dsmile 2 Pack Snow Shovels

    Stainless Steel Handle

    Measuring 24.4 inches, these twin shovels are perfect for shoveling, sand digging, and more. The handle is made of durable stainless steel, while the spade is made of sturdy ABS plastic, making this shovel last for many years of use.
    Holady 4 Pack Colorful Shovels

    For The Youngest Kids

    Made of plastic, these small shovels are perfect for the youngest children. They are a great tool for shoveling, digging sand, and having fun. They come in four different colors, have a very smooth surface, and are firm and durable!
    Spielstabil Heavy Duty Shovel

    Snow Shovel With German Quality

    This shovel is perfect for all seasons. Your kids can use it at the beach, in the garden, or in the snow. It only weighs 0.66 pounds but is very sturdy. It’s made of plastic but won’t break anytime soon. Also, it has a german quality, meaning it will last long.

Finding the perfect ergonomic shovel for your kids can be a challenging task. It’s especially true since they have various sizes and shapes. They come in many colors and are made from different materials. That’s why it’s important to specify your needs before making a purchase decision.

If you are looking for a sturdy single-piece plastic bend, the best idea is to get yourself a Rocky Mountain Goods Kids Snow Shovel. It’s highly durable and big enough to contain a lot of compacted snow. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and has an ergonomic handle.

In case you have more kids who always fight for their toys, it would be smart to buy a 4 Pack Liberty Imports Metal Snow Shovels. They have different colors, so your children will know which ones belong to them. They’re also very sturdy and perfect for wet snow.

However, for anyone having babies who want to have their own shoveling tool, I recommend purchasing Holady 4 Pack Colorful Shovels. They are small, lightweight, but high-quality and can be used for different purposes.

Let us know which shovel your children like the most, and as always, please share!