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The 13 Best Snow Toys for Kids in 2020

One of the best things about winter is the snow. Sure, it needs constant shoveling. But the snow is also a place for creating memories and having fun. The best snow toys make it possible for you and your family to enjoy the winter wonderland that happens every time it snows. If you’re interested in making the most of this winter, check out some of our picks for the top kids snow toys.

What You Should Know About Snow Toys

There are countless ways to play in the snow. Therefore, there are more snow toys than you can imagine. Although we can’t list every possible snow toy in existence, we can give you an overview on some of the types of kids snow toys.

kid shoveling snow with snow toy shovel in winterOne of the most popular types of toys is a sled. What’s more fun than speeding down a hill of snow? Some sleds let you steer with precision, while others leave you with no control. There are disc sleds, inflatable sleds, and wooden toboggans. Although the materials and styles differ, all sleds remain the same in that they give children thrills and smiles.

Another snow toy is snow shoes. Although they are less common than sleds, they’re just as fun. When your kids put them on, they can travel over thick snow and explore. It’s a fun way for them to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

Recently, snowball makers have become popular. The machines allow kids to make snowballs at an incredibly fast rate, which takes snowball fights to a whole new level. If your kids don’t want any help from a machine, they can use snowball molds to make the perfect snowball.

There are also toys that allow children to draw in the snow. If you have a creative child, this type of toy can provide hours of entertainment. Some kits come with stencils and molds, while others just include paint for the snow. Whichever type you choose, your child will be able to unleash their inner artist. A bright and colorful masterpiece could be in your front yard.

Other toys include snowman kits, ski scooters, and igloo molds. Whichever best snow toys you choose to add to your winter collection, one face remains the same. You may have a hard time getting your kids to come inside for dinner. That said, there are still a few other details you should consider before purchasing a snow toy.

kids sledding and girl cheering with sled

What to Look for in a Snow Toy for Kids

When choosing a toy, there are several things you should consider. First, there’s the issue of age-appropriateness. If you have a toddler, you should keep it simple. Snowman kits and block molds are great for this age. Older kids might enjoy a motorized snow toy more than a simple one.

Another consideration should be the quality. If you’re buying a sled, you want it to last. Likewise, you probably won’t be happy if a snow mold breaks after one use. Before you buy a product, think about its durability. What is it made out of? If it’s a cheap or flimsy material, you’ll end up needing to replace it sometime soon.

The ease of use also matters. If a snow mold requires brute strength to open it, your kids won’t enjoy it. Some motorized equipment have difficult controls. To make sure your snow toy is well-loved, pick something that’s easy to use.

Finally, look for something different. There are many snow toys available, but not all of them are unique. If you really want your kids to have fun, look for a toy that you haven’t seen before. Try getting something that will make the winter an unforgettable season.

makeshift snow shoes with tennis racket toys

General Safety Rules for Kids and Snow

Before playing with snow toys, your kids should learn some safety rules. First, they should learn the importance of dressing warm. Frostbite is serious and can happen to anyone. Every time your children go out to play, they should wear appropriate clothing. Jackets, hats, and gloves are essential. However, if your kids plan on sledding, they should skip the scarves. A scarf can get caught on something and become a strangulation hazard. Although it keeps kids warm, a scarf can cause serious injury.

When sledding, kids should take extra safety precautions. Children under 12 should only ride with an adult. Additionally, they need to follow all of the recommendations made by the sled manufacturer. Some sleds have relatively low weight limits, and surpassing those limits can be dangerous. Before going downhill, children should make sure there’s a flat ground for the sled to slow down on. Children are the safest when they wear some type of head protection, like a bicycle helmet.

If your snow toys are for snowball fights, there are other precautions to take. To avoid eye injuries, children should wear some form of eye protection. It might not seem like much of a risk, but a snowball to the eye could cause a serious injury. An adult should be present to deal with any issues that arise during the snowball fight.

Best Snow Toys for Toddlers

If you have a young child, these toys for toddlers could be just what you need to keep your little one entertained. Although they’re intended for toddlers, these toys are just as fun for adults.

Snowman Kits

Dress a Snowman Kit
    This kit allows kids to decorate their own snowman. You supply the snowman’s body, and this kit covers the rest.



Who doesn’t want to decorate a snowman? Although kids of all ages might enjoy this kit, it’s particularly fun for young children. This kit comes with 16 essentials for decorating a snowman. Your kids can use their creativity to dress up their snowman with a nose, eyes, and hat. Designed for multiple uses, this kit will last through the years.

What’s great about this kit is the fact that it’s fun for the whole family. Everyone will enjoy building and decorating the snowman. It’s a great way to make holiday memories every winter. Best of all, the product comes with a 12 month replacement warranty.

Snow Paint

Sno Art Kit
    Let your kids bring their creativity to the snow with this snow art kit.



When kids play with sidewalk chalk, they usually have a shiny glimmer in their eye. But playing with colors in the snow is even more fun. With this kit, your little ones can transform snow into a masterpiece. In this art kit, there are three markers and two molds. Your kids can make a star and a snowman out of the snow. Then, they can use the markers to color them in.

Using the markers is easy, but may require some help from an adult. Older kids won’t have a problem mixing the markers with warm water, but younger children will. Simply mix them together and give the markers a shake. Then, your little ones can make their own designs. Creativity has never been so cold, or so fun.

Baby Sleds

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled
    This comfortable sled provides excellent support for babies and toddlers.



With a built-in back support, this sled is perfect for toddlers. As long as they can sit up, they can sit in this sled.The snow is around four inches deep or less, and you can tote your child in the Flexible Flyer sled. For added safety, the sled has a built-in strap system. When the sled starts to move, your toddler will remain secure.

The sled has a wide base for stability, and is crack resistant. Made from high density polyethylene, the sled is built to last. It also comes with a tow rope, which makes it easy to tote around your child. For children 40 pounds or less, this is the perfect sled.

Toy Snow Shovels

Ideal Sno Shovel
    With this kids shovel, your children can help you shovel the driveway.



It’s no secret that kids love to copy or help their parents. Although they usually stop wanting to copy you by the time they’re 15, children often want to be just like you when they’re toddlers. With this kids snow shovel, they can do that. This shovel is made for kids and features bright colors. After the snow falls, your toddler can work with you to shovel the driveway.

The shovel measures 25 inches by 10 inches. In addition to using it to help you shovel, your toddler can use it to make large piles of snow. However they choose to use it, your kids will have fun with one of these snow toys.

Best Snow Toys for Ages 6 and Up

These toys are fun for older kids, as well as adults who are young at heart.

Age-Appropriate Snow Shoes

MSR Tyker Kids' Snowshoes for Children
    For a fun time romping in the snow, these snow shoes are perfect.



Children of all ages can enjoy these snowshoes. As long as your child is under 90 pounds, they’ll be able to walk on the snow with ease. They have great traction as well as floatation. With steel crampons and molded traction bars, the snowshoes are as comfortable as they are safe. They only weigh about two pounds, so the shoes are easy to transport.

Even though they are made for kids, these snowshoes are designed to last. They work in a variety of snow conditions and have bindings that are easy to adjust. Even with gloves on, your child should be able to adjust these snow shoes on their own.

Light-Up Snow Scooter

Geospace Original LED Scooter
    This snow scooter is fun for children of all ages.



A cross between a scooter and a snowboard, this product is a great way to enjoy the snow. It folds up into a tiny, light rectangle. When your kids are ready to ride, they can pop the scooter into place. Using one foot, they can scoot themselves along the snow. It skims along the snow, letting kids move on even the slightest of hills. In the evening, kids can make use of the LED light.

This scooter fits children and adults 220 pounds and under. Because it’s adjustable, the scooter fits people of all heights. After the winter is over, you can still use the product. It works on the grass, in the sand, and on carpet. Although it’s one of the best snow toys, it’s also one of the best year-round toys.

Build-a-Fort Kit

Flexible Flyer Fort Building Kit
    This kit allows your kids to make snow forts that are the envy of the neighborhood.



Most kids dream of making magnificent snow forts, but few ever see their dreams come true. With this for building kit, your kids can make a fort that’s the talk of the town. In this kit, there are three snow molds. In addition to having a large and medium brick, the kit has a castle tower mold.

These molds can withstand the cold. Altogether, they only way three pounds and they store compactly inside each other. In the summer, this kit doubles as a sand fort building kit.

Sno-Buddy Penguin

Sno-Buddy Penguin
    A penguin mold with a simple design, this product is fun to use for all ages.



Why visit the penguins at the zoo when you can visit them in your own front yard? This mold makes it possible for any kid to build a penguin out of snow. Using the mold is as simple as packing the mold with snow, closing each half of the mold, and pulling them apart. Once the penguin is complete, your child can position it anywhere in your yard.

The penguin mold is 11 inches tall and seven inches wide. Although the recommended age of use is five and up, younger children will love helping make the penguins or looking at the colony of birds when the project is done.

Snowball Maker

D-FantiX Snowball Maker
    Making snowballs has never been as easy as it is with this unique mold.



Making snowballs is hard work. Even worse, it freezes your hands. Now, kids can enjoy a much easier way to have a snowball fight. This snowball maker creates perfect snowballs, and does so at a rapid rate. While the machine does the cold work, you can enjoy the warmth of your jacket and gloves.

To use this snowball maker, scoop up the snow with the plastic mold. Then, squeeze it together and let the snowball form. It’s made of a durable plastic, which allows it to last through many winters. It comes in a three pack, so the whole family can join in on the fun.

Snowball Catapult

Hoopla Toys Snowball Thrower
    In addition to letting you make snowballs, this snowball thrower also lets you throw them without getting your hands cold.



It’s one thing to have a tool to make snowballs, but what about a tool to throw them? This Hoopla thrower both makes and throws snowballs, which is a major advantage for kids who are in the middle of a snowball fight.

The mold features an easy grip handle, and is very easy to use. All you need to do is scoop snow into the mold, and flip the mold lid up. Once the snowball is molded, flip the lid down and use the tool to launch your snowball. This product comes with a set of two throwers.

Snowball Slingshot

TOPRADE Water Balloon Slingshot
    This slingshot launches snowballs through the air.



In the summer, this slingshot sends balloons flying. But in the winter, it transforms into a snowball rocket. After you make the perfect snowball by hand, you can place it in the slingshot. Two kids can hold one handle each, and one can pull the slingshot back to launch it.

If only one kid wants to launch snowballs, they can place their feet in the handles and use their hand to pull the projectile back. Either way, the slingshot is easy to use. It has side foam handles and good elasticity.

Motorized Snow Toys

While there’s something great about traditional snow toys, there are benefits to using kids snow toys that rely on technology to work. All of the following motorized snow toys can make the winter a little more fun.

Off-Road Remote-Control Truck

Kid Toys Remote Control Truck
    A remote control truck designed to perform in snow or in water, this toy is fun on any winter day.



While most remote control trucks can’t handle the snow, this one can. It has a waterproof design and sends cars through it at a surprisingly fast speed. Because it’s a stunt car, this product can impress the neighborhood. It does flips, rotations, and more.

This product has anti-interference technology, which makes it possible to race this car along with your other remote control vehicles. Made with ABS plastic, the truck is durable enough to take a beating. The product takes two hours to charge.

Off-Road Remote-Control Car

SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road Remote Control Car
    Another fun winter toy, this remote control car travels through the snow. .



This isn’t your typical remote control car. It’s made to endure the winter, which means it can handle the snow and the cold. With an independent suspension spring, this truck is capable of handling rough terrain. It has four wheel drive and anti-interference capabilities to allow for racing with other vehicles.

At its fastest speed, this car can go up to nine miles per hour. Even over the snow, this car goes surprisingly fast. For some extra fun, take it out on a frozen lake or pond.

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I grew up with a mountain in my yard. We’ll, it would be more appropriate to say that my house was built on a mountain. Although it was in a relatively large community in a suburban area, the location of my house gave me plenty of places to play in the snow.

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It’s hard to pick out one of the best winter toys, but there’s one that impressed us the most. The Geospace LED scooter is hard for anyone to pass up. Because its fun for all ages, your whole family can enjoy it. Whether there’s a large hill or just a flat surface, your kids can scoot around. And because it gets dark so early on in the winter, you can take advantage of the LED lights.

There’s much fun to be had in the winter, and riding on the Geospace scooter is only one way to participate in the enjoyment. What are the best kids snow toys you’ve ever had? Comment below and let us know!

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