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The 5 Best Snow Tubes You Have Got to Have This Season

A snow tube is just what the doctor ordered once you get some snow in your area and are ready for some old-fashioned winter fun. Think of it as a mashup of old-school sledding plus water tubing: You can slide down any hill or slope, but inside the comfort of a giant squishy inflatable. What’s not to love? But all snow tubes are not created equal, and there are some things to look for when choosing the right snow tube for yourself or your kids. We’ve chosen the best of the best here, complete with breakdowns of their pros and cons, so you can get tubing safely and in style.

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube - The 5 Best Snow Tubes You Have Got to Have This SeasonGoFloats Winter Snow Tube
  • Available colors/patterns: 5
  • Materials: thick raft-grade vinyl
  • Size: 45 inches
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A-DUDU Snow Tube - The 5 Best Snow Tubes You Have Got to Have This SeasonA-DUDU Snow Tube
  • Available colors/patterns: 2
  • Materials: PVC
  • Size: 47 inches
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WindRider Snow Tube - The 5 Best Snow Tubes You Have Got to Have This SeasonWindRider Snow Tube
  • Available colors/patterns: 2
  • Materials: polyethylene
  • Size: 42 inches
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Flexible Flyer Inflatable Snow Tube - The 5 Best Snow Tubes You Have Got to Have This SeasonFlexible Flyer Inflatable Snow Tube
  • Available colors/patterns: 1
  • Materials: PVC
  • Size: 57 x 33 x 12 Inches
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HIWENA Snow Tubes - The 5 Best Snow Tubes You Have Got to Have This SeasonHIWENA Snow Tubes
  • Available colors/patterns: 2
  • Materials: PVC
  • Size: 48 inches for adults/37 inches for kids
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What to Look for In a Snow Tube

Tube size

small boy snow tubing down a steep hill as others watch from the topThe size of the tube that you are going to buy is related to the size of the person that actually going to use it. A snow tube that’s designed for children is going to be way smaller compared to a tube designed for adults. While it’s true that a child can easily fit into a snow tube for adults, their position might not be all that comfortable, so you should opt for one that suitable for kids. Snow two sizes will range from small to extra-large.

If you’re considering buying a snow tube for adults, it should be at least 45 inches wide but opting for a 50-inch tube might be a smarter idea. The size of the tube will also determine how many people can join the ride. You should consider purchasing a commercial tube if you want to ride with multiple people at the same time.

Weight capacity

This is another important feature that will determine the efficiency and the durability of your new snow tube. A tube that’s designed for adults needs to be able to hold about 200 pounds in weight for it to be considered viable. Every good manufacturer or seller will have this information listed on the label or on the product page.

Materials & durability

We have decided to discuss about these two features together because the materials that are used in the construction of a snow tube will determine its durability. You are most likely to find snow tubes made from rubber, PVC, or vinyl. Out of these three choices, rubber is the most durable one, but the others two can make decent products depending on the treatment they had to withstand low temperatures.

The durability of a snow tube is easy to deduct based on the materials it’s constructed from, but there are plenty of other factors that make a snow tube durable aside from the materials used to make it. It’s also important for the tube to be able to hold the weight of the person using it, but also certain bumps that you may encounter downhill. Look for tubes that are made with materials that have been treated to make them resistant to low temperatures.

kid in snow tube sliding backward down a gentle slope


The design of the snow tube together with the materials used will have an impact on how comfortable the product is to use. It determines the speed and the ease of use of the product. In the end, a snow tube needs to slide smoothly down the snow but it also has to be easy to inflate and have side handles that allow you get a better grip instead of just falling off the tube within the first 5 seconds. Some tubes have designs that are made to be attractive to children, with some models being shaped like animals, having really playful prints, or being covered in very vivid colors.


The valve is yet another product features that you want to look into before you settle for one specific product. Some tubes come with valves that allow you to connect air pumps for an easier and faster inflating process. A low-profile valve is better for safety because it doesn’t stick out.

Top 5 Best Snow Tubes

Moving on, let’s look at some of the best snow tubes that money can buy and, based on the information we gave you earlier, you can decide which of these products best caters to your needs and plan your shopping list accordingly.

Best Overall Snow Tube

The GoFloats snow tube is a really good example of a product that can balance a good construction with an affordable price tag. It is available in five different patterns that will delight adults but especially children: unicorn, polar bear, ice dragon, penguin, and flamingo. It has a rapid valve that allows you to inflate the tube up to five times faster compared to traditional valves.

There are handles located on the sides of the tube so that you can get a good grip every time you’re headed downhill. The tube is made with raft-grade vinyl which is meant to be resistant and thicker compared to other products that fall in a similar price category. The tube offers 45 inches that promises comfort for both children and adults.

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube
    The GoFloats snow tube is a product worthy buying by adults that want to invest in a product that offers good durability and quality considering its low price.



Best Snow Tube for Adults

Next up, we have one of the best-selling snow tubes one could find online, so let’s quickly look at the specs to see why people chose this product over many others. It is made from PVC and comes with another PVC coating to laminate the entire surface and make it more resistant in the face of low temperatures. The manufacturer takes pride in adding seamless bonding to the construction to make it more leak-proof.

The construction is meant to withstand weights of up to 500 pounds and it measures 47 inches in diameter, with a 12-inch seating. Note that this snow tube comes with a hole in the outer bottom layer for discharging the air between the two layers. It also has a 3-in-1 valve that allows connecting an air pump for faster inflation.

A-DUDU Snow Tube
    The A-DUDU snow tube is one of the best products in its niche because it sports a design with dual layers, being an item that’s slightly more expensive, but ideal for people who want to invest in a durable snow tube.



Snow Tube with the Most Durable Construction

The WindRider snow tube is the kind of product that’s giving us lots to talk about because it comes with a different and more resistant construction compared to some of the other models we’ve looked at. It also comes at a higher price, and we’ll let you decide if it’s worth the investment. It is designed with a commercial-grade bottom that’s made from polyethylene, which is a rigid type of plastic that’s more durable compared to other material choices.

Because of its slippery bottom surface, WindRider promises to deliver excellent speeds when sliding on the snow, advising adults to keep an eye on their children whilst they’re riding this thing. There are two handles located on the side to give good grip and more stability, and it also comes with a large rubber handle pull strap that makes it super easy to drag this sing up the hill on snowy surfaces.

WindRider Snow Tube
    If you are willing to invest more money into a snow tube with a more resistant construction and some features that you don’t see in your average product, you might want to look into what the WindRider has to offer.



Best Snow Tube for Two People

The Flexible Flyer is a snow tube that can hold up to two people, being suitable for children and adults alike. These two snow tubes are connected to one another to make it really easy for the two people using it to stick together even when the snowy roads get bumpy. They are made from cold-resistant PVC and come with welded double-seams. The tubes are designed to hold children ages 5 and up, and measure 57 x 33 x 12 Inches.

Each of the two parts of the tube comes with its very own set of handles, so both the people using the sled will get more stability and a better grip to prevent them from falling off the tube that easily. However, the size of the tubes makes them more suitable for kids and average-sized adults, as some customers have complained about the tubes being too small for them.

Flexible Flyer Inflatable Snow Tube
    If you have two children or you’re looking to swiftly slide on the snow with another adult or perhaps with your own kid, the Flexible Flyer snow tube is one of the best products of its kind. It’s also available in a single-person version.



Best Snow Tube for Kids

What made us add the HIWENA snow tubes to this list is the ingenious combo pack they sells, with a product designed for adults and one made for kids. That means that both parents and child are in for countless hours of sliding snowy fun with a single purchase that takes care of the little ones and the big ones alike. The pack contains one adult snow tube with a 48-inch diameter and a kid’s tube with a 37-inch diameter.

Each of the two tubes is made from PVC materials, with a 0.5 mm thickness for adult tube and 0.4 mm thickness for the children’s model. The adult-sized version can withstand a weight of up to 450 pounds, while the children’s tube can support up to 200 pounds in height. It has side handles that allow for a good grip and there is also a repair patching kit included with the purchase, so you can always fix the tube on the go in care of tears or punctures.

HIWENA Snow Tubes
    With a good price and the fact that an adult snow tube is included with your purchase, the HIWENA pack of two tubes is the perfect choice for parents who want to hit the slopes together with their children and have some good old-fashioned outdoor family fun.



Bottom Line

One of the main reasons why people choose to buy snow tubes instead of sleds is because of their portability. You can deflate a snow tube and roll it to fit into almost any bag, whereas as a sled is heavier and can be folded, at best. They are very straightforward to use and if you know what features you have to pay attention to, then you are more likely to spend money on a product that durable, slides swiftly across the snow, and can provide both adults and children with hours of winter fun.

Do you have any of our favorite snow tunes? Let us know which ones you like in the comments!