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5 Best Snowball Makers for Amazing Snowball Fights All Winter Long

It’s not winter without a snowball fight. And while you might feel satisfied making your snowballs by hand, why not elevate the experience? A snowball maker is a tool you can use to turn your snowball making into an art form. In addition to allowing you to make the perfect snowball, the tool also makes it possible for you to keep your hands warm while creating your snowballs. But which snowball maker is right for you and your family? There are quite a few to choose from. We’ve looked at all the snowball makers available and have picked out the best of the best.

Slippery Racer 5 in 1 - 5 Best Snowball Makers for Amazing Snowball Fights All Winter LongSlippery Racer 5 in 1
  • Makes five snowballs
  • Carry handle
  • Durable construction
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PARICON SNOWBALL MAKERS - 5 Best Snowball Makers for Amazing Snowball Fights All Winter LongPARICON SNOWBALL MAKERS
  • Two-pack
  • Nonstick coating
  • Easy to use
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Max Fun 4 Pack Snowball Maker - 5 Best Snowball Makers for Amazing Snowball Fights All Winter LongMax Fun 4 Pack Snowball Maker
  • Includes four makers
  • Variety of colors
  • Durable plastic
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Unplugged Explorer Toys Kit - 5 Best Snowball Makers for Amazing Snowball Fights All Winter LongUnplugged Explorer Toys Kit
  • Comes with other accessories
  • Durable design
  • Two snowball makers
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Hoopla Toys Snowball Thrower - 5 Best Snowball Makers for Amazing Snowball Fights All Winter LongHoopla Toys Snowball Thrower
  • Makes and throws snowballs
  • Easy to use
  • Unique design
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Why Trust Us

You’re never too old for a snowball fight. There’s just something about creating a perfect circle and watching it fly through the air. Call me a child, but I will never stop throwing snowballs. Every winter, my kids and I have hundreds of snowball fights.

When I first discovered snowball makers, I scoffed. I mean, who needs a tool to make a snowball? I’ve always enjoyed doing things by hand, so I underestimated the value of a snowball maker. Then, I tried one. I loved how perfect the snowball was and how much it increased my productivity. Now, our family snowball fights are better than ever.

Your Guide to Having Amazing Snowball Fights with Snowball Makers

So, you already know what a snowball maker is. But you might not know how to use one to create snowball fights that are the envy of the neighborhood. With the right snowball tool, you can have epic fights.

How to Use One

Although snowball makers vary in design, they all are simple in functionality. Most snowball makers require you to dip the tool in the snow or to pack it by hand. Then, you close the tool and let the mold handle the rest. When you open up the tool, you have a smooth, round snowball.

It only takes seconds to create a snowball with the right tool. Typically, the products vary in the comfort of the handle, the amount of pressure you need, and the actual mold design. While you might appreciate having a perfectly round snowball, you might also enjoy being able to make a snowball shaped like a grenade or a duck. In any case, you should think about what shape you want your snowballs to be before you.  

girl throwing snowball at boy outdfoors winter snowball fight maker

Why Use One

If you’re of the old-school mentality, you might not see the value of having a snowball maker. There are many benefits to using one, and it may not be long before you decide to never make your snowballs by hand again. 

First and foremost, snowball makers can create a perfect shape. If you’re using a circular mold, you get a snowball that’s not irregular in any way. You can have uniform snowballs that fly through the air. 

Secondly, snowball makers allow you to make snowballs quickly. Whether you’re doing target practice or having a neighborhood snowball fight, being able to produce many balls at once is a huge advantage. In a matter of minutes, you can create piles of snowballs. It’s worth mentioning that some snowball makers allow you to make multiple snowballs at once. With those molds, you can create snowballs even faster.

Finally, snowball makers keep your hands warm. While you may need to touch the snow a little, these snow toys allow you to be more hands-off. You don’t need to freeze your fingers as you create snowballs.

Snowball Fight Tips

Do you want to have snowball fights that you remember forever? There are a few ways in which you can do that. Follow these tips for hours of fun in the snow:

Build a Fortress

Before you start your fight, have each side build a fortress. You can get as a complex with this as you want, thanks to snow fort molds. For even more fun, have each side build a snowman who defends their fort.

Give Each Side Time

Pick a certain amount of time, and allow each side to use the allotted time to make snowballs. The amount of time you give each side depends on how long you want the fight to go. By allowing people to make snowballs before the fight starts, you make the event even more fun.

winter games outdoor snowball fight boys versus girls

Use Other Tools

Sure, it’s fun to throw snowballs. But why not let each side launch snowballs with some of the more popular snow toys? You can get slingshots, throwers, and launchers for your snowballs. From a distance, the participants can aim at one another.

Give Incentive

To motivate the kids to have fun, give them an incentive. Let the winners pick out a dessert or have first dibs on hot cocoa. You can let the winners design their snow sculpture and make the losing team build it. It doesn’t need to be a major prize, as any incentive makes the game a little more fun.

Keeping Safety in Mind

If a snowball fight isn’t safe, it’s not fun. To ensure that the fight is safe for everyone involved, you should try to do all of the following:

Have a Safe Word

kids throwing snowballs at one another in backyard outdoors winterIf someone feels uncomfortable or gets hurt, they should stop the game in an instant. Having a safe word is one way in which they can do that. Before the game starts, come up with a word that will halt the game. Make sure everyone knows that word and that everyone is willing to comply. 

Don’t Allow Participants to Use Anything Other Than Snow

If kids use anything other than snow in their snowballs, someone could get hurt. Lay down the fight rules and ensure that everyone knows to only use snow in their snow molds. 

Create Boundaries and Time Limits

If you don’t have boundaries or time limits, the fight will go on forever. To keep the game fair and safe, set clear boundaries. You can mark off the playing field with a line in the snow. It’s equally important to set a time limit for the game. 

Pick Fair Teams

Finally, choose the teams with care. One team shouldn’t have all the youngest or smallest kids. Try to balance out the teams, or one team could end up hurting the other. In any case, you should have an emergency kit on hand to treat any injuries.


Top Snowball Makers

Best Snowball Maker for Building an Ammo Stash Fast

With a unique design, this product is a mold that allows you to create five snowballs at once. It doesn’t have a long handle, which makes this snowball maker easy to transport. To use it, take some snow and press it into the mold. Push the two sides of the mold closed, and you’ll get five beautiful snowballs. 

The material of the tool is lightweight and easy for people of all ages to use. But it’s also made with heavy-duty plastic and coated with a cold-resistant treatment. If your kids leave the tool outside for hours at a time, the product will withstand the weather. 

Made by the popular Slippery Racer sled company, this product has the backing of a reliable business. Much like their sleds, Slippery Racer snowball molds are made to last. They’re perfect for a snowball fight, even if it’s the coldest day of the year. 

Slippery Racer 5 in 1
    This snowball maker is a mold for five snowballs.



Best No-Frills Snowball Maker Set

Although this product is simple, it’s highly effective. When you buy these Paricon snowball makers, you get two separate snowball making tools. Each tool makes one perfect snowball that measures three inches round. If you have more than one child or want friends to make snowballs, this product is a great choice. 

If you dip this mold in the snow, you can squeeze the handles to make a snowball. In the right snow, you can make over 30 snowballs in one minute. Your kids won’t get their hands cold, and they can make snowballs without expending too much energy. 

The mold’s surface is like Teflon, and that allows snowballs to drop off the mold with ease. Created from high impact polystyrene, this product is very durable. Weighing less than a pound, it’s light enough for young children to use. The product also comes with excellent customer support. 

Paricon Snowball Makers
    These Paricon snowball makers are non-stick and easy to use.



Best Snowball Maker Set for a Crowd

When you purchase this product, you get four snowball makers. You also receive a drawstring bag for easy storage and transport. Whether you buy this for your kids or the neighborhood kids, fun will be had by all. Each mold makes one round snowball in as little as one second.

Using this snowball maker is as easy as opening the handles, placing the mold in the snow, and closing the handles. Its simplicity makes this product fun for all who use it. Because the handles on this product have grips, the product is comfortable for repetitive use. The thick plastic and heavy-duty joint make the snowball maker capable of withstanding regular use. 

Every snowball maker in this kit is a different color, making it simple for your kids to tell their tools apart. All of the colors are vibrant enough for the tool to stand out in the snow. 

Max Fun 4 Pack Snowball Maker
    Including four snowball makers and a carrying bag, this product is a great value.



Best Deluxe Snowball & Snow Fort Kit

Let’s face it. A snowball fight requires so much more than just a snowball maker. In this kit, you get two snowball makers and four other tools that can help you make the most of your snowball fight. It comes with a brick maker to build an impenetrable fortress and a snow claw that allows you to burrow into snowbanks. If you need to retreat, you can hop on the scoot sled and escape. 

When your kids aren’t playing with this kit, they can store it in the included tote. It has everything you need for the ultimate snowball fight, and the kit is made to last. Everything is sturdy and created from quality materials. The snowball maker itself is the traditional handle design. Although the handle is short, it’s ergonomically designed for your comfort. If you’re looking for a snowball maker and snowball fight kit, this product has everything you need.

 Unplugged Explorer Toys Kit
    This kit has everything you need for a great snowball fight, including two quality snowball makers.



Best Snowball Maker with a Twist

In addition to making snowballs, this product also sends them flying through the air. It has a unique design that resembles a flat baseball bat. You place some snow into a mold on the bat, then snap the mold’s top into place. When you open the mold, you have a perfectly round snowball. Then, you fling the snowball without ever getting your hands wet or cold.

Available in a set of two, this product comes with a red and blue launcher. Each launcher has a rubber handle for excellent grip. Even in icy conditions, your kids will be able to hang onto this snowball thrower and maker. It only takes seconds to make snowballs, and you can launch them faster than you can make the snowballs. With an unusual design and a dual purpose, this product can make your snowball fights better than ever.

Hoopla Toys Snowball Thrower
    In addition to making a perfect snowball, this product also launches it through the air.



How We Picked

To choose the top snowball makers, we had to look at the small details. Most snowball makers are similar in functionality. However, there are subtle differences between them all. For instance, the length of the handle varies. Longer handles mean less bending, so we looked for products with that trait.

We also considered the durability of the product. One potential area of weakness is the joint between the handles. If the joint is weak, the product won’t last. We also considered the snowball maker’s material, knowing that some plastics don’t hold up well in the cold. You need a product that can withstand years of use and low temperatures. 


Out of all the snowball makers, we were most impressed by the Unplugged Explorers Kit. Besides having two traditional handle snowball makers, this kit also comes with everything else you need to have a memorable snowball fight. You can get the entire neighborhood in on the fun by having them build forts. Because the kit is durable, you can count on it to last through multiple winters. 

Which snowball maker do you want for your next snowball fight? Comment below and let us know.