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The Best Solar Flood Lights

The best solar light won’t just meet industry standards but also your own specific needs. You’ll want to pay attention to many different details. Think placement, illumination angle, the sensitivity of motion sensors, battery type, waterproofness, and more. Let us make this easy for you.

We’ll go over the most important things that you have to know before you buy, and we’ll show you some of the best solar floodlight models to choose from.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Solar Flood Lights for the Summer of 2021

iThird Solar Lights - The Best Solar Flood LightsiThird Solar Lights
  • Lumen: 330
  • Runtime: up to 12 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP44
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SOLLA LED Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light - The Best Solar Flood LightsSOLLA LED Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light
  • Lumen: 1,500
  • Runtime: n/a
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
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LTE LED Solar Lights - The Best Solar Flood LightsLTE LED Solar Lights
  • Lumen: 300
  • Runtime: up to 10 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP66
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KUFUNG SOlar Lights - The Best Solar Flood LightsKUFUNG SOlar Lights
  • Lumen: 600
  • Runtime: up to 6 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
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Richarm Solar Flood Lights - The Best Solar Flood LightsRicharm Solar Flood Lights
  • Lumen: 800
  • Runtime: up to 8 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
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Why You Can Trust Us

I’ve been working in solar for a few years now, but I’ve also been researching and studying solar for at least twenty years since I discovered the benefits of eco-friendly lighting. I use solar lights in my own yard, patio, and indoor greenhouse to light up the night and keep things safe and happy. I also have helped lots of people, including family, friends, strangers on the web, find the best options for their specific needs.

I look for products that meet all the standards – brightness, effectiveness, durability, budget-friendliness – and keep these things in mind while I compare different lights for use in different situations.

Best Budget Option

iThird Solar Lights With Motion Sensor
    Durable outdoor solar flood light with motion sensor.



Why We Like It: The iThird floodlight has a very interesting and futuristic design. Despite it being a more budget-friendly option, it still packs all the specifications and features that make a light good.

The iThird light comes with three adjustable modes that give you control over how the light acts in different situations. The sensor mode can keep the light turned on when no movement is detected while making it brighter in case of movement.

There is also a mode for having the lights turned on throughout the entire night, and another mode for having the light turned off when there is no movement and then turned on when movement is detected. These three options will also grant further possibilities in terms of how well you control the battery life.

Made from stainless steel and ABS material, the iThird light has a waterproof rating of IP44 which, to be honest, could have been better, seeing as how the standard rating for this type of product is typically IP65 or IP66.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone looking for a highly durable, bright solar flood light, needing a great sensor mode.

Bright Solar Flood Light

SOLLA Solar LED Security Light
    Bright, wide-angle solar security floodlight with motion sensor.



Why We Like It: If you’re in need of an outdoor solar spotlight that can cover plenty of ground, this might just be the right item for you. It is a light with three heads that can be adjusted to make sure that you actually light up the area of your choice.

Equipped with a motion sensor, this light can detect movement up to 49 feet in distance, but it can be adjusted for lengths of 20 or 33 feet as well. You can also select the number of seconds that you want the light to stay on when it detects movement (you can choose between 30, 60, or 120 seconds).

You have two modes to select from. One of them will allow you to have the lights permanently on, while the Auto mode will basically have the lights turned off until motion is detected. The latter mode is great for saving battery life.

The solar panel and the lights are connected with the help of a 15-foot cord, which should provide you with more flexibility as to where you can actually install the fixture. This is the three-head model, but you can choose the version with just two instead.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone who has a wider range they need to cover with light will find this one a great option. The 180-degree light angle covers a lot of ground.

Best for Hot Climates

CLY 60 LED Solar Lights
    Bright, highly weatherproof solar flood light with heat dissipation system for hot climates.



Why We Like It: This solar flood light uses 60 LEDs, giving you a lumen output of 300. Thanks to its design, the fixture will illuminate at a 120 degrees angle, which is decent and should have your home, garage, or shed entrance covered.

It has a waterproof rating of IP66, which is pretty decent and should ensure that the light and internal components stay safe even in harsh weather conditions. The chassis is made with a die-casting aluminum body, as well as tempered glass. To further ensure that water doesn’t leak inside, the backside is made from a single piece. Because it has a light sensor, the fixture will automatically turn on when it detects low light conditions.

The lights can either be installed directly on the wall, as it includes all the hardware you need to make that happen, but it also comes with a support bracket that makes it easy to place it on the ground as well. The latter option is more appealing if you often need to light different areas and would rather prefer mobility.

Who Should Buy It: This one is great for any climate, but especially those in hotter climates where heat is of real concern. The heat dissipation system will prevent the light from dying too young.

Best for Security

KUFUNG LED Solar Lamps
    Versatile solar floodlights with motion sensor.



Why We Like It: The KUFUNG product is a great solar-powered motion security light. The “swan” neck grants you 180-degrees flexibility and adjustment options. They are equipped with motion sensors that can detect movement at a 120-degree radius but note that the sensors are sensitive enough to be triggered by pretty much anything that moves. The detection length of the lights is ten to 25 feet.

The light comes with three different working modes. two of them will detect motion and switch to a brighter light output, but one of them turns off the light completely when motion stops, while the other dims the lights but leaves them on. The third mode will keep the lights turned on at all times.

Since the fixtures come with a waterproof rating of IP67, they are some of the most weather-resistant solar floodlights that you’ll ever get at this price.

Who Should Buy It: Those needing some extra flexibility on placement for their solar flood lights, such as awkward entryways, will find these especially handy.

Best with Remote

Richarm Dual Solar Remote Lights
    Solar flood light with remote control for ease of use.



Why We Like It: This is a light that comes with a remote control, meaning you maintain control over the timer and the brightness of the lights, which is very useful if you plan on mounting the lights at a higher point and would otherwise have to use a ladder each time you wanted to change a setting.

The fixtures will illuminate the area at a 60-degree angle, which isn’t the most generous range of the day, but the brightness of the light more than compensates for it. It serves as a great light for mounting above entrances because the narrow-angle does lead to higher light intensity. Since the light also comes with a swiveling arm, you can place it on the ground, making this a good portable light for camping or fishing trips.

Who Should Buy It: The Richarm light is perfect for those who want a narrow-angle light to place high above entrances, but also for those who would like the possibility to adjust the setting of the light via remote control. Thanks to its free arm, you can also use this as a portable light on your outdoor adventures.

Know Before You Buy

Front Door With Solar Light
Image credits: LTE Lighting Even via Amazon

Whenever you want to buy a product, the first question that you should always ask yourself is “what am I going to use this for?” That’s exactly what you have to do before looking into solar flood lights as well because, in order for them to serve a specific purpose, you are going to consequently look at aspects like battery life, light intensity, or waterproof rating. What do you need solar flood lights for, exactly?

  • To illuminate the front door: Having a solar floodlight that’s placed right above or next to your front door is going to save you a lot of trouble in the future. Not only does this serve as a source for light for you to watch your step in the dark, but it can also be helpful in situations where you’re babbling in the dark going through your purse or pockets to find the keys to the house. If you have ever searched for your phone to turn on the flashlight because you failed to get the keys into the keyhole at night, then you definitely could use a solar floodlight.
  • To illuminate the driveway/pathway: One of the main differences between a regular solar light and a solar floodlight is the light’s intensity. If you wanted to illuminate the entire length of a driveway, you’d probably need several lights powered by the sun, but if you opt for a floodlight (which is more powerful), you can successfully light up a larger area by using just one light.
  • To illuminate the yard/garden: One of the main reasons why people buy solar light is because they want to create a certain type of ambiance in their yard even after the sun goes down. If you’ve just trimmed the rose bushes or are super proud of your lilies, you definitely want a solar floodlight that can showcase the beauty of your yard’s flora.
  • For security purposes: You can now find a wide variety of solar floodlight models that come with integrated motion sensors aka motion activated for your backyard and property. This means that once the sensor detects movement, it will turn on the lights automatically, sort of like a visual alert for your yard. You can spot intruders with ease if the lights are powerful enough to enter through the bedroom window, but there’s also the risk of the light triggering even if there’s just a cat crossing your yard.

A Word on Light Power

Solar Flood Light Day and Night
Image credits: Richarm via Amazon

If you’re looking to buy solar flood lights for your home, LEDs are your best option. LED lights are cheaper, use less battery power to function, and can have quite a long lifespan. But what about the intensity of these lights? How do you know what to look for?

When you’re out buying new lights, pay attention to the lumen specification. This is a measurement of how much light your solar panel can render. For example, one candle can have a light output of about 12 lumens. Basically, the higher this number is, the more light output you’re going to get from your solar floodlight.

Another thing that you want to pay attention to is the radius angle of the light, which is typically specified by each manufacturer and for each product. For example, if you see a solar floodlight with 5K lumens and a light angle of 120 degrees, that means that on a 120 degrees radius, that light fixture will give you an output of 5K lumens.

How We Picked

We chose the best, highly rated solar lights from Amazon based on the real-life reviews of users who’ve installed and used the lights over the years. Each light comes highly recommended, has all the qualities required to make for a good floodlight (durable, bright, versatile, weather-proof, motion sensor), and is affordable for most folks.

Your Best Solar Floodlight Awaits

Whether you’re looking to light up the garden, spotlight your flagpole, or add some security with floodlights, finding the right solar floodlight shouldn’t be a complicated process. The popular iThird light is a budget-friendly way to go, if that’s a need, or consider one of the others to suit more specific needs. Once you have figured out your exact needs, the choice is in the bag.