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Best Solar Generator in 2021

As we become more aware of the needs of our planet, many of us are turning to solar energy to help reduce our carbon footprint. Specifically, a solar generator is one of the best options, whether I’m camping and trying to avoid fossil fuels, wanting to power some electronic devices at home without racking up energy from the grid, or generally just looking for a power backup in times of emergency.

Solar generators are portable, and many are now more along the lines of power stations than standard generators, offering us so much more! They’re easy to use and safe in any location. All you need is some daylight to charge them.

Best Solar Generator Comparison Table

Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 1000 with Solar Saga Panels - Best Solar Generator in 2021Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 1000 with Solar Saga Panels
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 22.04 pounds
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BLUETTI Portable Power Station - Best Solar Generator in 2021BLUETTI Portable Power Station
  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Weight: 60.6 pounds
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ALLWEI Portable Power Station - Best Solar Generator in 2021ALLWEI Portable Power Station
  • Wattage: 300W
  • Voltage: Standard
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
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Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator - Best Solar Generator in 2021Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator
  • Wattage: 500W
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 7.05 pounds
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Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer - Best Solar Generator in 2021Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer
  • Wattage: 200W
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 6.8 pounds
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Why You Can Trust Us

I grew up with a mother who’s highly intrigued by solar energy. We’ve spent much of my life studying solar energy, the benefits and faults, and the uses of solar generators and standard generators for both off-the-grid living and simple backup during hurricane season in Florida.

I’ve also been studying, researching, and interviewing people about solar energy and its uses, the best way to choose solar energy products, installation of said products. I’ve spent hundreds of hours calculating energy needs, studying and installing solar products of many types, including generators and power banks. It’s safe to assume I’m more than capable of suggesting high-quality products for standard or specialized uses in the solar energy realm.

5 Best Solar Generators

Best Kit with Solar Panels

Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 1000 with Solar Saga Panels
    High-powered solar generator kit with 2 100-watt solar panels for portable use and backup



Why We Like It: This quiet, clean energy solar generator comes from a well-trusted brand in the industry and pairs both the power station and solar panels in one affordable package.

The Jackery Solar generator kit produces 1000 watts of power, using the included two 100-watt solar panels. It’s small, portable, and weighs 22 pounds. It provides you with quiet energy production, perfect for camping, home use, or outdoor gatherings.

The generator features a simple one-button design for easy use, three standard PURE SINE WAVE 110 outlets, 3 USB outlets, and a 12volt outlet for charging. It also includes an AC adapter, car charger cable, SolarSaga Parallel adapter, user manual, and a 2-year warranty.

Who Should Buy It: This kit is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful, all-in-one solar generator kit that’s portable and easy to use.

Best for High Output Setups

BLUETTI Portable Power Station
    Heavy-duty, large capacity solar generator for home backup, outdoor projects, and more



Why We Like It: This powerful solar generator brings in enough power from the sun to run most appliances at home or on the go.

The 2000watt generator from BLUETTI provides you with enough power to run your refrigerator along with multiple other appliances at once, all day. It stores up to 2000 watts of power at a time, with just 3 to 3.5 hours of charge time. The generator has multiple outlets, allowing powering for up to 17 devices simultaneously, with 6 AC outlets, a 12volt/25A RV port, two 15W wireless pads, 5 USB ports, two 12volt ports, and a 12volt carport.

The generator has multiple safety features installed, including a smart touch LCD screen for checking all temperatures, wattage, etc., an intelligent temperature-activated fan, and the BLEUETTI ECO mode that prevents 50% of wasted electricity loss. The generator comes with a car charging cable, an XT90 to aviation plug input, and the user manual.

Who Should Buy It: The BLUETTI portable power station is a great choice for anyone looking for high power coverage at home, whether for regular use or as backup power in case of emergencies.

Best for Camping

ALLWEI Portable Power Station
    Lightweight, multi-ported, portable solar power station ideal for camping



Why We Like It: ALLWEI is another great brand of solar products, and this little portable power station is a reliable, versatile generator great for camping, RVs, and similar low-energy projects.

The power station hits 600W peak and 300W for standard running. The generator uses a car-grade lithium-ion battery for storing solar energy. It powers up to several smaller devices simultaneously. There are four ways to charge this, too, making it even more versatile: solar, AC, car cigarette lighter, and via gas generator for when you’re in a power pickle.

With the ALLWEI generator, you can charge your devices while camping via 2 USB ports, 2 AC outlets, 3 DC Ports, 1 PD quick-charge port, or 1 12/8A port. The power station also PURE SINE WAVE outlets for a safer charger for your sensitive devices, and uses built-in smart and silent cooling fans with the auto turn-off to maintain temperature and prevent overheating.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone looking for an easy-to-setup and use a solar generator for camping will find the ALLWEI power station a great option.

Best for Emergencies

Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator
    Small, lightweight solar generator by Aeiusny for emergencies, camping, and more



Why We Like It: This solar generator from Aeiusny is a powerful little backup generator designed specifically for emergency use.

The 500watt power station from Aeiusny has a high capacity at 288-watt hours or 500 watts. The generator offers multiple outlets, including 3 AC outlets, 4 DC ports, and 4 USB ports to power all your necessary devices in turn. The wattage is high enough to simultaneously power multiple smaller devices or one or two larger devices.

The power station also offers a unique feature: an uninterruptable power supply. It means the power clicks over automatically in time of power outage, giving a seamless transition. The generator is also lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport. You can charge it via solar panel, AC wall outlet, or car charger.

Who Should Buy It: This generator is great for people looking for an easy backup for their devices at home, such as CPAP machines, internet, and laptops, or use while camping or traveling.

Best for Portability

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer
    Lightweight, compact solar power station for easy setup and portability



Why We Like It: You can’t get more portable than this small, lightweight Jackery solar generator.

This compact generator is incredibly portable at under 7 pounds. You probably won’t hike with it, but it’s perfect for camping, quick setups for outdoor events, or easy backup for CPAP machines and laptops when the power goes out. The portable power station is equipped with a 240 watthour lithium-ion battery pack, has a convenient carry handle, and offers a PURE SINE WAVE AC outlet, 2 USB ports, and a 12volt DC carport for convenient use.

You can charge the station with solar energy or by plugging it into the wall or car when the sun’s down, and you need to charge up before an outing. The power station comes with an AC adapter, car charger cable, and user guide.

Who Should Buy It: This one is great for anybody looking for an easy-to-use, portable solar power station that can be charged whenever and however for your small device needs.

How Does a Solar Generator Work?

woman sitting in back of hatchback car in wilderness, solar energy kit set up in foreground, mountains in background
Image credits: Jackery via Amazon

Solar generators, as the name indicates, use solar energy to power electronics and appliances. Most generators are power stations rather than traditional generators these days, meaning they are more portable and usually lighter weight, and easier to use.

Solar generators connect to solar panels, which collect energy from daylight. Within these panels, the solar energy is then converted into usable electrical energy and later transferred automatically into the solar device. In this case, the generator, which stores the energy for use at a later time. In many cases, while the panels are collecting energy, you can use the device.

Solar generators typically can be charged up and store energy within their batteries for about a year without use or loss of power. They have a variety of outlet options. It means you can directly power devices from the power station without hooking the generator into your home, RV, or other systems. These outlets typically include at least one AC outlet, DC outlet, carport, and USB port.

What Devices and Appliances Can a Solar Generator Power?

young man in natural bsetting, powering devices using solar generator, power options below
Image credits: Jackery via Amazon

Solar generators can power any device you have, assuming the generator has a port or adaptable port that connects with your device. Some prime examples of devices folks use solar generators for include:

  • Refrigerator or mini-fridge during power outages
  • CPAP machines and other medical devices
  • Battery charges, cellphones, or laptops while traveling/camping
  • Lights in the shed or backyard during events
  • Backup for the whole home

How to Choose the Right Generator



close up of solar power station with listing of features
Image credits: Jackery via Amazon

When choosing the right generator, there are several things to keep in mind.

  • Types of ports available. Does the generator have the right ports for your intended devices?
  • Additional charging options. Sometimes, we need to be able to charge the power station during foul weather. If this seems like a potential need, verify there are multiple charging options, including a wall outlet option.
  • Wattage. Be sure that the generator you’re choosing has enough wattage to power your intended devices.

What Size Solar Generator Do I Need?

woman sitting in motorhome, looking at laptop, listing of device types for solar generator above
Image credits: ALLWEI via Amazon

As noted above, determining the amount of wattage you need for your solar generator is important. You can do a break by looking at each device or appliance you plan to power with the power station, or you can create a basic estimate based on the general needs.

So, before you purchase, first decide which devices are most important for you to power, whether separately or simultaneously, and make a list of these. Then, look into the wattage required to power them.

A few examples include

  • Refrigerator – 600 watts
  • Window AC unit – 1000 watts
  • Laptops and desktops – range from 60 to 300 watts
  • LED light strip – 24 watts
  • Coffee maker – 600 to 1200 watts

How We Picked

While looking for the best solar generator, we looked at the qualities most important for a range of situations and setups. Things like portability, wattage, kits versus just generators, safety features built-in, types, and numbers of ports all came into play as we reviewed each item.

We did a cross-comparison of the most popular items found on Amazon. We also used my research into solar all these years, specifications, and the real-user reviews. It helped us narrow down the list and determine the five best solar generators to suggest for various types of uses.

Your Best Solar Powered Generator

Your best generator is going to be determined by your specific needs. Keep your wattage, outlet needs, additional charging option needs, etc. in mind as you shop. 

Overall, though, the Jackery brand offers the best of the best in all things solar, and specifically, the high-powered Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 1000 with Solar Saga Panels kit makes the best choice for those looks for an all-in-one package and plenty of flexibility.