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The Best Solar-Powered Christmas Walkway Lights in 2021

Are your walkway lights in on the Christmas theme? Lighting up your walkway lights is a great opportunity to add some Christmas cheer while lighting the way. You can choose from Christmas-specific lighting to fit the season or you could go for neutral decorative lighting that fits the Christmas theme but can also be used for the rest of the year.

When it comes to adding new walkway lights, the solar-powered option is the way to go. Especially if you decide to go for Christmas-specific lighting that you plan on removing after the holidays. No need to fiddle with wires and electricity to install or move them.

Before you get started, check out our best Christmas walkway ideas. Once you’re feeling inspired, come back to this collection for the best solar-powered Christmas walkway lights on the market.

    Christmas Snowflake Lights

    Snowflakes on your lawn

    Are you looking for some winter-holiday-themed lights for your walkway? These snowflake-shaped lights are the perfect addition to your walkways this winter. The neutral snowflake is appropriate for all winter holidays, so these solar-powered lights can be put to work all season.
    Brightdeck Christmas Lights

    Star light lining your pathway

    Get star light to illuminate your walkways with these solar-powered lights. They'll work any time of year, but they'll really stand out when the holidays come around. Especially when paired with all your holiday decor.
    Solar Garden Stake Lights

    Snowman figurines

    Who doesn't love some cute snowman figurines lining their walkways during the Christmas holidays? Get into the winter theme with these lights that charge up during the day, and automatically light up at night. Solar-powered lights mean easy set up and easy to pack away.
    Color Changing Outdoor Solar Lights

    Colorful holiday walkways

    These color changing solar lights will light up any holiday decorations. Whether it's Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas, these walkway lights will fit right in. Set the color you want or set them to change automatically for some eye-catching pathway illumination.
    Kurala 2 Pack Solar Garden Lights

    Santa and Snowman Lights

    Get Santa and his snowman friend to light the way with this set of 2 pathway lights. They're easy to install with no external electricity required and they're waterproof, perfect for lighting up the outdoors.
    Hanizi 2- pack Solar Christmas Lights

    Simple Walkway lights

    These simple decorations will light up your walkways this Christmas. The lights are simple enough to not take over while still adding that classic Christmas feeling.
    GUUOU Solar Christmas Yard Decorations

    Snowman Lights

    These glass orbs are more than just glass orbs; they're lights inside a snowman! The eye-catching design of these walkway lights look just as good during the day as they do at night.
    Angel Landscape Path Light

    Angel Light

    A single, lit up angel framing your pathway will bring a sense of peace and security to your walkway at night. You can choose to have it on white LEDs or you can choose the color-changing option for a selection of bright colorful lights.
    Doingart 2 pack Outdoor solar Christmas lights

    Christmas tree-shaped lights

    When you can't get enough of Christmas trees, it's time you got this set of 2 solar lights for your garden pathway. These simple tree silhouette lights are waterproof and solar-powered for stress-free outdoor lighting.
    MorTime 2 pack solar Christmas lights

    Candlelight On The Lawn

    These pathway lights are designed to mimic candlelight on your lawn without the danger of an open flame. The simple snowman silhouettes are amplified by the red and bow and greenery below.
    PIEDUO Christmas Bulb Pathway Lights

    Christmas Bulbs Outside

    The name says it all. Take your Christmas bulbs outside and light up your pathways in brilliant colors with this product offering from Pieduo.
    Gigalumi Candy Cane Lights

    Candy Cane Lights

    Candy canes are delicious, but if you buy this set of lights from Gigalumi, they can light up your pathways too. Kids will love these candy canes illuminating their pathways around Christmas time.

If you adore Christmas motifs and themes and want this for your walkway lights, the Solar Garden Stake Lights are the ones for you. The colorful snowman figurines will bring some unmistakable Christmas spirit to your outdoor walkways.

If you looking for just one light to make a statement and bring some peace and calm to your outdoors, this angel light is the one for you. For peace and calm, choose the standard white LEDs. And when you’re looking for a bit more excitement you can change the settings to switch between a bunch of bright colors.

My personal favorite has to be these Candy Cane Lights. I love the festive coloring and stripes, and I’d be so excited to spend Christmas in a house with these lights lining the way inside. Whichever ones you choose, your whole Christmas will be a whole lot more festive with some appropriately-themed lights guiding the way.