Best Sprinkler for Kids Reviews 2019
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The Best Sprinkler for Kids to Stay Cool

Sprinklers: they’re not just for grass anymore. Sprinklers are one of those things that all kids love. Something about them just captivates children, especially when the weather gets hot. Who needs pools or water parks when you can provide your kids with endless entertainment, and a fun way to cool off, through purchasing one of these kids sprinklers.

This guide includes in-depth reviews on the best sprinklers for kids of 2021 along with helpful purchasing tips.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Sprinklers for Kids of the Summer of 2021

Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler - The Best Sprinkler for Kids to Stay CoolMelnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler
  • Coverage: 4,200 square feet
  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Adjustable Spray: Yes
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Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler - The Best Sprinkler for Kids to Stay CoolMelissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler
  • Coverage: n/a
  • Material: Soft Plastic
  • Adjustable Spray: Yes
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JOYIN Fire Hydrant Water Sprinkler for Kids - The Best Sprinkler for Kids to Stay CoolJOYIN Fire Hydrant Water Sprinkler for Kids
  • Coverage: Up to 8 feet high
  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Adjustable Spray: Yes
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Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler - The Best Sprinkler for Kids to Stay CoolLittle Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler
  • Coverage: n/a
  • Material: Soft plastic
  • Adjustable Spray: Yes
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Orbit Metal 3-Arm Sprinkler - The Best Sprinkler for Kids to Stay CoolOrbit Metal 3-Arm Sprinkler
  • Coverage: 24-foot diameter
  • Material: Metal
  • Adjustable Spray: No
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Why You Can Trust Us

After spending countless hours playing in sprinklers as a kid, I consider myself to be an expert on the subject of kids sprinklers. I know exactly what to look for when reviewing sprinklers for quality, durability, and something I like to call the “fun-factor.”

Our Backyard Boss team is well-versed in the functional sides of sprinklers, having written countless guides on the best sprinklers available. Everything, from how sprinkler systems work to topics like the best sprinkler heads have been covered by our dedicated and experienced team.

Sprinkled throughout this guide you’ll find drops of wisdom that help you make the perfect purchase. After all, our goal as a publication is to elevate your backyard game, so your home life is better than ever this year.

Best Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler for Kids

Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler
    This traditional oscillating sprinkler is completely adjustable and works with low and high water pressure.



Why We Like It: With 20 nozzles and adjustable streams, this average-looking sprinkler is tons of fun for kids.

You can adjust how wide and far water sprays out so it’s at the perfect level for your space and children. Whether your water hose offers low or high water pressure, it should work well with this sprinkler. With a low profile, this sprinkler is easy for little ones to jump over, while its durable plastic build allows it to handle some roughhousing from older kids. 

Who Should Buy It: If you want a traditional oscillating sprinkler that is completely adjustable, this is a great option for you.

Best Low-Pressure Sprinkler for Kids

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler
    This gentle sprinkler is perfect for younger kids with low water pressure and a colorful design.



Why We Like It: This little plastic flower patch is a great introduction to sprinkler play for younger children.

You can adjust the pressure on this sprinkler by simply turning the water to your hose up or down, as needed. At low pressure, the little flowers produce small arcs of water for tots to play in. As your kiddo gets used to it and wants taller streams of water, just turn the water up. The colors and shapes make this a fun toy, even when it isn’t connected to a hose. Plus, it’s made of durable, but soft plastic so it’s safe.

Who Should Buy It: This little sprinkler is perfect for younger kids and small yards, producing small amounts of water at low pressure.

Best All-Around Sprinkler for Kids

JOYIN Fire Hydrant Water Sprinkler for Kids
    Kids will love playing in this silly spinning fire hydrant's adjustable streams.



Why We Like It: The silly face and bright red color on this sprinkler are sure to entertain little kids, but even the big ones (and dogs, too) should have tons of fun with this water toy on a hot day.

Turn the water to a moderate level and you can get 3- to 4-foot high sprays. If you crank it all the way up, this sprinkler will spray out 8-foot tall streams and start to spin. The hard plastic on this sprinkler is fairly durable, however, it can get sun damaged so don’t leave it out. 

Who Should Buy It: This is one of the best kids sprinklers on the market for people looking for an entertaining, brightly colored toy that also moves and shoots water both up and to the sides.

Best Uniquely Shaped Sprinkler for Kids

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler
    Have all of the fun of a beach ball and sprinkler in one with this colorful kids sprinkler.



Why We Like It: Two of the most classic water toys, beach balls, and sprinklers have been combined in this colorful kids sprinkler!

The large 88-inch ball sprays water as far as 12 feet from numerous openings. If you have powerful water pressure at home, then you can even get the top to spin. This completely safe sprinkler is particularly good for accident-prone kids since it has soft plastic all around it.

Who Should Buy It: This is a good option for people who want a uniquely fun sprinkler in their yard that entertains kids of all ages.

Best Three-Arm Sprinkler for Kids

Orbit Metal 3-Arm Sprinkler
    This 3-arm sprinkler can water your lawn or entertain your kids for hours with its spinning streams.



Why We Like It: While this three-arm sprinkler technically isn’t a kid’s toy, children have tons of fun playing in its spinning streams.

Perhaps the best feature of this sprinkler is that the three arms spin, making it even more fun to play in. Through lowering and raising the water pressure on your garden hose you can adjust the strength of its spray and spin. It also includes a couple of wheels to make it easy for you to move it to another section of your yard if you need to.  

Who Should Buy It: If fun water patterns and good pressure are what you want from your sprinkler for kids, this might be the best option for you.

What Is It about Sprinklers That Kids Love?

Kids playing with the Little Tikes Beach Ball sprinkler.

What’s not to love?

Between fun games formed around dodging the spray of sprinklers to giving in and running through the sprinkler’s center, there’s so much fun to be had for kids.

But frankly, it isn’t just kids who love playing in sprinklers. I’ve taken a dip or two into them in my older years as well. 

On a hot day, sometimes bright sugary drinks and popsicles just don’t do the job. You’ve got to swap your shorts and t-shirt for a swimsuit and dance around in a sprinkler’s gentle spray to shake the heat. 

Entertain Your Kids at Home With Sprinklers

No longer being able to turn to water parks or pools as summer entertainment options, 2020 taught us the importance of at-home entertainment. Instead, we had to turn to things like splash mats, pool noodles, water balloons, and of course, sprinklers.

We realized how much fun all of these things can be. Sprinklers can entertain bored kids for hours, challenging them to come up with new fun games. When the dead of summer arrives, and your kids start whining that they’re hot, there is no better toy to break out than a sprinkler.

Won’t a Regular Sprinkler Work?

Rotary sprinkler shooting water across a lawn.

The short answer is yes.

You can just plug a regular garden hose into a traditional sprinkler, turn it on, and have an instant way to occupy your kids all day. Kids don’t tend to be very picky about sprinklers. All they see is a water toy they can have fun with.

HOWEVER, there are some advantages to going with a sprinkler that is designed for kids.

Kids sprinklers are designed to entertain them with fun colorful designs and adjustable, rotating streams. More importantly, though, regular sprinklers tend to be less safe than kids ones because they aren’t designed for recreational use.

They may have metal parts that could easily be tripped over (especially if you have several in the yard), and those falls could lead to skinned knees, bruises, or stubbed toes.

They may also have a stream that’s too strong. Impact sprinklers send a powerful stream of water tick-tick-ticking across your lawn. It’s great for watering a large area, however, if a kid gets too close to the sprinkler itself it could be painful for them.

Of course, if you have older kids, then a traditional sprinkler, like the two mentioned in this guide, will work wonderfully as long as your kids keep safety in mind.

Sprinkler Safety Tips

You know what they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

This wisdom has never been more relevant than when applied to water sprinklers. Sprinklers are so much fun, but they can be slightly dangerous.

They tend to make grass slippery, so keep an eye on your kids while they play to avoid grass stains and skinned knees. Also, make sure they aren’t roughhousing too close to metal sprinklers in case they fall on them and hurt themselves.

Protect kids from harmful UV rays by lathering them in waterproof sunscreen before they spend the day outside frolicking around a sprinkler. Most sprinklers for kids are made with their safety in mind nowadays, however, if you’re really worried about sprinkler safety go with a soft plastic model to be extra cautious.

Features to Look for in the Best Sprinkler for Kids

Boy jumping over running sprinkler.

While some things are obvious when searching for kids’ sprinklers, like finding a durable model or one that will attach to a regular garden hose, other criteria can be less clear. Below we have outlined and described some kids’ sprinkler features to consider to help you determine what is the best model for you.

Several Sprays

Sure, a single sprayer is fun, but it’s definitely not as entertaining as a sprinkler with several spray jets. Having multiple sprays to play with allows multiple kids to be entertained at once. Not to mention, it can also prevent fights since there are more sprays to go around.

Bright Colors and Fun Designs

There are so many fun sprinkler options out there, from inflatable unicorn sprinklers to dinosaur sprinklers to inflatable rainbow sprinklers, there are countless ways that you can transform your backyard. 

If your sprinkler has bright colors and a fun design it will engage your kids much more than a traditional metal sprinkler. This is especially true for younger children.

 Variable Pressure

Sprinklers with variable pressure can be adjusted to suit the kids playing in them. While some kids may like intense sprays that shoot six feet in the air, others will prefer gentle streams with low spray heights.

Some of the best sprinklers for kids allow for different water pressure. You can get those tall streams of water for the older kids, and shorter, gentler ones for the littlest tots. 

Soft Materials

If you have toddlers or really little kids safety should be your priority when purchasing a sprinkler. Go with a model made of soft materials in case your little tyke slips or falls. For parents with older kids, this doesn’t have to be as much of a concern.

Multi-Directional Toggle

Look, a kid who’s hot and bored is going to love any sprinkler, really. If you want the best one that offers the most fun, though, get your kids a sprinkler that moves. Any sprinkler that rotates or oscillates is going to be much more fun than a static one. 


Most sprinklers are fairly cheap however keep in mind that a low price may indicate how long that sprinkler will last. On the other hand, kids sprinklers aren’t typically designed to be long-lasting anyway, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lifetime warranty on one.

If you want a low-cost sprinkler and a fun project, consider making your own sprinkler.  You can make a  temporary sprinkler with a pop bottle or a more complex one with pool noodles using the video instructions below!

How We Picked

Because of how much kids love sprinklers, there’s no short supply of them on the market. We had to weed through countless products to find the incredible ones reviewed in this guide.

In searching for the best kids sprinklers on the market we looked for products that would appease multiple age groups, including sprinklers for toddlers, sprinklers for little kids, and sprinklers for older kids. We also looked for the best sprinklers in categories like the best three-arm sprinkler, the best traditional sprinkler, the best oscillating sprinkler, the best sprinkler with a colorful design, and so on.

The products we chose are the best in their categories, with high-quality designs and high fun factors. You’ll love every one of these kids’ sprinklers, however, only one can be crowned the best of the best.

The Best Kids Sprinkler Is…

If you’re looking for a sprinkler toy that’s fun, colorful, interactive, and durable, then you’ll love the JOYIN FIre Hydrant Water Sprinkler for Kids.

The cartoon face, the bright red color, the spinning top, and the ability to adjust the distance of the water sprays simply by turning your faucet up or down makes this a fantastic summer toy. Whether you have kids who want to run, jump and play in this miniature fire hydrant, or you have a pack of dogs that want to beat the heat with a familiar object, you can’t do better than this little sprinkler.

Of course, if one of the other sprinklers reviewed in this guide is calling to you, go with it. If you found this guide helpful be sure to share it!