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Best Storage Shed

A storage shed is a top priority for those who are serious about their backyard. What’s the use of collecting all those tools and gadgets if you don’t have somewhere safe and dry to store them? Like everything nowadays, the choices at your disposal are endless.

We understand you’d rather spend time enjoying your backyard than doing a deep research dive into the best storage sheds available on the internet. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide so you can save your precious time.


Rubbermaid Vertical Resin Outdoor Garden Shed - Best Storage ShedRubbermaid Vertical Resin Outdoor Garden Shed
  • Material: Wood, resin, plastic, metal
  • Dimensions: 60 x 48 x 77 inches
  • Warranty: Limited 10 years
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KETER Manor Outdoor Storage Shed  - Best Storage ShedKETER Manor Outdoor Storage Shed
  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 51 x 76 x 78 inches
  • Warranty: Limited 10 year
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HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed - Best Storage ShedHOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 50 x 29 x 41 inches
  • Warranty: N/A
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U-MAX 8' x 6' Outdoor Metal Garden Shed - Best Storage ShedU-MAX 8' x 6' Outdoor Metal Garden Shed
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Dimensions: 8' X 6'
  • Warranty: N/A
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Lifetime 60075 Storage Shed - Best Storage ShedLifetime 60075 Storage Shed
  • Material: Wood, Alloy Steel, High Density Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 180 x 96 x 96 inches
  • Warranty:
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Why You Can Trust Us

When I moved to my homestead, one of the first things I built was a storage shed. I was still camping out in my van under a tree when I decided to focus on building it. Backyard’s come with all sorts of garden tools, gadgets, and machines that need a safe, dry place to live. If you’re going to invest in the right tools for the job, you need to have a place to store them away from the elements.

Through trial and error over the last year, my storage shed has gone through some changes. I’ve modified it a lot to fit my needs, and over time, I’m getting my storage shed fully dialed in. The things I’ve learned about storage sheds over the last year are now available to you. I’m combining them with market research and insights from reviews from across the internet to bring you Backyard Boss’s best storage sheds available today.

Best For Customisation

Rubbermaid Vertical Resin Outdoor Garden Shed
    This durable garden shed will make organising your backyard a breeze. Customise your storage solutions with customisable shelving and storage solutions.



Why We Like It: The great thing about sheds these days is that they are often made of rot and rust-resistant materials. And this offering from Rubbermaid is no different. It’s made out of a combination of wood, resin, plastic, and metal, which won’t break down in the elements.

Another positive about buying from well-known brands is that they offer a whole range of add-ons that are compatible with their products. A few examples from Rubbermaid are pegboards, racking, and shelving, which will all help you to customize your storage shed exactly to your liking.

Who Should Buy It: Those who enjoy a bit of customization in their storage solutions and want the flexibility to move things around when it suits them.

Best For Aesthetics

KETER Manor Outdoor Storage Shed
    This smart looking shed is the storage solution for you if your shed has to be in full view. The skylights and windows add some ventilation to this pretty shed.



Why We Like It: This product from Keter looks smart enough to fit into the most elegant of yards. This durable shed is made of resin, which means it’ll never rust, rot, or peel. It also doesn’t have to be painted.

Storage sheds are often hot, stuffy spaces. That’s why the Keter storage shed comes with skylights and operable windows to keep things cool. 

Who Should Buy It: If you enjoy aesthetics, this shed is the perfect fit for you.

Best For Patio Storage

HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed
    This horizontal storage shed will fit in a tight corner of the patio, and help you keep your whole yard organised and clutter free



Why We Like It: This space-saving patio storage shed can fit into the corner of your patio. However, it’s large enough to store away the extra clutter that accumulates on patios. 

Sometimes, a walk-in shed just won’t work. Maybe you’re short on space. Or maybe you just don’t have that much stuff that needs storing to justify a whole walk-in shed. You’ve got options.

Who Should Buy It: If you’re looking for a shed that won’t take up too much space but will contain everything you need, this product will be the most suitable for you.

Best For Heavy Duty Storage

U-MAX 8' x 6' Outdoor Metal Garden Shed
    This galvanized steel storage shed promises to keep your precious tools safe. This updated version is constructed with thicker steel sheets for added security



Why We Like It: The only offering on this list made out of galvanized steel. Sometimes, plastics and polymers just don’t give you the peace of mind that you need.

If that’s the case, check out this galvanized steel shed with four vents, a lockable door, and a gabled roof. This shed is great to store push mowers and bicycles, will double as a pet’s house, or you can use it to store your garbage until the garbage truck comes.

Who Should Buy It: For those who need something more heavy-duty than plastics and polymer blends, this galvanized steel shed is a great fit.

Best For Harsh Winters

Lifetime 60075 Storage Shed
    This shed is designed to be the last shed you buy. The reinforced framing should be able to withstand pretty much anything



Why We Like It: This shed was built to last a lifetime and to be your one-time investment. 

The reinforced steel roof trusses determine that this unit can stand up to any snow load. Customizable shelving means you can set this shed up exactly how you like it. The high-density polyethylene construction guarantees it won’t degrade in the elements. And the lockable doors and shatterproof windows provide a lot of security. 

Who Should Buy It: This product is the most suitable for people who want only the best and are willing to pay for it.

What to look for in a shed

Blue Shed Near Ocean
Zoltan Tasi via


Most sheds are exposed to the elements all the time. If you live in a harsh climate, the materials of your shed are even more important. A lot of DIY sheds are made of wood, metal, or whatever materials are lying around. While this is great, they aren’t the most durable. Wood rots, metal rusts, and reclaimed materials aren’t too reliable. If you’re buying a shed, it’s a good idea to look for materials that are resistant to the elements, such as high-quality plastic polymers and resins.


No use buying a huge walk-in shed for some firewood. You’d rather look at the best firewood storage ideas. Similarly, no need to buy a horizontal patio shed to store your tractor. In that case, the best garage storage ideas are a better fit. Make sure the shed you buy fits in with your lifestyle and the way you intend on using it.


If you plan on moving your shed around the yard, depending on the seasons, pay attention to the weight of the unit. It’s pointless getting a heavy shed that’s difficult to move if you plan on moving it regularly.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Shed

Wooden Shed Next To Tree
Le’Ora Monroé via

Building your shed can be initially cheaper, especially if you plan on doing the labor yourself, or if you have a lot of material that needs to be used up. It’s also more cost-effective if you’re a skilled carpenter and have access to high-quality materials that will withstand the elements.

However, many extra costs come with the maintenance. If it’s a painted shed, that paint will need a fresh coat every few years. The shed can be damaged, and you will always have to add the repair to the overall price.

If you buy a complete shed, a lot of these concerns won’t apply. They’re usually made of highly durable materials that won’t degrade in the elements. They don’t need any upkeep nor fresh paint. Most companies also offer a warranty. It’ll protect you from spending more money in case something happens to your shed.

While buying a complete shed is more of an initial upfront cost, this investment should last for many years. As far as DIY sheds are concerned, the longevity of the unit depends entirely on the quality of the materials used, as well as the skills of whoever built it.

How We Picked

The options of storage sheds available on the market are vast. However, not all sheds are suitable for your lifestyle. Your specific situation requires a particular shed. That’s why we came up with a list of criteria we used to choose the best sheds. We included a range of different factors so you can find the right shed for your backyard.

  • Size. People need different-sized sheds for their intended use. No use getting a horizontal patio storage box if you need a place to park your mower or drive-in storage shed to store a couple of deck chairs. We included a range of options here so you can find one that fits your needs the most.
  • Material. Maintenance and upkeep are two hidden costs that can increase the value of a product. Sheds are almost always left outside in the elements. That’s why they need to be made of materials that can stand up to these conditions. The products we reviewed are made of materials, such as HDPE (high-density polyethylene), resins, and high-quality plastic blends.
  • Security. Besides keeping your tools safe from the elements, your storage shed has to keep your tools safe from criminals. A locked door or window will repel most thieves. A padlock and shatterproof windows will also add extra security.

The Final Verdict

All things considered, our top pick for storage sheds available on the market today is the Rubbermaid Medium Vertical Resin Garden, Storage Shed. The brand has a reputation for quality, and their sheds are no exception. 

It’s small enough to fit in most yards but gives you plenty of storage space. One of the best things about this shed is that it comes with many extra features. It’ll also take your organization game up a level and allow you to store more stuff in the same amount of space. 

Let us know what shed is meeting your needs the most, and as always, please share!