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Find the Best Toddler Sled: Reviews & Buying Guide

If there is one way to tell that winter is here is listening to the children tell each other, “let’s go hit the slopes on our sleds.” While every parent is worried about their child’s safety, it should be a joy to see your child spending active time outside and enjoying time with the other kids. And if you want a little peace of mind when your child is out playing in the snow, here is how you can find the best toddler sled.

Best Toddler Sled Comparison Table

Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer - Find the Best Toddler Sled: Reviews & Buying GuideFlexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer
  • Type of sled: saucer
  • Materials: metal
  • Size: 26 x 26 x 4 inches
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Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinter - Find the Best Toddler Sled: Reviews & Buying GuideSlippery Racer Downhill Sprinter
  • Type of sled: hybrid
  • Materials: plastic
  • Size: 35 x 17.5 x 5 inches
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A-DUDU Snow Tube - Find the Best Toddler Sled: Reviews & Buying GuideA-DUDU Snow Tube
  • Type of sled: inflatable
  • Materials: PVC
  • Size: 47-inch diameter
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Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled - Find the Best Toddler Sled: Reviews & Buying GuideFlexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled
  • Type of sled: regular
  • Materials: metal, wood
  • Size: 48 x 20 x 6.5 inches
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Airhead Tie Dye Alien - Find the Best Toddler Sled: Reviews & Buying GuideAirhead Tie Dye Alien
  • Type of sled: toboggan
  • Materials: foam
  • Size: 39 x 20 x 1 inches
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Types of Toddler Sleds

Winter has finally arrived, and your toddler is ready to get a few bruises, maybe, but also have the time of their life while breathing in the fresh and cold winter air. Fear not, as knowing what to look for in a toddler sled can result in less bruising, less falling off the sled, and more control and stability while riding it. When you’re looking to see what the sledding market has to offer, you are bound to encounter the following types of sleds.

Diverse father and daughter family sliding down a snowy hill during winter holiday Christmas season.


This type of sled has curved wooden slats with a very smooth surface to slide on the slow easily. However, newer models are made of plastic, so you might see cheaper toboggans made to fit multiple people. They are among the best models for children that want to ride together, and some larger models can even fit an adult in there. They aren’t very difficult to control, as they mostly require some side-to-side shifting/body movements to get them sliding in the right direction.

Snow tubes

Snow tubes are basically like a life-safer, but for slopes! They are inflatable round seats made from PVC or rubber (with the latter being more durable and expensive, and the former being cheaper but more likely to puncture/deflate). While they are mostly round and designed for one person, there are snow tubes in various other shapes. Some snow tubes shape an “8,” and they provide two seats for two children/adults.


The best way to describe saucers is like giant frisbees. Or maybe a low-edged wok designed for sliding on the snow? Well, describe it however you want but remember that in the world of slopes and sleds, the saucer is nothing short of a race car. It has a round shape, and it’s designed to fit a single person. They offer high down-the-hill speed but sacrifice the control you have over them. Due to their shape and design, it isn’t easy to steer a saucer, so it’s mostly for kids that know to go downhill and see what happens. They are better for slopes that have little to no bumps or obstacles of any kind.


Do you know what a hybrid mattress is? It’s a bed designed with multiple types of bedding materials to offer several benefits that each material, in particular, can provide. In terms of sledding, a hybrid is something like a toboggan and a saucer combined, offering some benefits left and right that pertain to both types of products. The benefit of choosing a hybrid sled for your toddler is that it offers the same level of control as a toboggan but with the slick speed of a saucer.

Sled Materials

The different materials that can be used to make a sled are something that you need to know. It helps determine the durability and control that your child has over the sled and b. Some materials work better for certain snow conditions, which can help you make a better investment. Generally speaking, there are four main types of materials used in constructing a sled, be it for children or adults: plastic, foam, vinyl, and wood.

Plastic sleds

Parents often choose plastic sleds for two reasons: they are cheaper (which could be an important buying factor that weighs in a lot when you consider the chances of a kid breaking or damaging the sled). They are lightweight (which also makes them easier to control by toddlers who don’t have the same force as adults). Good plastic sleds can easily slide across rough or bumpy slopes without taking too much damage.

two small boys o the ice with a plastic sled

Inflatable sleds

These are usually made from vinyl, and they are mostly found in the shape of snow tubes. As a lightweight material, vinyl is generally comfortable to sit on and easier to control but can also be quite fast in certain snowy conditions. Sleds that are made from vinyl work best in places where snow is light and deep. Vinyl doesn’t perform well on bumpy terrain and is also more susceptible to punctures and deflating. They do work well on open or snowy hills.

a toddler in an inflatable snow sled outdoors winter

Wooden sleds

Traditional wooden sleds are the very emblem of durability, and they are pretty much what you remember snow sleds from your childhood. If you started rummaging through your parents’ house, the chances are that you’ll come across your old wooden sled that can still be used by your children; that pretty much says it all about their durability. You have your classic wooden sleds but also your wooden toboggans to choose from.

a todller with a wooden sled in the snow best toddler sleds

Foam sleds

Foam reigns supreme when it comes to the comfort of children and adults. They can provide cushioned seating that almost makes it feel like you stole the couch cushion and are just sliding down the hill on it. However, they do sacrifice speed to be this comfortable. They are quite a durable choice (not as durable as wooden sleds, but still), and they can withstand bumpy terrain pretty much the same as plastic sleds can.

Best Toddler Sled Reviews

If you got you the least bit excited for the next snowfall and you’re now hoping to convince your child to spend more time playing outside, here are some excellent sled choices for toddlers. We’re just giving you the facts and figures to choose an item you feel would be right for your child.

Best Saucer Sled for Toddlers

We start our list of best toddler sleds with a saucer made entirely out of metal and designed for kids who want to catch some speed while facing the slopes. Because of its metal construction, it is one of the most durable choices that money can buy, but it does come with all the perks and the drawbacks that this type of sled usually offers.

The high speed sacrifices the range of control you can have. The two side handles are ropes meant to provide a tighter grip so that your little one doesn’t fall off at the slightest bump. However, it isn’t the type of sled that works well on rough terrain. With an appropriate slope, it can provide countless hours of fun in the show.

It has a powder-coat finish that enhances the durability and makes the design sleeker, more suitable for both children and adults. It is compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car and, since it weighs only six pounds, it should be relatively easy to carry around even by a toddler.

Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer
    This steel saucer is designed for snowy downhills without any bumps and for children that want fast speeds and understand they will have to sacrifice control of the sled for that.



Best Plastic Sled for Toddlers

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, plastic sleds are inexpensive and, when properly constructed, can also be quite durable. The Slippery Racer sled is an example of that, as it comes with plenty of features that make it a product worth considering. First and foremost, it’s available in four different colors, each more vivid than the last.

It is a hybrid toboggan sled that comes with two side handles to provide your kids with a better grip and stability while facing the slopes. A built-in front rope makes it easy for a toddler to pull the sled while they’re going back up the hill for another round of fun.

This particular plastic sled is designed with IceVex technology, a fancy way to say that the material was treated to make sure it can withstand really low temperatures without any cracks in the plastic surface. It measures 35 x 17.5 x 5 inches, and it’s a customer favorite, having made plenty of toddlers and adults very happy so far.

 Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinter
    If you want an affordable hybrid sled that's easy to carry back to the top of the hill and comes with multiple features that provide stability for your child, then the Slippery Racer sled is an option worth considering.



Best Inflatable Sled for Toddlers

The A-DUDU snow tube is a king amongst those of its kind, offering an affordable solution for parents that want their child to have more fun outdoors this winter. Unlike other snow tubes, this one is designed with a double layer bottom, which means that it offers more comfort in the seating area, but it’s also more durable because of that particular feature.

The snow tube is made with PVC and a proper coating to make it more resistant in the face of frost. Further than that, the coating makes the bottom side of the snow tube more slippery, making it easier for children to slide smoothly across the slopes. There is a hole at the bottom that’s meant to release air when the product is being inflated and deflated. This is sometimes falsely identified as a manufacturing defect.

The quality of the PVC used to make this snow tube had us further convinced when we discovered that it could support weights of up to 500 pounds, which is a lot more than other plastic sleds can offer.

 A-DUDU Snow Tube
    If you want a sled that's super easy to carry but also won't make a hole in your budget, the A-DUDU snow tube might be just what you're looking for.



Best Wooden Sled for Toddlers

When it comes to wooden sleds, you need to be prepared to spend a little more money, especially when you’re dealing with a quality sled like this one made by Flexible Flyer. It combines metal and wood to create one of the most durable foldable sleds on the market. Oh yes, the foldability of the sled is definitely a feature that you can’t ignore since it makes it easier for you to fit the sled in the trunk of the car.

This runner sled has a seating that’s made from quality birch wood and comes with metal legs that provide a slippery means for your child to enjoy the slopes. Taking control of the sled isn’t that complicated, but it might require you to attach a rope to the steering bar for a more comfortable grip and steering efficiency.

While the 48-inch version of the sled is the one more suitable for toddlers, there is also a larger version of this sled, measuring 60 inches and being more suitable for adults who want to relive the good old days when all you needed to have fun was a sled and a snowy hill.

Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled
    The Flexible Flyer wooden sled is perfect for parents seeking quality old-fashioned metal and wooden sleds that are durable and trustworthy, but also a tad more expensive compared to other choices.



Best Foam Sled for Toddlers

Since we talked about the benefits of using a foam sled, it’s only natural that we add one to our list of reviews. And there is no better choice than the Airhead Tie Dye Alien: a foam sled with a bold and colorful design that some toddlers are bound to find very cool and interesting. The sled measures 39 x 20 x 1 inches, and it’s designed in both a single and a two-person version, depending on how many kids want to ride this thing together.

This foam sled is perfect because of its shape and size, making it really easy to carry this thing around even if you’re still a toddler. It is one of the most comfortable sleds on the market, as most things made with a foam seating area are. It comes with side handles to give your kids a better grip. However, the construction makes this a rather slow sled, so it might be a better choice for parents who are worried about their children going downhill at really high speeds.

Airhead Tie Dye Alien
    This foam sled is a budget-friendly option for children who value the comfort and safety of their children above everything else, as the foam construction makes it rather slow when going downhill.



Bottom Line

The safety of your child is very important when you’re thinking of getting them a new sled, but you need to keep in mind that even bruises are a part of childhood, which means that even the best and safest sled in the world won’t be able to protect them from the usual incidents that are part of growing up.

The toddler sleds that we’ve selected for this round-up are among the best in their categories, offering a bang for the buck and making sure that even if the child somehow manages to damage it, you won’t regret the money you spend even for one second.

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