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The Best Toro Lawn Mower to Whip Your Backyard Into Shape

Whether you are a long-time fan, or you are just looking for a new mower a cut above the rest, a Toro lawn mower is a great choice. It’s a renowned brand and a safe choice for almost any power tool.

We’ve reviewed Toro’s entire line of lawn mowers and picked the five best ones. One will be best for your needs.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Toro Lawn Mowers for Summer 2021

Recycler (RWD) - The Best Toro Lawn Mower to Whip Your Backyard Into Shape Recycler (RWD)
  • Deck width: 22 Inches
  • Engine: 150cc Briggs and Stratton
  • Type: Self-propelled / Walk-behind
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TimeCutter - The Best Toro Lawn Mower to Whip Your Backyard Into Shape TimeCutter
  • Deck width: 42 Inches
  • Engine: 22.5 HP Commercial Toro Motor
  • Type: Riding / Zero-turn
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TimeMaster - The Best Toro Lawn Mower to Whip Your Backyard Into Shape TimeMaster
  • Deck width: 30 Inches
  • Engine: 190cc / 223cc Briggs and Stratton
  • Type: Self-propelled / Walk-behind
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Super Recycler - The Best Toro Lawn Mower to Whip Your Backyard Into Shape Super Recycler
  • Deck width: 22 Inches
  • Engine: 190cc Briggs and Stratton
  • Type: Self-propelled / Walk-behind
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Recycler (High-Wheeled) - The Best Toro Lawn Mower to Whip Your Backyard Into Shape Recycler (High-Wheeled)
  • Deck width: 21 Inches
  • Engine: 140cc Briggs and Stratton
  • Type: Push / Walk-behind
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Why You Can Trust Us

Between the spring, summer, and fall, I must mow my yard between 30 and 40 times each year. Right now, I use a self-propelled mower powered by Briggs and Stratton and a generic dual-string weed eater. However, if I could, I’d trade for a Toro in a heartbeat. I have never owned one, but anyone who has worked in the landscaping industry, as I have, knows the name and knows it well.

That said, I am intimately familiar with lawn mowers in general, which qualifies me for putting together this guide.

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Recycler (RWD)
    For homeowners looking to upgrade to a reliable self-propelled walk-behind Toro, the versatile 22-Inch Recycler with RWD is our top pick!



What We Like: The self-propelled Personal Pace technology, in combination with the fuel-friendly 150cc motor makes this Toro an easy-to-use option for the average yard.

For most people, the 22-inch version of the Toro RWD Recycler is more than enough of a machine to keep the grass cut low with as little effort on their part as possible. An electric start ensures that it fires right up every time you’re ready to mow.

A slightly smaller motor than other self-propelled mowers, combined with a wide blade makes it a gas-friendly option. Even more importantly, the mower is built with a Personal Pace Auto-Drive system that allows you to simply walk behind and guide it with ease.

Who Should Buy It: This rear-wheel-drive self-propelled walk-behind Toro is perfect for homeowners with yards of less than an acre to maintain.

Best Riding Toro Lawn Mower

    Have a bit more yard to mow than the neighbors? The Toro TimeCutter will slash your lawn cutting times in less than half!



What We Like: For a zero-turn mower, the TimeCutter is not only smarter but it also goes where larger mowers can’t go. It’s also a super comfy ride.

If it’s a Toro riding mower that you have your heart set on, but your less than acre-sized property keeps you from making the investment, meet the common-sense answer to all your lawn cutting needs, the Toro TimeCutter zero-turn riding mower.

This small riding mower has a 42 inches wide deck, riding speeds of up to 7 mph, and best of all it turns on a dime. It also comes with a genuine hand-made seat. Also noteworthy is the 22.5 HP motor (which is far better on gas than most riding mowers).

Who Should Buy It: The TimeCutter has a smaller deck than large commercial zero-turn mowers, but is twice as wide as the average push or self-propelled walk-behind mower. If you have half an acre or more to mow, the TimeCutter can seriously reduce how much time it takes to get the job done.

Best Commercial Toro Mower

    For those in need of a self-propelled walk-behind with a larger cutting radius than the average mower, the TimeMaster could easily be the one for you.



What We Like: The TimeMaster has a wider cutting radius than most walk-behinds, making it perfect for commercial work as well as large yards. It also works as a mulcher and bagger which saves even more time on jobs of any size.

Not exactly in need of a small riding mower, but still need a more helpful solution than most walk-behinds have to offer? Allow us to introduce you to your new best friend, the Toro TimeMaster. This self-propelled lawn mower comes with all the same great features as the Recycler series (covered in our list) but is even more versatile.

The mower comes with a convenient 30-inch wide deck, which means for every three passes you would make with a typical self-propelled mower, or push-style machine, you can cut the same amount of grass with just two passes. In addition, it is a 3-in-1 unit that not only mows but also mulches and bags as well.

Who Should Buy It: If you have a decently large yard, or run a commercial grass cutting business, the TimeCutter could be a great addition to your lawn care equipment.

Best Compact Toro Lawn Mower

Super Recycler Smart Mower
    Short on space in the garage / garden shed? No problem! The Super Recycler is not only smarter than many new mowers, but it is also compact and easy to store in little space!



What We Like: The Super Recycler not only comes with Personal Pace self-propulsion, but it also breaks down so nice and compact that it can be stored in very little space, including from a strong hook on your garage or shed wall.

Looking for a self-propelled walk-behind Toro that is easy on gas and takes little effort on your part to operate? You may have just found it. The Super Recycler features self-propulsion and is lighter than many models. It is also one of the most convenient options in regards to long-term storage, with its SmartStow features.

The mower also features an electric start, FLEX handle suspension, and requires very little maintenance in comparison to others. Another eyebrow-raising aspect of this mower is that it is capable of moving at 4.8 mph. Oh yeah, did we mention that it also works as a mulcher and bagger? Yeah, it does that too.

Who Should Buy It: For those will small to medium yards, with little storage space to speak of, this Smart Mower may be just the machine for you and your lawn care needs.

Best Budget Toro Lawn Mower

Recycler (High-Wheeled)
    The High-Wheeled Toro push mower may not be self-propelled, but it is light, easy to push, starts on the first push of a button, and needs extremely little maintenance.



What We Like: The High-Wheeled Recycler is a good old-fashioned-style walk-behind push mower and they don’t come much more user-friendly than this either. It requires very little maintenance, fires up on the first push or pull, and is compact and lightweight.

As far as value for money, few units are as impressive as this Recycler with high wheels. It doesn’t have self-propulsion, but it requires less gas and is much lighter in weight as well. By most accounts, owners claim that this machine is as easy to use as a self-propelled version, maybe even easier than some.

Another giant benefit of this particular unit is that you will never need to change the oil (for the entire lifetime of the original motor that comes with it). Even more, it starts up with the push of a button. That means you never have to prime or choke it.

Who Should Buy It: For those who aren’t ready for a self-propelled mower or rider, this classic push mower is more than enough to get the grass cut, and with less effort than many of the best walk-behinds.

What Sets Toro Lawn Mowers Apart?

Toro Vortex Technology

Toro is one of the premier lawn mower brands in the country, and for good reason. Not only do these machines get the job done, but they also get it done quicker, better, and with less effort. They also last longer than your average generic lawnmower. Each Toro lawn mower is made with fine craftsmanship and high-end components. The company has been making premium mowers for so long that they have it down to a science.

To say the very least, Toro produces some of the sturdiest and reliable machines in the entire lawn care industry. Toro mowers also come with great warranty options and excellent customer service. It is also crucial to note that replacement parts are readily available, something many mower-makers don’t have going for them.

However, greatness does come at a price. Toro mowers are generally more expensive than lesser-known brands (as well as a few of the better-known ones). If that changes your mind, or your budget isn’t on point with the investment, our favorite affordable mowers may interest you!

Who Makes Toro Lawn Mowers?

Toro Lawn Mower From Below

One of the oldest names in the industry, the Toro Company has been around for over 100 years. For approximately three-quarters of those years, the company has been producing and perfecting lawn mowers of all sorts.

Regardless of their history in the business, sometimes there is some confusion about Toro, and who makes their mowers. This is typically due to the fact that Toro owns and produces other brands in addition to their own. That said, all of the brands that Toro now makes have been bought and paid for and are now divisions of Toro itself.

The Toro Company has always made their mowers in the USA, and to this day they are still produced there. Some parts and components however, may be outsourced from manufacturers in other countries.

How We Picked

Toro makes a wide range of various lawn mower models and most of them are generally considered high-end machines, which means we really had our work cut out for us this time. That said, not all Toro machines are made equal and after careful consideration, we were able to whittle down our selections to five of the very best. From cutting widths and height adjustments to a range of smart features, there were quite some differences to take into consideration while choosing.

We kept folks with different needs in mind while rounding up our final picks. From those who have small yards or narrow passages to cut to folks with an acre or more to handle, we made sure to pick something for everyone. That said, every unit that made it on our list clearly outperformed others in the same category.

Choosing the Right Toro Lawn Mower for You

Picking the best Toro lawn mower can be quite a task with so many products available, and most of them being genuinely well-made and superior to other brands. We hope that our guide, and our five top choices, help you narrow down your selection and make the most well-informed decision possible.

All things considered, our top pick is the 22-Inch Toro Recycler. The machine is as impressive as any self-propelled grass cutter, and more so than most. It comes with personal pace technology, a powerful Briggs and Stratton motor, and a lighter body than many comparable units. It also has a manufacturer warranty, as with all Toro mowers on our list.