Guide to the Best Traeger Pellets for Smoking & Grilling
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Your Guide to the Best Traeger Pellets for Smoking and Grilling

When it comes to grilling or smoking, the details matter. If you have a Traeger grill, you’re already on the right path to barbecue perfection. But you also need to feed your grill the best pellets for the job. There are several Traeger pellets to choose from, and the wrong choice could ruin your meal. Learn about the different types of pellets for the Traeger and find out which ones have earned our seal of approval.

Traeger Signature Pellets - Your Guide to the Best Traeger Pellets for Smoking and GrillingTraeger Signature Pellets
  • Blend of hardwoods
  • Great for beef
  • No filler
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Traeger Apple Pellets - Your Guide to the Best Traeger Pellets for Smoking and GrillingTraeger Apple Pellets
  • Apple smoke
  • Made in USA
  • Great for pork
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Traeger Mesquite Pellets - Your Guide to the Best Traeger Pellets for Smoking and GrillingTraeger Mesquite Pellets
  • Mesquite smoke
  • Ideal for chicken, beef, or fish
  • Sustainably sourced
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Traeger Pecan Pellets - Your Guide to the Best Traeger Pellets for Smoking and GrillingTraeger Pecan Pellets
  • Pecan smoke
  • Unique flavor
  • Good moisture level
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Traeger Oak Pellets - Your Guide to the Best Traeger Pellets for Smoking and GrillingTraeger Oak Pellets
  • Oak smoke
  • Works with vegetables, meat, and poultry
  • High-quality
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Choosing the Right Pellets for Your Grill or Smoker

There are many advantages to using a pellet grill, but you only reap those advantages if you use the right fuel. Pellets give your food a significant amount of flavor and make all the difference when you’re using a grill or smoker. Before you ask yourself, “Is the Traeger worth it?”, you should be sure to buy the right pellets.

What are Pellets?

Smoker and grill pellets are made of wood. Usually, the wood comes from the sawdust left behind in lumber mills. After collecting the dust from certain types of wood, the manufacturer shreds it and compresses it into small pellets.

When the wood is shredded, the lignin of the wood heats up and becomes softer. Then, the particles travel through a small hole and are compressed. The lignin cools and acts as a glue, keeping the sawdust in a pellet shape. As the final step, a machine cuts the pellet into smaller pellets and packages them.

Although the basic manufacturing process is the same for all grill pellets, there are small differences that affect  the final result. Some companies use fillers and additives that affect the quality of the pellets.

Do I have to use Traeger pellets in my Traeger?

This is a complicated question. Traeger only recommends Traeger pellets, and using any other type of pellet voids your warranty. While you can use a different brand of pellet, doing so means you can no longer count on your grill’s impressive warranty.

Advantages of Pellets

There are many people who prefer pellet grills and smokers over traditional grills. For one, pellets don’t require much time to heat up. Charcoal grills take about 30 minutes to get hot, and gas grills also have a lengthy heating period. When you use pellets, you can get grilling or smoking in a short time.

Another benefit to pellets is the constant heat. Unlike charcoal, pellets maintain a steady temperature. Your meat cooks more evenly and is less likely to burn or be too raw in some places.

After grilling or smoking, pellet users enjoy the fact that pellets are easier to remove and the grill is easier to clean. This saves you time and makes the experience more enjoyable. It also makes it more likely that you’ll be able to maintain your grill well.

Finally, pellets are safer than propane tanks. Gas grills rely on natural gas, which is highly flammable and can be dangerous to store.

What You Should Know About Pellet Flavors

If you have a Traeger grill, you probably will want to keep your warranty and stick to pellets made by Traeger. That saves you from having to learn about all the different brands of pellets. However, you still need to choose the right flavor of pellet.

Much like there are many different types of wood, there are multiple flavors of cooking pellets. Typically, the flavor depends on the type or types of wood used to make the pellets.

What Type of Meat Will You Cook?

While everyone has their own fishing preferences, your personal taste isn’t the only thing that matters. Some woods are better for certain types of meats than other woods.

For instance, alder wood is best for grilling or smoking salmon or poultry. Apple is better suited for pork and lamb. If you want to be a rib master, hickory is a prime choice. But maple is better for cheese and vegetables.

If you want to keep your options open, you can opt for a wood that works well with several types of meats. Oak pairs well with practically any meat, while cherry is similar in its ability to flavor most meat types. Both mesquite and walnut pellets cook every type of red meat well.

What Pellets to use for Traeger Grills?

As you shop around for pellets, you’ll notice that some pellets are available as 100% one wood or as a blended mix. Blended mixes tend to be cheaper than pure pellets, but the flavor isn’t as strong as it is with pure pellets.

Generally, mixed pellets are made up of a 70% and 30% mixture. The mix is usually dominated by oak because the type of wood tends to burn better than other woods. Therefore, you should avoid using mixed pellets if you don’t like the flavor of oak or you want something bolder.

Before you buy your pellets, look into the ingredients. Find out whether the pellets are a mixture of woods or if they are pure. Then, decide what you want from your grilling experience. Think about which Traeger pellets produce the most smoke, have the best flavor, and other details.

Top Traeger Pellets

It’s important to mention that most pellets are available in 20 pound bags. So how long does a 20 lb bag of Traeger pellets last? Typically a 20 pound bag lasts about 20 hours. Depending on what you’re cooking, one bag could last for awhile.

Wondering what happens if my Traeger runs out of pellets? The answer is simple. Check out one of the following pellets and restock your grill or smoker.

Best for Maintaining Constant Temperature

Traeger Signature Pellets
    The pellets work well with almost anything, including vegetables, red meat, poultry, and fish.



These premium wood pellets are a blend of several types of hardwood. In the blend, you’ll notice maple, hickory, and cherry flavors. They create a blue smoke that makes an ideal flavor with beef and other foods.

Because these pellets have no fillers or binding agents, they have a pure and untainted flavor. The pellets work well with almost anything, including vegetables, red meat, poultry, and fish. You can use them to grill, smoke, bake, or even braise your food.

Available in a 20 pound bag, this product gives you fuel for hours. As an official Traeger product, this bag of pellets has the brand’s stamp of approval. It’s a brand you can stand by and one you can rely on to keep your grill burning at an even temperature. This particular blend is particularly popular for its ability to maintain a constant temperature throughout the grilling experience.

Best Traeger Pellet for Multipurpose Smoking

Traeger Apple Barbecue Pellets
    These pellets provide a smooth apple flavor that pairs well with so many recipes and dishes.



Another Traeger product, the apple barbecue pellets contain 100% hardwood. There are no fillers or additives in this blend, which means that there is no aftertaste and ash production is kept to a minimum. The pellets burn clean and are good for the environment, which gives them an advantage over some other brands.

As you might expect, the apple barbecue pellets infuse your food with a smoky apple flavor. Although these pellets are most often used with pork, they also work well with salmon and poultry. Because the apple flavor is well-balanced, you won’t be over or underwhelmed by the flavor.

In this 20 pound bag of pellets, you get enough fuel to keep your grill going for about 20 hours. That’s enough for several long smokes or for many shorter grilling sessions. In any case, you won’t be disappointed by the smooth apple flavor that pairs well with so many recipes and dishes.

Highest Quality

Traeger Mesquite Pellets
    Thanks to a great smoky flavor and the purity of the product, these pellets are great for avid grillers.



Most popular for Southwestern and Texas-style barbecue, the true mesquite flavor is hard to come by. With these Traeger Grills Mesquite Hardwood pellets, you can capture the bold mesquite flavor without needing to douse your food in mesquite-flavored barbecue sauce.

These mesquite pellets make a flavor that is both lighter and sweeter than hickory pellets. It’s ideal for cooking chicken, beef, and fish. That said, you could also use it for anything you want to throw on the grill. They provide a robust flavor that translates well for a variety of dishes and can help you create recipes that leave your mouth watering.

These pellets are sourced with sustainable methods, making them an environmentally-friendly option for grilling. Additionally, the pellets are both sourced and manufactured in the USA. Between the great smoky flavor and the purity of the product, Traeger Grills Mesquite pellets are an excellent option for people who want to buy a gift for a grill master or become a grill master themselves.

Lowest Residue Traeger Pellet

Traeger Pecan Pellets
    If you’re looking for pellets that are 100% hardwood and dish out a pecan smoke, then Traeger Grills Pecan Pellets are the way to go.



If you’re looking for pellets that are 100% hardwood and dish out a pecan smoke, then Traeger Grills Pecan Pellets are the way to go. They are ideal for grilling up chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables. With a 5% moisture ratio, these pellets provide a thick smoke. Equally importantly, they burn evenly and keep your grill or smoker’s temperature steady throughout the whole process.

One of the unique features of the pecan pellets is that they also work well with baked goods. If you haven’t yet experimented with baked goods and your grill, then this is your opportunity. The pecan smoke elevates baked goods to a new level.

With these pellets, you don’t need to worry about too much ash or dust. The pure production process used by Traeger means that ash is always kept to a minimum and there is no artificial aftertaste.

Most Versatile Traeger Pellets

Traeger OakPellets
    For individuals who love a nutty flavor on their barbecued foods, these oak pellets are a must.



For individuals who love a nutty flavor on their barbecued foods, oak pellets are a must. These Traeger Grill Oak pellets combine everything you love about oak smoke with a high-quality pellet. Although oak pairs well with anything and everything you can throw on the grill, it’s especially ideal for beef and fish.

The oak flavor is a classic that provides a full, yet subtle smoky flavor to your food. This product contains no fillers and other agents, so it is certified 100% hardwood. As with other Traeger grill pellets, this one is sourced and manufactured in the United States. It’s a reliable product that comes at an affordable price.

With this 20 pound bag, you can be sure you have enough fuel for your grilling or smoking needs. The pellets are best suited for people who are looking for a versatile pellet that offers a deep smoke with limited ash.

Getting Your Grill Ready with the Right Pellets

Can you use other brand pellets in a Traeger? Yes, but you void your warranty. If you want to keep your warranty intact and still have a great grilling or smoking experience, you should buy one of the top pellets made by Traeger. The Traeger mesquite flavor is our winner for several reasons. It’s a strong flavor that’s ideal for red meat grilling. Furthermore, it’s made from 100% natural hardwood. With the natural approach, Traeger makes a product that checks all the boxes. If you’re looking to enhance your grilling, you should consider trying out the Traeger Grills Mesquite Pellets.