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The Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2021

Vertical gardens are a minimalist dream! They don’t take up much space and are very beginner-friendly. Anyone now can try their hand at growing a home garden, even in their patios! Not only do they bring life into your space, but they also make a wonderful statement piece that’s both visually pleasing and practical. Grow herbs, succulents, ferns, and all of your other favorite plants in the best vertical garden planters available. Keep reading to find the best planter for yourself!

Backyard Boss Top 5 Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2021

Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Garden Planter - The Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2021Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Garden Planter
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Shape: Novelty
  • Material: Plastic
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T4U Diamond Wall Planter - The Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2021T4U Diamond Wall Planter
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Material: Ceramic
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Outland Living Vertical Raised Garden Bed - The Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2021Outland Living Vertical Raised Garden Bed
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Polypropylene, Plastic
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Algreen Vertical Living Wall Planter - The Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2021Algreen Vertical Living Wall Planter
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wood
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Worth Garden Self Watering Vertical Planter - The Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2021Worth Garden Self Watering Vertical Planter
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Material: Plastic
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Why You Can Trust Us

We’ve been gardening for years and have tried all kinds of gardening techniques and styles. Vertical gardening is our favorite, and we want more home gardeners to feel its joy and ease.

We used our knowledge, market research, reliable feedback, and first-hand experience to come up with an unbiased collection of the best vertical garden planters.

Additionally, we added a vertical garden planter buying guide at the end that’s full of what to consider before picking a planter for your home or patios. We even included some plant recommendations to help you kickstart your plant wall!

Best Stackable

Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Garden Planter
    These five-tier vertical garden planters allow you to grow up to 15 plants in a small and striking vertical garden.



Why We Like It: This five-tier vertical garden setup uses stackable plastic planters that can house up to 15 different plants. 

This plastic stackable garden planter also comes with a clever drainage systems design that helps water trickle down to each plant before draining out the bottom tray. The stack is also great for giving the plants ample airflow for their health. It is made with weather-resistant high-quality plastic and comes with five pots, five soil separators, and a bottom tray.

Who Should Buy It: This plastic stackable garden planter is an excellent choice and a huge help for beginner home gardeners who want a vertical garden that they can move around. An ideal option for patios!

Best Wall Mount

T4U Diamond Wall Planter
    These planters create a stylish living wall for small plants.



Why We Like It: These wall-mounted planters come in a set of four high-quality ceramic pots that each rest on sturdy rust-resistant frames. 

These have a lovely marble design in a 3D diamond shape, making for an elegant planter look that goes well with modern spaces. They’re also quite small and are similar in size to a standard smartphone that’s convenient for little plants. Its stylish and space-saving build would be very convenient for those who only want a few wall plants.

Who Should Buy It: This is helpful for those looking for a chic design addition to their home.

Best Freestanding

Outland Living Vertical Raised Garden Bed
    This is a roomy vertical garden setup that can grow huge plants.



Why We Like It: This vertical garden has a freestanding design that stands four ft tall and comes with five spacious planter bins. 

Each bin is made of food-safe resin and can hold a variety of plants at different tiers. The height difference in each tier helps reduce the normal back strain you’d feel after a long day of yard work. Additionally, this frame is made of coated stainless steel, is very easy to assemble, and can stand strong even in harsh weather.

Who Should Buy It: The height of this set-up helps lessen the strain for those prone to back pains while gardening.

Best for Kitchen

Algreen Vertical Living Wall Planter
    This wall-mounted planter with a cute design is great for growing your favorite herbs and salad greens in the kitchen without taking up valuable counter and floor space.



Why We Like It: This rustic-style planter has a wall-mounted design and is built with a weather-resistant wood frame. 

It also comes with three BPA-free resin bins that can be set up at different heights in the frame, which helps when growing tall plants. It is a great planter for an indoor herb garden and doesn’t take up much space on the wall. Although they’re not stackable planters, their stylish design can help add character and charm to your kitchen’s counter space!

Who Should Buy It: This is well-loved by home chefs who enjoy growing their edible garden and herbs in their kitchen garden.

Best for Outdoors

Worth Garden Self Watering Vertical Planter
    This vertical garden planter has a reliable self-watering system that keeps your plants effortlessly healthy.



Why We Like It: This living vertical wall planter is made of non-toxic plastic and comes with an irrigation kit that gives it a simple self-watering system. 

It comes with 12 pots that can make room for up to 36 pockets which can each house a plant. It’s a lightweight design that’s easy to mount to any wall. These vertical garden pots can also be mounted in different areas, according to their plant’s needs. It’s a reliable system that makes gardening very easy.

Who Should Buy It: These chic planters are great for anyone looking for a more self-sustaining planter. A covered patio would be the perfect place to keep the plants safe from extreme weather.

What to Consider Before Picking Vertical Garden Planters

vertical garden planter on a huge rock
Image Credit: Algreen via Amazon

If you’re looking to grow fresh herbs or incorporate a pop of color into any outdoor space, a vertical garden wall might be the perfect choice for you. There are tons of great vertical garden ideas to help you get started. Depending on the type of plant, which we’ll talk about in a bit, you can grow edible plants, vining plants, and a lot more.

Always wanted your herb garden? With a variety of herbs available for planting and a choice of succulents, you can transform your blank walls into an exhilarating wall garden! But before all that, you’ll need to keep a few factors in mind before picking the best vertical garden planter for yourself.


While a vertical wall garden is space-friendly, some planter designs take up more space than others. A freestanding unit with towers will need a few square feet in depth, while wall-mounted and hanging planters are better for utilizing unusable wall space. To get an ideal size, be sure to study the dimensions of the planter boxes to see if they will fit your home and your needs, especially if you’re dealing with minimal space.


The growth of plants and plant health are affected by sunlight, water, and soil nutrition. Having specific types of plants in mind while choosing a planter for your indoor or outdoor space will help make sure you give these plants the best chance at growing well in your beautiful wall garden. Research is not limited to a plant’s sun and water needs but should also include its growth habit, how much space its roots need, and the weight of plants themselves.


Vertical gardens are a visual appeal known for being fantastic décor pieces. Not only will the plants liven up the limited space in your interior or exterior walls, but the planter boxes themselves can be a great design element. The design choices are endless! You can select a wooden frame and wood pallets or plastic containers and window boxes. You can pick one with a built-in LED light for your contemporary patio or one with clay pots to diffuse a more Moroccan feel. There’s a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, materials, and dimensions to choose from to transform an empty wall into a beautiful wall garden.

Installment and Assembly

Vertical wall garden planters might sometimes come with work. Depending on the design, check if it needs screws, drills, hanging hooks, chains, or mounting tape. If you’re not prepared for its assembly and installment needs, less involved vertical garden planters might be better.


Planters need maintenance almost as much as the plants themselves. An example is when a vertical wall garden planter has poor drainage abilities, you’ll need to watch out for flooding. Other possible maintenance concerns include deteriorating materials, sunlight blockage, plant trimming, and soil refreshers.

Pros and Cons of Vertical Gardening

our pick of the best vertical gardening planter
Image Credit: Amazing Creation Store via Amazon

Vertical gardening is not for everyone and, before picking a planter for your next vertical wall garden project, be sure to weigh its pros and cons first.

PRO: Space-saving garden solution

Unlike traditional gardening, vertical gardens make use of vertical space that often goes unused. A plant wall can give your home a gorgeous garden space without eating up lots of valuable indoor and outdoor space.

CON: Can attract bugs

Plantlife is bound to attract bugs, and vertical gardens are no different. It is a problem for indoor gardening since pest management is less straightforward, especially considering you’ll be staying in the same space as the garden itself.

PRO: Stylish and creative design

Plant walls are a fantastic opportunity to unleash your creativity in your design. These can be arranged into a multitude of creative setups and add loads of character to your home.

CON: Possibility of mold growth

For a garden structure that’s close to the wall, it’s common to find plant mold behind it caused by all the humidity and moisture that plants accumulate and expel. Plant molds are harmless to humans but can still be cause for concern if left unchecked.

Best Plants for Vertical Gardening

vertical rectangular garden planter in balcony
Image Credit: Outland Living Store via Amazon

If you’re wondering how to start a vertical wall garden, you can begin by choosing the right collection of plants. Vertical gardening setups are not compatible with every garden plant, and you’ll need to choose a planter that can accommodate its needs.

Some of the best plants for vertical gardening are:

  • Succulents – These have shallow root systems, are easy to care for, and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.
  • Ferns – These are known for their distinct look with wild leaves that grow downwards. They grow on their own and have thin roots.
  • Pothos/ Devil’s Ivy – These are some of the most common indoor plants due to their easy growth. When healthy, they have shiny heart-shaped vine-like leaves.
  • Hostas – These perennials grow beautifully in shade and come in a wide array of colors and patterns.
  • Crotons – These are vibrant and colorful plants known for their hardy nature, striking appearance, and versatility.

How We Picked

While searching for the best vertical garden planters, we stayed objective by following a strict process.

We first conducted thorough market research and identified planters with the most practical and innovative designs. We then turned to previous consumers of each planter and listened closely to their recommendations. After, we sought advice from gardening experts on the ideal garden wall planter features. Lastly, we tried the most promising planters for ourselves to better understand each product.

Once we observed how they performed, it was easy to find the top five vertical garden planters, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy them!

Our Top Pick of the Best Vertical Garden Planter in 2021

If you need a little more help and you’re wondering which is our favorite planter, it would have to be the Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Garden Planter.

These planters help grow so many plants in so little space, can be placed and transported anywhere, and have a fantastic design that simplifies the vertical gardening experience. It can also make an incredibly striking appearance, especially if you choose the right kinds of plants.

That said, we know this might not be for everyone. Even in that case, we stand by the vertical garden planters we found and know they can help you too!