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51 of the Best Vertical Gardening Ideas

If you love gardening but don’t have space, you can easily scale down a garden that could fit in your kitchen.

Vertical gardening is a great way to incorporate fresh herbs you can produce include in the kitchen. You won’t have to worry about traditional gardening tasks that include pest control, taking care of weeds and overall care. Plus, you can use grow bags, your favorite planters, or practically any other vessel for your plants.

More and more people are utilizing vertical gardens because they are easy to take care of and even more fun to manage. Imagine being able to incorporate fresh basil into that pasta sauce you’ve been cooking up all day? With vertical gardens, it’s super simple. Here are some of the best ideas that we’ve found to incorporate a garden into your home.

Vertical Gardening Ideas

Wall-Mounted Pallet Box

Pallet wood planter mounted on wall
Image credits: JayMantri via Pixabay

If you like recycling, find some old pallets to build a pallet box you can mount on your wall or fence. Fill the box with soil and plant flowers, veggies, strawberries, or herbs.

Plastic Wall Planter

Plastic boxes turned into a wall of herb planters
Image credits: Nature Friend via Pixabay

This plastic wall planter is a vertical oasis that can be constructed from repurposed materials. You could make this a fun project to execute with the kids or even just piece it together yourself. 

You could make this planter smaller to incorporate fresh herbs into it. Herbs can grow in any container that has adequate dirt and water and displays them on a trellis.

Living Wall

living wall on large building
Image credits: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

A big impact in gardening can be had by creating a living wall. Whatever space you’ve got with the porous surface can be turned into one, whether brick or concrete or wood.

Water Reservoir Planter

water bottles
Image credits: Willfried Wende via Pixabay

This vertical planter is made from plastic water bottles or another plastic reservoir. It’s an easy way to keep your herbs together without having to spend too much time constructing an actual garden or planter. 

You can hang this concept up anywhere you’d like. It’s lighter in weight and can sustain plenty of dirt to get some of your favorite plants growing.

Wall Baskets

baskets hung on a wall, filled with plants
Image credits: Freja via Pixabay

These planters are essentially hanging baskets. It is a really cute concept for planting a lot of different plants at once. It works as a great space saver since you don’t have to worry about planting the plants in an actual garden or the dirt.

It’s such a cute idea you could even package this as a kit to give someone as a gift. Anyone who likes the garden will appreciate it.

Fern Wall

Fern wall
Image credits: Studio 2013 via Canva

This idea is perfect for indoor or outdoor plant walls. You combine ferns with other lovely greenery for the perfectly gorgeous aesthetic in practically any space.

Wall of Garden

Wall of garden
Image credits: StreetWindy via Canva

This “wall of the garden” uses multiple textures and varied types of pots and plants to create a wall of beautiful plants. Vertical gardens mean you can have a suspended garden in any sort of capacity you’d like.

In this case, this garden is neatly packed into a wall space creating a barrier/wall to add charm to any outdoor space. You can easily switch out the plants to match different holidays to add some extra interesting garden décor.

Brick Garden

Brick wall garden
Image credits: tianya1223 via Pixabay

This brick garden is a space saver that looks adorable. It’s a great way to incorporate a theme into your vertical oasis. The plants on the actual bricks complement the brick wall planters perfectly.

It gives a well-rounded look when it comes to patio garden decorating. You can make these planters as small or large as you need, it just depends on preference.

Wall Planter Art

colorful wall box planters
Image credits: StockSnap via Pixabay

What better way to give life to your outdoor space than creating some living art? This interesting wall concept incorporates living plants in place of more traditional décor.

It would be a great idea for an outdoor courtyard or even a side garden with a back wall. The space is so chic that you could host your next party with confidence.

Wall Gardens

Varied plants in a wall garden
Image credits: Studio 2013 via Canva

These wall gardens are bigger, but the larger the wall space, the more plants you can incorporate into the mix. The more interesting the plants, the more attractive the wall space.

This concept would look especially great with succulents or air plants so that you don’t have to worry about watering them too often.

Bromeliad Wall

Bromeliad wall
Image credits: Foto-Rabe via Pixabay

This wall features brilliant bromeliads in full bloom. It is an artistic approach to creating your vertical garden since it features solely flowers. Like air plants, bromeliads do well suspend because they draw most of their water from the air. 

It is a great concept for anyone who often forgets to water the plants regularly. Follow this tutorial to make your own.

Rain Gutter Vertical Wall Garden

Galvanized gutter pipes and planters
Image credits: hilAugustavo via Canva

This rain gutter vertical garden is an interesting way to house your plants. Since the project requires rain gutters, it can easily turn into a repurposing project if you have some old rain gutters laying around.

If you don’t have rain gutters accessible and can’t find any from a neighbor or friend, PVC pipe could be a decent alternative that won’t cost you too much.

Orchid Wall

purple orchids
Image credits: anncapictures via Pixabay

These natural aerial plants are perfect for building a vertical garden. If you walk around in South Florida or some other subtropical spots, you’ll spot these beauties growing out of random trees, buildings, and more – perfectly happy with a vertical existence.

Bookshelf Garden

gray bookshelf with bonsai tree in it
Image credits: PIRO4D via Pixabay

This bookshelf garden is a super cool way to create your vertical garden with simple plants and moss. Since the bookshelf has spaces already in it, it’s easy to turn this into a vertical nursery. You can either set plants inside the specs or fill the actual spaces with soil and a crate.

This photo depicts an interesting arrangement of green plants and succulents that makes the concept unique.

Garden Slats

wooden slats with plants growing between
Image credits: Heung Soon via Pixabay

This vertical garden features plant boxes with slats. The slated containers give the space that extra rustic look with plenty of character. It is a fun concept in executing a vertical garden, and you can easily adjust the size of these planters depending on the size of your outdoor area. 

You could even create mini-slatted planter boxes for extra cuteness.

Door Garden

door with garden
Image credits: Alıç ağacı via Canva

If you have the right kind of doors, you can craft a vertical garden using your doors. Add some hanging planters, attach some pots to the doors themselves, and some embellishments as desired for a gorgeous, easy vertical garden.

Floral Garden Wall

Woman touching flowers growing on floral wall
Image credits: Bruce Lam via Pixabay

Here’s another gorgeous example of a garden wall. These blooms burst brilliantly open, so anyone who passes will be sure to notice them. It is a great way to add some life to the mix or even change up an outdoor patio area.

Green Vertical Wonder

two people touching plants on a wall of planters
Image credits: Daniel Funes Fuentes via Unsplash

This green vertical garden scape features tiny cones for the plants to grow. Instead of traditional mini pots for this vertical garden, these coned planters can be used to provide more nutrients to the plants.

These cones are typically made of peat, which is life-sustaining when it comes to tiny, new plants such as these little guys.

Peek-A-Boo Wall Planter

plant growing out of intentional hole in the wall
Image credits: Helena Yankovska via Unsplash

While this idea clearly won’t work for everyone, those with a partial wall or in the middle of a remodel could embrace this unique and gorgeous idea.

As the wall is worked with, have your contractors or DIY team (read you and the fam!) create a “hole” in the wall that can effectively allow your plants to be tucked inside with a planter. Install a grow light for best results.

Recycled Tire Wall Planters

two painted tires hanging on a wooden wall, functioning as planters
Image credits: My Life Through a Lens via Unsplash

This pic was taken in the off-season for these plants, but the concept of using old, recycled tires for planters on a garden wall or fence is a great idea. You’ll want to paint them, so they look a bit more attractive, then fill the bottoms with soil, plant seeds, and, voila! Vertical planters.

Add as many as the wall can support a full garden in a tiny space.

Wall Maze

Round wall maze of plants
Image credits: Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash

This vertical oasis features interesting shapes with plants. The rows cut into the green living plants and make an interesting feature to this outdoor scene. Imagine having an outdoor barbecue with this gorgeous vertical creation in the mix.

Your outdoor patio area would be the hippest place on the block, and you’d easily be able to gather friends and family for more outdoor events without the hassle of having to decorate.

Eclectic Wall Pots

eclectic collection of potted plants attached to wall
Image credits: Cherry Laithang via Unsplash

These tiny pots line this wall to create an interesting vertical garden. You could fill these pots with almost any plant you like. However, it’d be cool to have an herb garden in this format.

Since the pots are so tiny, you don’t have to worry about suspending them since the weight won’t be significant. It’s an interesting concept to a standard vertical design.

Vertical Strawberries

close up of vertical hydroponic planters for strawberries
Image credits: Soo Ann Woon via Unsplash

These vertical strawberry planters are growing strawberries, but if it isn’t strawberries you want, you can easily switch out this type of planter to any herb.

You could even try cherry tomatoes since these are also vining plants that tend to favor being able to grow down. If you crave fresh strawberries regularly, though, this is ideal for you!

Vertical Vegetable Garden Planters

Close up of roots on lettuce plants in hydroponic grower
Image credits: 41330 via Pixabay

Of course, not everyone wants to grow strawberries. Taking the same concept as the previous vertical garden idea, though, you can choose whatever smaller vegetables and fruits to grow as well. Lettuce, cucumbers, other small melons – they all work great in this kind of planter. Just keep in mind any kind of root vegetable will need a much deeper tray than others with shallower root systems.