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51 of the Best Vertical Gardening Ideas

Kitchen Plants

Kitchen plants growing on wall
Image credits: Emile-Victor Portenart via Unsplash

Talk about an easy, accessible garden! If you have a large enough kitchen space, you could devote an entire wall to growing your vegetables and herbs indoors. Plant herbs, small fruits, veggies, edible flowers – whatever you might use on the regular here.

Vertical Vegetable Gardening Ideas

Vertical Wall Garden Plants

tomato plant
Image credits: Markus Spiske via Unsplash

This gorgeous garden space idea is located right in the kitchen. Although it is in the kitchen, you don’t necessarily need to equip this space with herbs, but how awesome would that be to be able to start cooking and just turn around to cut some fresh herbs for that pasta you’ve been working on? Fluorescent lights could be incorporated to make sure the plants are happy and healthy.

Hydroponic Vertical Gardenscape

Hydroponic veggie garden mounted on wall
Image credits: BrightAgroTech via Pixabay

This hydroponic vertical garden is a great way to start your very own vertical garden since it’s self-watering. The hydroponic system helps deliver water and nutrients to plants so that half of the work is taken out of gardening.

This system comes in many different formats, but they all relatively provide the same thing.

Wooden Vertical Wall Garden

wooden shelves with plants
Image credits: Alexis Chloe via Unsplash

Although these pictures are succulents and other common houseplants, the concept is the same for growing veggies indoors. You need a blank wall, some wooden boards, and metal shelf brackets.

Place the shelves throughout on the wall, at whatever heights make sense for the plants you’re growing, and boom. One of the absolute easiest ideas for a vertical garden ever.

Wall Lettuce

Lettuce closeup
Image credits: Mel Elias via Unsplash

You can have a vertical oasis that grows any type of vegetable, but this vivid green lettuce looks super great against this wall. You can use the same rain gutter or hydroponic system we saw earlier to create your vertical garden scape.

Some vegetables may do better than others when growing them on a wall, but you can pick and choose some interesting focal pieces.

Indoor Wall Garden

potted plants hanging on a white wall within a wooden box
Image credits: Mutzii via Unsplash

You can take this concept to create a living, flourishing kitchen salad! Plant fresh herbs, an array of lettuces, and other vegetables perfect for cooking with or throwing into a fresh summer salad. 

Impress your guests at dinner parties with fresh veggies and herbs grown in your kitchen!

Garden Crates

Crates mounted on wall filled with plants
Image credits: meineresterampe via Pixabay

These vertical crate gardens are a super cute way to have your vertical garden neatly organized. The crates can easily be stacked on top of each other to create a sort of garden wall that is much different than those other concepts we’ve seen.

This way, you can label each crate, so there’s no confusion as to what you’re planting where.

Vertical Hydroponic Lettuce Wall

close up of hydroponic lettuce wall
Image credits: BrightAgroTech via Pixabay

One of the best and most eco-friendly ways to grow plants is using the technology of hydroponics. This concept of a full wall of hydroponically grown lettuce is perfect for salad eaters and folks who keep pets who love lettuce.

If I had the wall space, I’d seriously be doing this myself!

Jar Plants

Plants growing in mason jars
Image credits: Janelle Hewines via Unsplash

This vertical oasis features herbs growing out of mason jars. It is a super cute idea and wouldn’t take that much work to create yourself. All you’d need is a board with pegs, some jars, some planting stuff, and voila! Your next kitchen vertical garden scape is that simple. 

It would also make a neat project to get the family in on, or you can gift the set to someone so they can set up their own kitchen vertical garden.

Patio Vertical Garden

Rustic Patio

planters on table with plants
Image credits: Andrea Zanenga via Canva

This rustic patio features beautiful vertical garden walls with different foliage. The whole look of this patio has been completely revamped with the life the plants have brought to this space. You could use all types of plants with space this large, but you can also scale it down if you needed to.

It is a gorgeous way to have a vertical garden suitable for entertaining purposes as well.

Swooping Garden Wall

swooping design in living wall
Image credits: Studio2013 via Canva

This patio wall features a swooping design that was prevalent in other indoor vertical garden scape design concepts. Adding some design to the wall is a great way to change it up and add some interesting textures and colors to the mix.

You could create any design you’d like, just be sure to use a guide before starting to plant seedlings.

Contemporary Patio

unique designed living wall
Image credits: Jason Leung via Unsplash

This contemporary patio features floor-to-ceiling plants. These creeping vines easily adhere to wall surfaces to create this living wall that looks polished and astounding at the same time.

Having an entire wall garden is a great way to dress up a patio without having to add too much to it. If you can have multiple walls with this great gardening effect, the look will be even better.

Upcycled Shutter Garden

Old shutters on a house
Image credits: Manfred Antranias Zimmer via Pixabay

I love this idea since it upcycles some old shutters you can find at a thrift store, junkyard, or on second-hand sites like OfferUp and Freecycle. This idea is perfect for some classic, vintage charm, whether you go with weathered shutters or slap on a fresh coat of paint.

Small Vertical Gardens

Nooks and Crannies

Plants tucked into odd places on patio
Image credits: Vlada Karpovich via Pexels

This one is perfect for anyone with odd spaces in their garden area, whether indoor or outdoor. Find pots that fit in odd spots, place them on partial walls, stacks of bricks, tucked into nooks and crannies, placed on old logs.

Whatever you’ve got, you can use to build up a vertical garden in your small, awkward spot.

Wall Mounted FlowerPots

two flower pots mounted on a wall
Image credits: Engin Akyurt via Pixabay

One simple solution to a tiny space is simply mounting your favorite flat-backed flowerpots onto any wall space where you can. Beautiful matching pots, eclectic colors, or chic all-white or black square pots could do the trick for you, depending on the type of look and feel you’re going for.

Stacked Garden

wooden wall mounted planter with stacks
Image credits: dieneves via Pixabay

This stacked garden is the ideal way to incorporate fresh plants into the patio area or home area. The wooden panels pretty much act as a garden box, one that you’d find on a windowsill or along a garden edge.

This setup is perfect for planting plants that can be kept indoors or under a covered patio. They are easy to water and will grow all year long.

Planter “Sconces”

planters in metal rings mounted to outdoor wall
Image credits: JayMantri via Pixabay

Instead of just installing light sconces, consider mounting some wall “sconces” for planters. The metal rings are perfect for helping you create a walled garden with elegance and beauty.

Rustic Planter Art

rustic patio space with planters, shutters
Image credits: Stocksnap via Pixabay

You could always turn your vertical garden into a work of art. Consider some themed pieces that work together as planters interspersed with weather-safe artwork.

Hanging Pots

Hanging flower pot
Image credits: moritz320 via Pixabay

These tiny hanging pots are adorable and functional. They are adorable to look at, and you could easily make this a fun project for kids. You could help them paint the pots, and it’d be fun to teach them about how plants grow.

There’s just something magical about planting seeds and watching tiny seedlings sprout.

Tiny Pot Wall

Chainlink fence wall covered in flower pots
Image credits: Girish Sharma via Pixabay

This tiny pot wall features a lot of those same pots we saw in the previous image, just more of them. It would be easier to hang all these tiny pots on a sort of chain link fence such as this one.

If you have an outdoor sitting area, this would be the best idea since you’re both growing your favorite plants and creating an outdoor space.

Succulents Wall

close up of succulents
Image credits: Yen Vu via Unsplash

Love succulents? Then use them for your vertical garden! Craft a wall space with appropriate plant boxes where the plants can secure their roots (only use established plants, not freshly planted succulents, or they’ll fall off!), and place accordingly. 

Voilà. You’ve got an incredibly gorgeous and unique garden space!

Bonus: When You Don’t Want to DIY It, Try These

Obelisk Trellis

Obelisk trellis
Image credits: Hin Green via Amazon

If you’re not feeling so keen on building something yourself, these obelisk trellises are perfect for some hanging plants in your vertical garden space. It’s perfect for vines, flowering plants, and more.

Hydrofarm Tomato Trellis

hydrofarm tomato planter
Image credits: Hydrofarm Store via Amazon

For those looking to grow tomatoes in a smaller space, consider this Hydro farms Trellis option for tomatoes. It uses a 10-gallon bin with a trellis to grow your tomatoes upward for better growing in tight spaces.

Rotating Garden Planter and Composter

rotating garden planter and composter
Image credits: Garden Tower Project

This rotating vertical garden planter can grow 50 plants! It has a rotating feature and replicates a natural ecosystem so your plants feed off of organic nutrients that come from the composting system. Very easy to use, grow your favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs in no time!

Pocket Planter

plants growing in wall pocket planter
Image credits: Delectable Garden Via Amazon

With this pocket planter idea, being able to care for individual plants is a cheap and easy breeze. Simply place seeds to whatever herb or plant you want into individual pockets to control the growth process for each plant. Since the seeds are all separated, it’d be easier to take care of each plant. This way, you can monitor each plant’s progress. What’s even better is that this is a self-watering construction.

Boxed Hydroponic Garden

planted wooden hydroponic garden for the wall
Image credits: Gromica via Amazon

This boxed hydroponic garden is a perfect way to take care of all your plants at once. Since this vertical garden is so easy to take care of, you could easily put this on a porch or corner garden area. If you choose to plant fresh herbs, you should keep this wonderful little planter close to the kitchen door so you can pop in and out of the house to collect fresh herbs year-round.

Wheeled Planter Box

planter box on wheels
Image credits: Watex via Amazon

This wheeled planter box features several bins for you to plant herbs or vegetable plants in. Since it’s on wheels, this could be easily moved from an outdoor space to the kitchen if you so desired. It is an easy way to keep track of your plants and allow them to get sun and yet bring them indoors if you needed to.

Vertical Growth for Easy Space Saving

So, there you have it: a plethora of ideas for vertical wall planters. So many great designs to choose from! But the question is, which vertical garden ideas will you try out for yourself? Have a few concepts that you like but aren’t sure how to incorporate into your outdoor space? 

Mix and match wall planter ideas, add some grow bags for your twist on some ideas, and see what works out best for you! If you have any comments on vertical wall garden designs or if you have experience with your DIY project, please let us know in the comments!

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