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The Best Vertical Gardening Tools

As an avid gardener, what do you do when you want a garden but don’t have the space for it? Naturally, you start vertical garden projects! These gardens cleverly bring nature into your home and patios by using empty wall and ceiling space. Ask any gardener, and they’ll tell you that vertical gardens are worth it.

Vertical gardens are an excellent choice when you want to spruce up your patios without having to compromise on space. While planning your vertical garden, you should prepare a few of these garden tools that many forget about. Get to know the best vertical gardening tools that will make your garden so much better. From one gardener to another, you’ll thank me later!

    Garden Land Expandable Garden Trellis

    A Trellis For Everything

    Turn vertical gardening into your DIY project with the help of this trellis. This trellis frame is made from premium willow wood and is designed with an adjustable diamond lattice pattern. This trellis can be installed indoors and outdoors to support fruit-bearing vines like strawberries, climbing flowers, vining plants, and hanging planters. Some of the best vertical gardening books will help provide you the inspiration you need to get started
    Meiwo 7 Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden

    The Pocket Garden

    This wall-mounted planter is made of highly absorbent felt cloth and built with seven spacious pockets, making it ideal for creating a garden in a cramped indoor and outdoor space. It’s very space-friendly and requires no assembly and little installment. Hang it on a couple of hooks and start planting!
    Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Garden Planter

    Stacking The Plants In Your Favor

    This planter system uses five stackable pots, each with room for three different plants, that can help you grow up to fifteen plant varieties in a tight space and makes maintenance incredibly easy. These planters are made of heavy-duty plastic and are designed with a drainage system that evenly distributes water throughout the stack.
    Worth Garden Self Watering Vertical Planter

    Independent Gardening

    This vertical gardening kit comes with 12 hanging pots, several pocket inserts, and an automatic irrigation kit. If using it altogether, this compact planter system can be expanded into a 36-pocket planter. If you're learning how to start a vertical garden, this would be great.
    Shepherd Hardware 8088e Heavy-Duty Steel Assorted Utility Hooks

    Hooking planters, pots and frames

    It is a set of six steel utility hooks and comes in three-inch, five-inch, and seven-inch pairs. These are commonly used in storage and garages but can also be an excellent mounting choice for your vertical garden, whether indoors or on patios. Each rust-resistant hook can hold up to 25 lbs., is very sturdy, and is reliable in an indoor and outdoor space so long as you properly install it to the wall with the right screws.
    Ez-Straw Seeding Mulch With Tack

    Mulching your plants

    This mulch is a lightweight premium straw processed with a bonding agent. The bonding agent helps the mulch stay in place regardless of weather, wind, and foot traffic around your plants. It’s a fantastic option for indoor and outdoor gardens since the tackifier keeps it from floating around your home and is safe for children and pets.
    Plantonix Organic Neem Bliss Oil

    Protecting plants, pets, and people

    This neem oil concentrate is high in azadirachtin, a compound known to have reliable insecticide properties. This organic 16 oz. the concentrate can be diluted into four gallons worth of a reliable homemade pesticide and fungicide. Simply mix 1.5 teaspoons of this oil with mild soap and water to prevent and manage garden pests.
    Chapin Hydrofeed 4701

    Fuss-free fertilizing

    You can connect this fertilizer to your garden hose, irrigation kit, or misting system when it’s time to feed your garden. This injector can be used by gardeners of any skill level as long as it's set up properly. It’s incredibly helpful for vertical gardens with automatic watering systems or that have hard-to-reach planters. If you’re using a liquid fertilizer and water solution, this injector helps distribute it to your plants quickly and evenly.

In Summary

We recommend beginner vertical gardeners to get the Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Garden Planter since this eliminates the hassle of completing your set-up. That said, the Meiwo 7 Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden is undoubtedly the better choice for those prioritizing style in their planter.

If your biggest concern is pest control, know that the Plantonix Organic Neem Bliss Oil is super safe and effective for indoor and outdoor usage. You don’t need to worry about this oil!

Personally, our favorite is the Ez-Straw Seeding Mulch With Tack. Any garden, vertical or otherwise, should have these for nourishment and protection. People try to make do without it, but the experience is always less painful with this mulch in the picture!