The Best Wall Planters for 2022
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The Best Wall Planters for 2022

The best part about choosing a wall planter is that it doubles as both art and nature. As we move on to the next chapter of life, 2022 will be full of biophilic ideas and concepts for the average household. Wall planters are a great way to declutter our floors and counter spaces, which help (keep our environments tidy and under control), and also promote a clean and healthy lifestyle around the house. Whether you are familiar with wall planters or new to the scene, we have compiled a list of the 12 best wall planters that will rock your socks all year!

Backyard Boss Top 12 Best Wall Planters for 2022

    Make Good Round Wall Planters

    Back to the Basics!

    To start us off, let’s bring it back to the basics! These melamine planters are super simple and quaint, making them an easy addition to your home or workspace. Made of a resin composite, this set of six is also durable and lightweight; only needing a single small nail to hang them up. Ranging in a number of different sizes, the Melamine planters are a convenient option if you’re simply looking to bring more nature into your home with no extra frills. Not to mention that if you are unsatisfied with the products, they each come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee! No risk, all reward.


    There is something very inviting about geometric patterns and pastel colors. If you are looking to spruce up your home or simply show off the more artsy side of yourself, the Purzest Hanging Planters will absolutely do the trick. Made of high-quality ceramic and an impeccable matte finish, these planters will steal both the show and your heart! It’s always nice when your hanging planter can double as a home for your plants and a piece of decoration for your walls.
    Umbra Geometric Wall Planter

    A Gold Diamond for Green Leaves

    Even though we love experiencing the grace of having plants on the walls of our homes, sometimes the planters themselves can be a bit boisterous. So instead, if you are looking for a planter with less surface area we would highly recommend the Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter. While the design is still very elegant, its thin gold bars allow your plants to have the main stage, while still adding a subtle shine to the overall presentation. This product also has an option for you to mount it on a tabletop as well, just in case you wanted to mix it up a bit.
    VanEnjoy Ceramic Wall Planter

    Five Sides to Every Story

    Pythagoras himself would be very proud of this planter. With its octagonal display and premium bamboo and ceramic components, the VanEnjoy Planter is definitely a next-level purchase. Meant manly for succulents and tiny cacti, this geometric beauty will enhance the aesthetic of your home and add a new dimension to your living space. In addition to already being a pretty cool product, this planter is also equipped with a super easy drainage hole in order to keep those pretty walls nice and clean when watering.
    Mkono Ceramic Planter

    Nothing to Sphere but Sphere Itself

    While our first few picks have some nice edges to them, the Mkono Planters will bring us back down to earth. Designed as a half-sphere, these pearly white planters introduce a healthy dose of 180-degree greenery to your humble abode. With a ceramic pot, leather strap, and brass screws, the Mkono Planter is exceptional for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for a wedding gift for a plant-loving couple, or a Mother’s day gift from the perfect child.
    ShopLaLa Wall Planter

    Ladders and Plant Matter

    The Stairway to Heaven or the Ladder to Plants is most definitely the same thing! Say hello to the ShopLaLa Wall Planter that takes a peculiar approach to hanging your plants above each other. It replicates an outdoor vibe to your indoor quarters and creates a compact and stylish place for your plants to rest. Made from high-quality wood imported from New Zealand, this planter is easily assembled, and with a warming dark finish to it, the ShopLaLa Wall Planter may just be the reason you finally hang some plants up in the bathroom. Thank us later…
    Umbra Triflora Planter

    Bells, Whistles, and Milk Thistles!

    Inspired by the shape of church bells, the Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter is a must-have item for all urbanized living spaces. The modern essence of this planter allows it to reside in the upper echelons of design, and while it’s made specifically for growing your own herbs, it can also display your marvelous plants to the entire neighborhood. Feel free to adjust the height of this planter in order to spread the sunlight evenly from plant to plant, and try your best not to make the other planters jealous…
    Vumdua Glass Planter

    Can't Pass on Glass!

    Up to this point we have seen ceramic, bamboo, copper, and wood planters in all of their glory, so now, we introduce to you a glass option for your house or office. The Vumdua Terrariums are a pristine four-piece set that proves simplicity is the purest form of sophistication. With a minimalist vibe and cylindrical propagation, the Vumdua is a great way to bring some new plants into your life. The fact that the bowl is deep rather than wide, allows for a healthy amount of growth before you possibly have to replant them. But if you’re interested in showing off the roots and flowers of your plant to the world, stop what you’re doing, and place your order now!
    Bossa Linda Head Wall Planter

    Art and Nature: A Love Story.

    It’s one thing to have planters or terrariums that have artful dispositions, but the best type of planters, are art themselves. The Bossa Linda Planter has an articulate display on its front that resembles a woman’s face in bliss. The leaves and vines of your plant will act as “hair” for this interesting planter design, and while it’s pretty cute, it does not trade usability for vanity. It comes with everything a planter needs for convenience, but ultimately adds an extra layer of artful prowess to your house and home. Now if only we could be as relaxed as this planter is, the world might be a different place…
    NIRMAN Galvanized Metal Wall Planter

    Silver Metal for First Place

    Galvanized metal is a nice way to introduce a more industrial feel to your plant collection. Shiny and well-polished, you’d be amazed at how well the rustic elements of the Nirman Farmhouse Planter compliments a live bouquet or bushel of dried flowers. While it may bring a medieval-esque style to your home, it may be fun to juxtapose a few red roses against the metallic configuration of this wall planter.
    GROWNEER Macrame Plant Hangers

    Ceramic Hammocks

    Want to feel like an Athenian royal walking through the botanical gardens of Greece? Then the Growneer Macrame Planters are exactly what you need. In addition to being made of eco-friendly materials and easy to wash, this planter set comes in a variety of eclectic styles to wrap your plant life into. Suspending your pots into the air by cotton alone may give some people the heeby-jeebies. But for the rest of us, we can appreciate a little adventure in our lives, especially when it comes at such a reasonable price.
    Kozalak Wall Planter

    Handcrafted and Fantastic

    Ready to add some pizzazz to your home with an abstract planter? Handcrafted by the good people at Kozalak, this fresh flower wall planter is a tiny way to make a big impression. With its hexagon shape and four different shades of natural wood, it may be fun to buy a few of these and hang them together to boost the charismatic energy in your home. This option is also a blessing due to its petite size and contemporary design, which makes it one of the most alluring choices within this list.

Which One’s Our Top Pick?

Even with all of these great options to choose from, choosing anything (especially wall planters) can be a difficult task. In order to find the one that fits you best, you must first contemplate where the planter will go and why it will go there. Creating or adding biophilic components to your home should be stress-free, but at the same time, purposeful.

If you are looking to incorporate a simple and easy style of planter into your home or garden that is versatile and won’t break the bank, then the Make Good Round Wall Planters will definitely serve you well. With a variety of options to choose from, you can spread them from room to room, or group them together to bring a single corner of your home to life.

For the true plant fanatic that could care less about the planter itself, then the Umbra Geometric Wall Planter is a great option. It is sleek and subtle, with just enough shine to draw attention to it, but incognito enough to not steal the show.

The Bossa Linda Head Wall Planter is a calm and content fixture that will radiate relaxation throughout your living space. During this “Modern Renaissance” period the world is going through, this planter is perfect for people who’re looking to add hanging plants to their life, but with a visual twist for good measure.

But if you don’t fancy yourself as the artsy type and are looking for something more solid and functional, then the rustic embodiment of the Nirman Galvanized Metal Wall Planter will give you the general necessity you so avidly search for.

However, our favorite from this list of incredible options goes to the Growneer Macrame Plant Hangers. This planter is multidimensional in its elegance and perfect for a variety of homes. The Macrame hitching process adds an intricate component to its design and reminds us of the beautiful hanging gardens that have been erected around Europe.

The Growneer Macrame Planter is also the only item on the list where the upkeep is to simply throw it right into the washer, and reuse it as many times as needed. Enchanting, affluent, and cost-efficient, this planter is definitely the crème de la crème!

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