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The Best Watering Cans to Keep All Your Plants Happy

Every gardener knows that good watering can mean the difference between flourishing and floundering plants. Having the right watering can for your plant’s situation, whether they are indoor plants, outdoor plants, or even hanging plants, is imperative for their well-being.

This comprehensive guide includes in-depth reviews on the best watering cans of 2021, that will absolutely keep your plants happy and healthy, along with helpful purchasing tips.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Watering Cans for 2021

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can - The Best Watering Cans to Keep All Your Plants HappyWhaleLife Indoor Watering Can
  • Material: Thickened PS Resin Pot Body
  • Capacity: 1.5 Quarts (1.4 Liters)
  • Weight: 7.6 ounces
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Cado Watering Can - The Best Watering Cans to Keep All Your Plants HappyCado Watering Can
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 2 Gallons
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
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Novelty Indoor Watering Can - The Best Watering Cans to Keep All Your Plants HappyNovelty Indoor Watering Can
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 0.5 Gallon
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
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Fdit Stainless Steel Watering Can - The Best Watering Cans to Keep All Your Plants HappyFdit Stainless Steel Watering Can
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1.6 Quarts (1.5 Liters)
  • Weight: 1.21 pounds
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MyLifeUNIT Plastic Watering Can - The Best Watering Cans to Keep All Your Plants HappyMyLifeUNIT Plastic Watering Can
  • Material: Resin
  • Capacity: 1 Quart (1 Liter)
  • Weight: 2.39 ounces
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Our dedicated team of gardener fanatics has successfully raised countless plant children, so we’ve been through dozens of gardening cans collectively. We know what elevates a gardening can from “helpful” to “miraculous.”

For in-depth reviews that aren’t watered down, check out the rest of the guide. Your plants will thank you.

Best Indoor Watering Can

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can
    This easy-to-use watering can has a gorgeous and unique design.



Why We Like It: This Nordic-inspired watering can has a unique design that will simplify watering your plants.

With a long spout, it can easily reach plants, while its ergonomic handle makes holding it effortless. The see-through resin material it’s made with is not only gorgeous but also allows you to monitor how much water is in the can. When you need to refill it, simply add water through the wide opening on this watering can’s top.

Who Should Buy It: People who want an affordable, beautiful watering can for their indoor plants will love this unique product.

Best Outdoor Watering Can

Cado Watering Can
    This super simple watering can has convenient features like a removable sprinkler head.



Why We Like It: This bulky watering can is perfect for feeding lots of outdoor plants, coming in a 1-gallon or 2-gallon size.

While it may not be the most beautiful watering can, it does have adorable flower detailing on the outside and comes in five different colors. Its affordable price is amazing, especially considering how long it lasts. It conveniently includes a replaceable screw-on sprinkler head so that you can adjust the intensity of the water it emits.

Who Should Buy It: This adorable watering can is perfect for people who need something big that will work well for a variety of plants outdoors.

Best Watering Can for Hanging Plants

Novelty Indoor Watering Can
    This brightly-colored watering can has a long spout that makes it ideal for watering hanging plants.



Why We Like It: With a long spout and a lightweight design, this watering can is great for feeding hanging plants.

The long spout allows you to reach plants up high without having to rely too much on standing on your tiptoes. Holding a half-gallon of water, this plastic watering can is more than capable of feeding a few indoor plants. It’s made with UV-resistant plastic so its bright color will not fade over time.

Who Should Buy It: People who have a few hanging plants indoors should buy this affordable watering can.

Best Premium Watering Can

Fdit Stainless Steel Watering Can
    This sleek and sophisticated steel watering can is functional and beautiful.



Why We Like It: This sleek and stylish watering can is made with hand-polished stainless steel which is resistant to scratches and rust.

With a precise design, this can will not spill water on your plant’s leaves, easily reaching small spaces. It has a long spout for easy watering, an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable to hold, and a semi-open top design so it’s convenient to refill. Even if this wasn’t such a wonderful and functional watering can, it would make a great decoration!

Who Should Buy It: If you don’t mind spending a little more green on your greenery, this is an excellent watering can for indoor plants.

Best Affordable Watering Can

MyLifeUNIT Plastic Watering Can
    This watering can proves that just because you have a limited budget doesn't mean you can't have a high-quality watering can.



Why We Like It: The uniquely shaped watering can is lightweight and ergonomic to hold.

It has a half-gallon capacity, a narrow spout for easy and even pouring, and a wide, contoured handle. The lightweight, resin design makes it effortless to operate. With no cap and a smaller capacity, it is ideal for the indoors. If it does get dirty because you take it outside,  it’s beyond easy to clean.

Who Should Buy It: Perfect for people with limited budgets, this watering can is high-quality and has a unique, modern design.

Why Use a Watering Can?

What CAN a watering can do for you and your plants?

Watering cans are convenient for indoor use, so you don’t have to drag plants to a sink, or water them with something bulky like a cup which will have issues reaching their roots. For delicate plants, like recently-transported seedlings, watering cans provide them with the ideal amount of water.

Hoses are far too harsh on seedlings and have difficulty reaching small areas under their leaves. Sprinklers don’t provide individualized care, so the quality of their watering is far less than can be provided with a watering can.

Of course, the quality of a watering can depend on factors like what type it is, its design, and the features it includes.

What Kind of Watering Can Should You Get?

To determine what type of watering can is right for you, there are a couple of factors you need to consider like the needs of your plants, whether your garden is indoors or outdoors, how many plants you have, and your design preferences.

Most importantly, you should consider your own physical limitations. If you have wrist pain or other issues, choose a watering can with an ergonomic handle, low capacity, and lightweight design. Gardening is fun, it should never be painful.

Types of Watering Cans

There are a few different types of watering cans that you should consider. Namely, indoor watering cans, outdoor watering cans, and hanging plant watering cans.

Indoor Watering Cans

Indoor watering cans tend to be much smaller in size because they aren’t built to care for as many plants as outdoor watering cans. Because of their small size, their designs tend to focus more on being aesthetically optimal, with bright, modern, and rustic-looking cans.

They can be more affordable than outdoor watering cans, however, there are some premium options that cost upwards of $75. Their downside is that because of their small size you have to refill them more frequently.

Outdoor Watering Cans

Outdoor watering cans are much bigger than indoor watering cans because they are built to support more plants. Their water capacity can be as large as three gallons. Of course, keep in mind, that you’ll be the one carrying those three gallons of water.

Because they are suited for outdoor use they tend to be much more durable than indoor watering cans, with less of a focus on the beauty of their designs.

Hanging Plant Watering Cans

While hanging plant watering cans are very similar to indoor watering cans in almost every way, their one distinct feature is that they have very long spouts.


To help you reach plants high above you, of course!

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Watering Can

Still unsure which watering can is right for you and your plants? Consider the features below before you make your purchase!

Watering Can Material

Watering cans are most commonly made of plastic and steel.

Of these two materials, steel tends to last the longest. It has a wonderful antique look which goes well with country gardens. However, it’s also the heaviest material and steel watering cans tend to be much more expensive than plastic watering cans.

Plastic watering cans are affordable, and often brightly colored, with adorable designs. While they aren’t durable in the sense that they can experience fading and cracking if they are kept in the sun, if you keep them sheltered they should last indefinitely. They are also fairly easy to clean and pretty lightweight.

Seamless Design

One of the worst things that a watering can can do is leak, especially if it’s an indoor watering can. To prevent this from happening, buy a watering can with one-piece construction.

Cans with a seamless design are molded from one piece of continuous plastic. Having a curved spout built-in also keeps full watering cans from leaking as you move them about.

Water Capacity

Some outdoor watering cans may hold up to three gallons of water! While bigger is normally better, and you may feel tempted to go with the watering can with the biggest capacity, keep in mind that the person that will be carrying those three gallons of water is you.

Of course, when your watering can holds more water, it means that you get to take fewer trips to the faucet to refill it, saving you time. Just evaluate how much water you think you can reasonably carry.

If you are just watering houseplants you probably don’t need a huge water capacity, unless, of course, you have an indoor jungle.

Spout Design

There are a variety of spout designs to consider when purchasing a watering can. The two most common are a straight spout or a rainmaker style spout.

Rainmaker spouts have numerous small holes that spread the water out evenly. Straight spouts, on the other hand, provide one direct stream of water.

Consider whether the wider spray of a rainmaker spout or the targetted spray of a straight spout suits your plants better. Something to keep in mind is that straight spouts tend to work better for houseplants while the gentle wide spray of rainmaker spouts works well for seedlings.

Ergonomic Handles

You have to use your watering can every day, so it should have an ergonomic handle so it’s comfortable to hold and effortless to use.

What’s comfortable for you really depends on your preferences. Some watering cans have wider handles, molded grips, two handles, and other designs that make them more ergonomic.

How We Picked

To pick these five outstanding watering cans we weeded through countless options, looking for the absolute best of the best. Each can that we chose is a top-rated, well-performing, high-quality watering can that you are sure to be happy with.

To appeal to the varying needs of our readers, we picked out watering cans that stood out as exceptional in their individual categories, including the best indoor watering can, the best outdoor watering can, the best watering can for hanging plants, the best affordable watering can, and the best premium watering can.

We picked out watering cans with innovative designs, durable constructions, ergonomic handles, and long spouts. Every watering can is a winner on this list, but only one can be the ultimate champion.

The Best Watering Can Is…

Our favorite watering can that we reviewed was the Union Watering Can. With an easy-to-use design, affordable price, high-quality construction, and convenient features, there is a lot to love about this amazing watering can!

Of course, if you’re caring for indoor plants, go with one of the other incredible options on this list. When it comes to these five impressive watering cans, you really can’t go wrong!