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The Best Weber Grills for This Summer

Are you longing for a juicy steak or a lightly charred veggie skewer, hot off the grill? Weber grills have been a favorite since the 1950s. Today, it can be challenging to pick the best model from their large selection of products.

Let us help you out with a handy comparison of the best Weber grills, reviews of each, and expert advice to chew on. 

Backyard Boss Top 5 Weber Grills for Summer 2021

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill - The Best Weber Grills for This SummerWeber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill
  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Weight: 32.3 Pounds
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Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 - The Best Weber Grills for This SummerWeber 45010001 Spirit II E-310
  • Fuel: Liquid propane
  • Material: Porcelain and cast iron
  • Weight: 107.8Pounds
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Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill - The Best Weber Grills for This SummerWeber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill
  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 18 Pounds
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Weber 50060001 Q1000 - The Best Weber Grills for This SummerWeber 50060001 Q1000
  • Fuel: Liquid propane
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 26.7 Pounds
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Weber 55020001 Q 2400 - The Best Weber Grills for This SummerWeber 55020001 Q 2400
  • Fuel: electric
  • Material: Porcelain and Aluminum
  • Weight: 41 Pounds
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Why You Can Trust Us

From Weber’s famous kettle-style grill to wood pellet grills and smokers from Walmart to the ones in the backyards of my dad and closest friends, I’ve cooked burgers, dogs, chicken, chops, veggies, and steaks on my fair share of grills.

Growing up in the USA, and having a birthday on the last day of May, I always looked forward to that final weekend of the month. Labor day weekend, the weekend of my birthday, was spent outside enjoying the fresh air and smelling the burgers and hot dogs being prepared on the family grill. When I became an adult, the tradition of Memorial day grilling became my responsibility. 

In my family, we had always used charcoal grills for cooking out. It is no surprise that I developed a bias for that specific taste. If you’ve ever eaten a burger prepared on a grill with charcoal or ordered a whopper from BK, you know just the sort of flavor I’m talking about. There is nothing quite like it.

I will openly admit that I favor charcoal grills. But, I also have a genuine appreciation of the capabilities and benefits of a good propane or natural gas grill in the same breath. Granted, much of my intimate knowledge of them comes from working as a grill-cook and restaurant manager back in the day. As an avid hiker, I have also invested in various types of propane and pellet grills in searching for the most versatile and rugged.

Best Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill
    Looking for a classic kettle-style charcoal grill that will last for years to come? Look no further, this Weber could be the one!



When it comes to grills, no one, and we mean no one, does charcoal grills better than Weber, the inventors of kettle-style grills. This unit is the proof in the pudding. Weighing just over 32 pounds, it is lightweight for a full size grill capable of cooking more than a dozen burgers at once. It is the best of the best, with a rust-resistant construction, built-in thermometer in the lid, and a one-touch cleaning system. The body and lid of the grill are porcelain-enameled, so they stay hotter for longer and will not peel or rust. The unit also has a hinged cooking grate for easy access while cooking and a lid hook so you never have to lay the lid on the ground.

What We Like: The fact that this grill has been one of the best-selling designs for nearly 70 years says it all. We love that Weber is THE creator of kettle-type charcoal grills and still seems to make them better than anyone on the market.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone looking for a classic charcoal grill for some quality grilling action should consider this one. It is one of the original charcoal grills, and it consists of all high-end components. You will more than likely never need to replace it either, so long as you take care of it.

Best Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310
    If it is a long lasting and easy to use gas grill that you're after, the Spirit II E-310 is a number one contender.



On the other side of the aisle from our number one pick, is another beast of a grill; the Spirit II E-310. This is one for the propane grill-heads out there. The unit features a giant 529 square inch cooking area, three high-end burners, and signature Weber porcelain-enameled and cast iron cooking grates.

An advanced grill compared to many liquid propane units, this bad boy has a GS4 grilling system with an improved infinity ignition, grease management system, and porcelain-enameled glamorizer bars. The main burners cook at a heat level of 30,000 BTU per hour. The grill is designed with an open cart construction, including large wheels and tool hooks.

What We Like: This grill not only puts out a ton of heat, it has an extra-large cooking surface and includes six tools and a fold-down table.

Who Should Buy It: If you are in the market for a full-size grill for the backyard or deck, this unit could fill that space. It may cost a bit more, but it is top-notch quality and could very well last for the rest of your lifetime.

Best Compact Charcoal Grill

Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill
    This little throw-back on the original kettle grill from Weber is one of the most durable compact charcoal grills on the market. Could it be the one for you?



Another great charcoal grill is the compact version of Weber’s classic kettle-style unit, the Jumbo Joe. It is super lightweight for a heavy-duty grill, weighing well under 20 pounds. And, as you might expect from the maker, this grill is made of a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl, which won’t rust or peel, as well as a steel frame.

It is easy to transport if you are into camping, or simply cooking out in the back yard or local park. The cooking surface has enough room for several steaks or pieces of chicken at once, or about enough space for eight burgers at one time. The grill features dampers, stout legs, and a tuck-n-carry lid as well.

What We Like: This little guy is lightweight but heavy-duty. It gives the same great charcoal flavor that you love, and you can take it anywhere. It even has a convenient carrying handle and legs.

Who Should Buy It: Whether tailgating at the next hometown football game, or cooking-out on the balcony of your apartment, or camping, this unit could be the right one for you. Backed by the Weber warranty, and made with the same high standards as every other Weber grill, this compact charcoal grill is built to last.

Best Compact Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 50060001 Q1000
    Similar in size and shape to other Weber compact grills, the 50060001 Q1000 is a great choice for back porches, kitchens, and RVs.



For propane fans or folks who want to give it a try without the big investment, few options are more suitable than this compact liquid propane unit. Constructed of stainless steel burners that crank out 8,500 BTUs, cast iron grates, and cast aluminum body and lid, the build is practically flawless. To say the least, it is both powerful and long-lasting.

Even more, this unit has a push-button starter and infinite control burner valve settings. It runs on 14.1 oz or 16.4 oz LP cylinders of liquid petroleum gas and takes about ten minutes to preheat for the main grilling action. The grate has a 189 square-inch space for cooking a dozen pieces of chicken or burgers.

What We Like: This grill provides enough room for cooking enough grub for an entire family, despite its compact form. Although it’s small, it offers some of the great features of much larger and more advanced propane grills, like cast iron grates or push-button ignition.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone that wants to get in on the propane cooking action without blowing a big wad of cash should consider this Weber. Those who enjoy camping and backyard parties will also love this grill and the convenience it offers.

Best Electric Grill

Weber 55020001 Q 2400
    This cute little Weber is heavy duty, starts at the touch of a button, and fits easily on porches, terraces, and in RVs.



Last on the list, but far from least, is this 1,560 Watt compact electric Weber grill. Quick and easy to assemble, you will have this thing set up in no time. The cooking surface is big for a compact grill, measuring 280 square inches. The body and lid are made from cast aluminum, the cooking grates from porcelain enameled cast iron.

The grill is a bit heavier than other compact models, weighing just over 40 pounds, which just testifies to its heavy-duty and long-lasting quality. The unit has a six-foot power cable that needs to be plugged into a regular household power outlet. It is great for patios, balconies, backyard, and RVs.

What We Like: For an electric grill, especially a compact version, this unit is not only heavy-duty but offers more cooking space than most as well.

Who Should Buy It: If you are looking for the perfect grill to add to your RV, patio, balcony, or back porch, look no further than this little beauty.

Types of Grills Produced by Weber

Tongs picking through charcoals on a Weber grill.

Now that we have presented some of the best products offered by the Weber Grill company, let us take a closer look at each type of grill that they currently manufacture.


The most popular Weber grills are of the charcoal type. These models are genuinely high-quality and generally simplistic. They are also the least expensive. Just add charcoal, toss in a match, let her burn for a few minutes, and throw on the burgers.

Liquid Propane

The next most popular grills produced by Weber are without a doubt their liquid propane units. These grills are among the largest outdoor grills and can easily allocate enough cooking space for families and gatherings with a few dozen people. The fuel can get expensive, but many grillers swear by them religiously.

Natural Gas

Practically identical to Weber liquid propane grills, their natural gas units are also large enough to handle groups and large families. The downside, or upside depending on how you look at it, is that they require a natural gas hook-up, like your hot-water heater or the gas range in the kitchen does.


Grills running on electric power have relatively low fuel costs, but they are tethered to an outlet via the power cord. Most of them come with infrared heat sources, though some feature older elements. These units are ideal to use on porches, in garages, and for rainy days or mid-winter grilling action.


The four fuel types listed above come in standard size as well as compact versions. Whether you are living in an RV, a tiny home, or simply looking for a grill that will fit on the back patio, Weber has a compact version grill regardless of what fuel type you prefer.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Weber

Man opening the ash catcher of a Weber charcoal grill.

Once you know what size of grill you want, as well as the sort of fuel you want it to run on, there are a few more important considerations to make before deciding which model is best for you. We have listed the most significant ones below.

Size of Cooking Surface

The size of the cooking surface is one of the most important areas on the entire grill. It determines how much food can fit on the grill at one time and also how well the heat is distributed that will cook the food. A smaller cooking area typically measures somewhere under 100 inches and fits between four to eight burgers at once. Larger cooking surfaces of 100 to 300 inches hold anywhere from a dozen to two dozen burgers.

Brand-Specific Features

All of the best brands have their own signature features. In the case of Weber, most of the features on modern charcoal grills are based on Weber’s design. As mentioned above, the Weber company is the creator of the kettle-style charcoal grill that everyone knows and loves today. Aside from establishing a design copied by dozens of manufacturers, key features signature to Weber includes all high-quality components, excellent craftsmanship, and great warranties.

Fuel Type

There are four main fuel types used by Weber grills: charcoal, liquid propane, natural gas, and electricity. Each of these fuel types has its pros and cons, as discussed above. But, you more than likely already have your mind set on which sort of fuel type you want your new grill to have anyway.

Ease of Use

What do you value in a grill, and what makes it easy to use for you? For example, what kind of ignition do you prefer, is it important that you can move the grill around, or how will you clean the grate? Take these points into consideration while shopping. Before making a purchase, also read customer reviews for clues on how hard or easy it may be to set up and use that specific model.

Cost and Warranty Options

Your budget may help determine which models fit best for your grilling needs, but make sure to pick one with a good warranty. One of the great benefits of owning a Weber is that they all come with fair warranties and are genuinely high-end no matter how much you spend.

How We Picked

There are a lot of Weber grills out there to choose from, and most of them are really good; a fact that doesn’t take long to figure out once you start shopping for one. After slimming down our selections and reading up on what other consumers had to say, we picked out the five best ones. After careful evaluation of each one, we based our final choices on several important factors, as listed in the section above.

Choosing the Best Weber Grill for You

Picking the very best Weber grill for yourself doesn’t have to be a hard decision. But, it should definitely be an informed one. Hopefully, with our list of best choices, and all the additional information about Weber and their grills, your selection will be the most well-informed possible. Now all you’re missing are some great grilling ideas and recipes!

Our pick for the best overall Weber grill is hands down the Original Kettle Charcoal Grill. This thing is iconic within the grilling community far and wide. It is long-lasting, has ample cooking space, and is easy to use. Further, it has probably been the source of more grill models than any other unit ever made. That said, if it is a natural gas or propane model that you are after, one of the Spirit II grills is the way to go.