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Best Window Plant Hangers for Indoor Plants

Who says plants have to be in the ground? Plant hangers are a beautiful and innovative way to suspend plants in the air in your home, creating a gorgeous, green aesthetic, while saving space. The only downside of plant hangers is that you can be limited in what kind of plants you put in them since they are near the ceiling, and therefore not in an optimal position for sunlight.

Which is where window plant hangers come in! These devices pair the beauty of normal plant hangers with access to sunlight, which means the ceilings the limit when it comes to what kind of plants you can grow.

This guide covers everything you need to know about window plant hangers along with reviews of the 5 best window plant hangers you can buy online right now.

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter for Small Plants - Best Window Plant Hangers for Indoor PlantsUmbra Triflora Hanging Planter for Small Plants
  • Metal Rod and Melamine Planters
  • 3 Planters
  • Stand-Alone
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GROWNEER 5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers - Best Window Plant Hangers for Indoor PlantsGROWNEER 5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers
  • Beige Cotton
  • 5 Plant Holders
  • Hung From Hook
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2-Pack Suction Cup Window Hanger - Best Window Plant Hangers for Indoor Plants2-Pack Suction Cup Window Hanger
  • Acrylic
  • Metal S Hook
  • Suction Cup
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KUNZITE Hanging Window Plant Shelves - Best Window Plant Hangers for Indoor PlantsKUNZITE Hanging Window Plant Shelves
  • Acrylic
  • 2 Wide Shelves
  • Stand-Alone
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Window Garden Suction Cup Shelf - Best Window Plant Hangers for Indoor PlantsWindow Garden Suction Cup Shelf
  • Acrylic
  • Single Plant Stand
  • Suction Cup
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What is a Window Plant Hanger?

Plant hangers suspend plants in the air, within their pot, orb, or whatever else may be holding them. Similarly, window plant hangers are structures that hold plants in the air, however, they are built to be attached to windows.

Because of this, they tend to differ slightly in their structure from normal plant hangers, requiring a device that either sticks them onto the window or hangs them off of the top of it. They could be anything from a hook with macrame netting trailing down from it to a plastic shelf with suction cups.

window hanging plants rod sunlight

Window Plant Hanger Features

Window plant hangers tend to greatly differ in their design, materials, and cost. Below are some of the features to look out for when shopping for a window plant hanger.

Materials Used

Window plant hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the same is true for materials. Most commonly they may be made of wood, metal, glass, plastic, or rope. They tend to have either suction cups, s hooks, or stands that suspend them in the air.

Obviously, a metal structure is more sturdy than one made of rope or plastic. Consider what kind of plants you want in and on your hanging plant stand to determine what material you should be looking for.


Bigger is not always better when it comes to window plant hangers.

It may be tempting to go for a sturdy, stand-along plant hanger, but keep in mind that getting a larger one mitigates the space-saving benefit of window plant hangers.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just go for a dinky little thing that can’t even handle the sparest succulent.

Consider the size and weight of your plants and buy a plant hanger that will adequately support them.


Window plant hangers can cost anywhere from as low as $10 to as high as $60. Keep in mind that the price typically reflects the window plant hanger’s quality, but more expensive is not necessarily better. You should be able to find a good window plant hanger that is around $35.

Hanging plants in the air is risky if they are not hung with care on a quality plant hanger. Prioritize your plants, splurge for a safer plant hanger.

Why Use a Window Plant Hanger?

If it’s risky, why do it?

Well, because, it’s not actually THAT risky. Most plant hangers are made with enough care that if you hang a plant that is below the listed weight limit on them, they will be able to support them. My plant hangers and my friend’s plant hangers have never toppled any of our plants.

But the threat does loom, and you should be cognizant of it, not overburdening your hanger. Also, what is a little risk in the face of an adorable room addition? Window plant hangers look beautiful, add gorgeous greenery to indoor rooms, and save space.

Plants That Will Thrive in Window Plant Hangers

Because they have excellent sunlight exposure, window plant hangers can handle a larger variety of plants than normal plant hangers. However, there are still some plants that will thrive more in a window plant hanging situation than others.

Spiller Plants

Spiller plants are great plants to grow indoors because of how elegant they look draping over their pot, with leaves and vines spilling into the air. Spillers are also notoriously hardy plants, so they thrive in the indirect sunlight a window can offer. Try growing English Ivy, Senecio, or Baby Tears for glossy, cascading leaves.

Air Plants

air plant in hand being misted with water indoors

Air plants are an excellent choice for window plant hangers and normal plant hangers because they are one of the most low-maintenance plants you can grow. They, quite literally, get most of their nutrients from the air, so suspending them in it is an effective way to care for them. They also don’t need a lot of pot space so they work well in smaller plant hangers.


Succulents also work well in small plant hangers. They aren’t quite as low-maintenance as air plants but are low maintenance enough. These suckers just want to live. They have thick fleshy leaves that help them retain water, which helps them survive through drought, or through you forgetting to water them for weeks on end because you are too busy admiring how gorgeous they look in your window plant hanger.

Container Plants

Because window plant hangers are positioned near windows, almost any container plant that can thrive with indirect sunlight, or partial sunlight, can be planted in one. A great container plant for your window plant hanger is an orchid. They need sunlight, but not an overabundance of it, and make beautiful, colorful hanging plants.

DIY Window Plant Hanger

DIY succulent hanger instructions for making your own plant hangerIf you are a thrifty gardener, consider building your own window plant hanger. Below are easy-to-follow instructions for making Mini Macrame Succulent Plant Hangers! This project is perfect for crafting beginners, or people looking to liven up their indoor spaces with color and greenery.


  • Egg
  • Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hook
  • Jute Twine
  • Scissors
  • Mini Succulents


  1. Gently tap an uncooked egg against your kitchen counter until a small crack appears. Using a serrated knife, cut through the egg, removing its top quarter. Repeat with all the eggs you intend to transform.
  2. Wash the eggs inside and out with soapy water and then set them aside, allowing them to fully dry.
  3. Paint the bottom sections of the eggs a solid color with 2-3 coats of paint. Let the eggs dry between coats-you are striving for an opaque color.
  4. Cut the twine and create a macrame pattern through weaving and knotting it. The goal is to make one side that you can hang, and another that will function as a “basket” to hold the eggs. You can try a knotted dream catcher style or more of a traditional macrame one.
  5. Secure the eggs in the basket and loop the jute through a hook over the window.
  6. Add your succulents to the eggs, being very careful not to break them. Enjoy your Mini Macrame Succulent Plant Hangers!

For a more advanced DIY Window plant hanger, check out the video below!

Top 5 Window Plant Hangers Reviews

Best Hanging Planter for Small Plants

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter for Small Plants
    This sophisticated planter has a sturdy design and durable pots that compliments the small plants within it.



This elegant hanging planter is perfect for sophisticated rooms that need a touch of greenery. It’s a stand-alone planter, so no need to deal with installing hooks or using tacky suction cups. The frame is large, filling most standard windows that are over 24” long, but leaving sill space open, which you can use to store even more plants!

Looking to keep your herbs on hand in the kitchen? Try growing them in your kitchen window in this planter. This planter is all about versatility, with ropes that allow you to customize the height and placement of the plants along its black iron rod. It’s extremely easy to set up and makes caring for the plants inside it simple. If you want, you can take up the sill space below the Triflora Hanging Planter with pebbles for drainage purposes, but rest assured that the pots were specifically designed to prevent dripping.

That’s right, the adorable white pots pictured with this window plant hanger actually come with it. Made of durable melamine, they are built to last, and you can plant right in them! This planter is a bit expensive, especially compared to the others on this list, but you will have it for such a long time it will be worth it. If you are not satisfied, no worries, this window plant hanger has a 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction-Guarantee.

This window plant hanger is perfect for people with small plants who want an elegant addition to their indoor decor.

Best Macrame Window Plant Hangers

GROWNEER 5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers
    These hippie plant hangers are great for hanging plants in front of your window, with varying size options up to 10”.



Boho-chic is in, bring on the macrame, bring on the beads, and you better be wearing tye-dye! For people who love a little hippie flair to their home decor, these hanging plant stands are perfect with an intricate knotted design that not only looks groovy but also does a stellar job holding up your plants.

You get 5 planters, each with varying sizes and heights, including 35.5”, 39.25”, 49.75”, 66.75”, and 70.75” long and with 10” being the largest pot one can hold. They are super easy to use, you simply hang them over your window using one of the 5 included hooks, expand the 4 legs of the planter, and put your pot snugly inside.

Made from naturally-sourced, eco-friendly undyed cotton, these planters truly have hippie vibes. They were built with durability in mind, being suitable for not only indoor use but also outdoor use, if you decide that you want your window plant hanger to be just a plant hanger. Don’t worry about getting them dirty outside either, they are machine washable.

The downside of these planters is that you do have to hang them from a hook over your window, which can be a hassle, and also they might not be for every household since their fringe design could clash with rooms that have a sophisticated style.

These hanging planters are perfect for anyone with small to medium size plants that wants a window plant hanger with a fun, hippie style.

Best Suction Cup Window Hanger

2-Pack Suction Cup Window Hanger
    These suction cup window hangers are a cute, casual way to hang small plants on your window.



Have a couple of terrariums lying around? Looking to hang your plants right from your window? These cute but simple suction cup plant holders cling right to your window and can easily bear the weight of small plants.

They are extremely simple to use and can be moved from window to window with ease. Don’t worry about damaging your window- these window hangers are built to leave no trace behind. Simply press the suction cup on the window so that it is flat, removing all air, hold it firmly in place, and, well, you are done! Your suction cup plant holder is all set-up and ready for whatever gorgeous, tiny plants you choose to hang from it.

This little plant holder is built for indoor window use or outdoor use. It’s so versatile you don’t even have to limit it to plants! Try hanging a bird feeder or decorative ornament from it.

The window hanger is made from acrylic, which is lighter and stronger than glass and plastic, and weather-resistant. The only downsides to this window plant hanger are that it doesn’t come with any plant holders, and it can only hold light plants. However, this window plant hanger is perfect for people with very small plants that want an easy way to hang them in a place that will be exposed to sunlight.

Best Hanging Window Plant Shelves

KUNZITE Hanging Window Plant Shelves
    This translucent, adjustable plant shelf can fit 8-12 of your favorite plants in one window!



Thus far I have listed a lot of plant hangers that are perfect for people with 1-5 plants, but what about the folks who have more like 10? The herb hoarders, the greenery grubbers, the folks, like myself, who couldn’t say no to succulent if their life depended on it?

This is the window plant hanger for you. With two adjustable hanging shelves, this KUNZITE plant hanger can fit 8-12 plants in one window. It has a sleek translucent design with a minimalist aesthetic that can complement any room. With a durable acrylic build and a sturdy, plastic-coated steel rope, this shelf is meant to last.

What also may last a long-time, is the building process. It does come deconstructed, and putting it together can be a pain, but rest assured that once it’s built it will stay that way and you will love it. This plant hanger shelf is 20″ wide 6″ deep and 34″ long and can adjust to fit a wide range of plant heights.

If your window doesn’t have a trim, no worries, this window plant hanger comes with mounting blocks and hardware. They are designed to attach to the top moldings of your window which can be accomplished with the included support angle bracket and single fastener.

This is a quality plant shelf, and the price reflects that, but for someone with a lot of small to medium-sized plants this a worthy investment.

Best Window Garden Suction Cup Shelf

Window Garden Suction Cup Shelf
    This simple window plant hanger’s translucent design makes it look like your plants are floating in the air.



This simple, garden shelf is great for holding single plants, as long as they weigh less than 7 pounds.

The unique design of the Window Garden Suction Cup Shelf uses powerful double-ridged suction cups to adhere to windows. They are so strong, they can also adhere to tile, mirrors, walls, and more- no need to limit yourself to just hanging plants in your window. However, the plants you do hang on your window will thrive, with light channeling in and hitting them in an optimal position.

You can easily clean this shelf with alcohol and wipes. A microfiber cloth for cleaning is included. The minimalist design of this garden shelf and its translucent acrylic build makes it look like your plants are floating next to the window. The only downsides of this suction cup shelf are that it does have a limited weight capacity, and when you come near to the 7-pound mark, it’s likely that your shelf will begin to slant a bit.

Otherwise, this shelf is a great option for anyone who wants an inexpensive window plant hanger to suspend one plant.


The clear winner of the round-up is the Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter. It’s perfect for hanging small plants in your window frame and has an elegant and refined style to it.

It’s better than the other window plant hangers because of its stand-alone design that allows you to fill up your window frame without installing hooks or using suction cups. No need to worry about this plant hanger dropping your plants. Of course, every window plant hanger on this list is incredible, so if your style is different, or you are looking to hang more than 3 plants, try out a different one!

Let me know which window plant hanger you decided on in the comments and if you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it!