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15 of The Best Window Planter Ideas

As we confidently head into spring, we face countless possibilities when it comes to our window planter ideas. There are so many compositions of planter colors and styles possible that you may feel overwhelmed! You are not alone! Every time spring approaches, it is the same old story – go through many stores, surf the internet for quite a few hours, before being able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sometimes even all this doesn’t suffice, and people have to look for DIY solutions. To spare you this hassle, here are some of the best ideas when it comes to window planters. Have you ever wondered why people have window planters? A long time ago, Romans used window planters for decorative purposes, and although we’re not too far from that thought, window planters serve an important purpose.

The Purpose and Benefits of Window Planters

People with smaller homes and an itchy green thumb are always on the lookout for ways to grow their favorite herbs without compromising on space. When you’re living in a 30×30 feet home, you wouldn’t want to swap the refrigerator with a freestanding vertical planter. To satisfy the gardener inside you, you still need to come up with something to bring life into your quarters. This is where window planter ideas come into play.

If you don’t have enough floor space to place your planters and you don’t have a balcony for a vertical garden, you can at least decorate your windows and still do what you do best – garden. The next best thing to a freestanding planter is, most definitely, the window planter. Not only are they convenient and classy, but you can recycle them when you upgrade them! If you think your plants need new planters, take the old ones, clean them thoroughly and use them to store your Christmas tree decorations! You can use old planters to store anything that fits that would otherwise go missing or be ignored! Many people use old planters to store seeds, granular fertilizers, scissors, shears, and string lights that would otherwise tangle themselves.

Now, to get to the best part, here are some unique planter ideas to help inspire your next window makeover.

15 of The Best Window Planter Ideas

1. Outdoor Hanging Flower Boxes (DIY)

This is by far the most popular idea. Then again, many people are suckers for rustic, Southern homes. If you are a DIY lover, you’ll definitely want to learn how to make these hanging flower boxes. Not only do you get to make it all by yourself, but it is an amazing feature for every home and window. You can choose the height at which you put it. It is also very easy to maintain and to top it all off, can be removed without difficulty and replanted. This is great for people who don’t have window sills but can’t spare any floor space to grow plants.

2. Farmhouse-Style Wooden Window Planter

If you have a beautiful farmhouse with wooden shutters, the best way to compliment them is by adding a matching window planter. It may look simplistic, but in reality, it will add a craftsman vibe to your home and will make the heads of the people who pass by turn. You can customize the color and size of your planter to fit your preferences. Did you know that this is DIY’able? Here’s a nifty tutorial to help you build your window planter.

3. Pallet Window Planter

This is another idea that will surely appeal to all DIY fans. A lot of pallet furniture has been putting itself into the spotlight. The same can be said about planters made of pallets. The holes in the pallets serve as natural drainage. And if you are wondering how to keep the potting soil in, the solution is simple – use mesh. This way, you will keep the planter clean, the soil in, and their look pristine. This is a great idea for people who have pallets that need a second life or those who can easily acquire them to make this beautiful pallet planter.

4. Fence-Style Planter

If you live on the ground floor of an apartment without a yard, then this could be the best option for you. This planter will give you at least somewhat of a feeling of having a fenced yard. Moreover, it is quite unique and very charming. The best way to make it is by using dog-ear cedar fence tops which you can attach to any regular old planter, thus rejuvenating it and giving it a homey look.

5. Window Planter With Chevron Pattern

Who says window planters can’t be expressive?! This is another one you can use to revive an old planter. It is as simple as ABC – find some colors that pop together well, get some wood stripes, paint them and attach them to your planter. Not only is it a unique way to make your window pop with color in addition to the flowers you will plant, but it is a great opportunity to express yourself too. An epic color combination for such a project is lime, green, and baby blue.

6. Window Planter With Lattice Frame

A popular solution for ground-floor window planters is flower troughs with a lattice frame. These are particularly popular with people who like to grow climber plants. If you want your window to be a one-of-a-kind head-turner and you have some free time on your hands, you should plant Winter Jasmine as your climber plant. With its bright yellow color, it is sure to be the star of the planter! It can be trained to become a climber by cutting back immediately after it has flowered. If you’re not that into flowers, there are many vine vegetables and fruits you can grow and benefit from. However, remember, if you’re going to grow veggies and fruits, the lattice needs to be strong to bear the weight of the plant. Also, some vine fruit and veggies need much more space to thrive.

7. Iron Window Box

This is a very old-school type of window box that has been making a comeback lately, primarily in the urban areas. It gives out an industrial/modern vibe. All you have to do is put your potted plants in it, and voila! However, if you do not like the look of it this way, you can always get some mesh and plant your plants in it if the holes in the bottom and on the sides aren’t too large. If you can’t drill these planters in, you can get similar ones and hang them outside your window sill.

8. Wooden Window Planter with Semigloss Finish

If you are going for an elegant and classy look in your home and garden, it only makes sense to keep it up for your windows too. A planter in a color that complements your house with a semigloss finish would be perfect for this task. Remember, if your planters are painted and face direct sunlight, the sun will cause the paint to bubble and eventually chip off. Direct sunlight can also affect plants that don’t need more than a couple of hours to bask in the rays. If that’s a probable situation in your case, how about sticking in a stylish umbrella to save your plants and planter when it’s too hot outside? Many people use plant umbrellas, and it works!

9. Blue Crown Moulding Window Planter

This idea can give out a very sophisticated vibe. You should combine them with gentle flowers, such as fuchsias, petunias, million bells, and canna lilies for the best outcome. This type of window planter is a wonderful solution if you have shutter-type windows since you can have them all painted in a color that compliments the color of the house.

10. English Farmhouse Wooden Green Window Planter

If you have ever visited a village in England, you know just the kinds of planters that turn heads! This type of planter is incredibly charming and can be a fantastic addition to a brick house. English farmhouse planters work best if you have shutters and a front door in the same color. You can combine them with different types of greenery. A favorite among people is lavender and red berries. There’s something about that color combination that just takes everyone’s breath away!

11. Rustic Metal Planter With Wooden Frame

Having a plain metal box as your planter is simply not good enough. But how can one fancy it up a bit, you may ask? Adding a wooden frame is one of the more effective ways of doing it. Of course, you should make sure that your frame is sanded, stained, and lacquered (for longevity’s sake) in a color that compliments the box. If you are not sure what color to go for, you can never go wrong with using white.

12. Iron Window Basket With Coconut Fiber Liner

If you are a fan of the extraordinary and the spectacular, you are sure to get some heads turning with this idea! This is a perfect addition to most rural homes, especially farmhouses and craftsman-style houses. Moreover, coconut basket liners can retain water very well, and they release it bit by bit to the plants. They are absorbent too, which allows excellent aeration. If you dig these, check out the Panacea Flat Iron Series Planter Boxes on Amazon!

13. Black Metal Criss-Cross Window Planter

Black goes along well with pretty much any color. And metal is a very versatile material that fits in any style. They can add both style and rustic charm to any home. You can use coconut fiber liner or mesh for this idea, too.

14. Twigs And Branches Window Planter

This is another idea to use if you want to revive your old planter. You can use twigs and branches you find in the forest, or you can go for bamboo sticks. This type of planter is best paired with greenery and wildflowers. It will give your home a breath of nature. To achieve this look, all you have to do is cut twigs of the same height and glue them to your wooden box planter.

Pro-tip: If you want to level up, you can glue small pebbles for a rocky vibe or broken glass for a mosaic look.

15. Minimalistic Black Flower Box

Last but not least is the idea for people who enjoy minimalistic planter ideas. This type of planter can be either wooden or metal, depending on your preference. It is best paired with dahlias and dichondra. Know that there are many types of dahlias you can grow in your minimalistic window planter.

In Summary

Finding the best planter to compliment your window and your home and yard as a whole can be a difficult task. If you have a very specific, and frankly, quite difficult taste, chances are you’ve spent hours looking around in shops and on the internet, trying to find the best planter ideas.

To spare you some of the work, this list of 15 best window planter ideas came into existence! From stylish planters to DIY options, there are a few for every taste. Combined with the appropriate flowers, these window planter ideas will surely turn your home into the star of your neighborhood.

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