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49 of the Best Winter Plant Ideas: #27 is Perfect!

49 of the Best Winter Plant Ideas: #27 is Perfect!

Just because we’ve entered into the colder part of the year doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous plants around! There are some plants that thrive in even the coldest of temperatures – with proper care, of course. If you’re the type of person who likes to have your flowers and plants alive and well all-year round, we’ve compiled a list of heartier plants that can withstand cooler temperatures. Most of these plants are required to be indoors, especially if you live in snowy areas, while others do fine on a covered patio. Check out our list and see for yourself! So many plants to choose from, and just in time for winter!

Winter Plants

1. Snowdrop

This gorgeous flower is nicknamed the snowdrop, and for a good reason. The delicate bulb and petals droop downward as if a fresh snowflake became stuck onto a stem. These flowers are as white as snow, another reason why they’re nicknamed snowdrops. They are part of the amaryllis family and the plants come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.

2. Mistletoe

Mistletoe is the famous holiday plant notorious for making people pucker up underneath it. It’s a holiday tradition that has been passed down for centuries, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. You can simply admire the plant for its beauty and not feel compelled to make out with strangers. The mistletoe is not only gorgeous to look at, but it’s a hearty plant that is ideal for cooler temperatures.

3. Boxwood

The Boxwood plant is more like a hearty shrub. It’s hearty, thicker leaves are broad and a deep green color. These do well outdoors, but if you live in an area that freezes over, you will need to make sure the plant is covered to prevent any frost damage, or worse, being killed from the freeze. These shrubs look good near garden gates and can easily be trimmed back if they become too wild.

4. Holly Berries

Holly is a classic holiday plant that fills up home décor stores with wreaths, garland and garden fixtures. The thick leaves and the brilliantly bright red berries makes this a classic plant to have around the house for decoration – whether they are real or fake. Holly can be hard to grow in some areas, so that’s why you’ll see so many fake holly boughs in stores. What’s good about this is that it will last you much longer than a regular plant will.

5. Camellia

The camellia is not only a gorgeous flower with hearty green leaves, but that shrub itself can withstand colder temperatures. These grow very well in the ground and are a popular garden shrub. These look fantastic surrounded by other green bushes and it’s common to set some intricate garden statues in the center of these kinds of shrub for an added dramatic effect.

6. Christmas Rose

This gorgeous flower is called the Christmas Rose. Its delicate petals open widely to reveal a clustered center that hold stems and pistils. The center of these flowers have varying colored centers, which includes colors in specks, swoops and lines. This particular flower is a cream or white flower and makes a gorgeous addition in a holiday bouquet to a special person.

7. Jasmine


Jasmine is notorious for smelling absolutely fabulous almost all year long. The tiny white flowers may seem delicate, but these plants can withstand harsh weather. Whether it’s the scorching heat or chilly winter, these tiny flowers can pretty much hash it out. They grow on a vine which can creep its way into other plants and/or garden décor, so it’s important to keep that in mind when planting.

8. Golden Mermaid


The sister of the regular Jasmine, the Golden Mermaid is in the Jasmine family, but comes in this brilliant yellow color. They contain the same hardiness as the Jasmine, but of course, has its differences. Not only in color, but the petals are a bit thinner and the leaves are a bit broader. This plant can also withstand cooler temperatures and looks fantastic in a lawn or in a garden setting.

9. Mock Rush


The Mock Rush looks fantastic, no matter what the season. Whether it’s in the middle of summer or in the dead of winter, the Mock Rush is quite interesting to look at. Mock rush is a tough, ornamental grass that is commonly used around pond or manmade lake areas. Since the plant is so tough, they can withstand all kinds of seasons and they’re interesting shape makes them a unique ornamental plant.

10. Rosebud Cherry


The rosebud cherry is a winter flowering plant that displays gorgeous blooms. The fragrance and the austere of these hardy little flowers set this plant apart from most plants. These interesting plants also provide interesting foliage in the autumn time, so this shrub will change colors right before your eyes come fall. Some of these shrubs grow bark on their stems, while others don’t.

11. Plum Blossom

The plum blossom is a tree that grows gorgeous flowers that bloom near winter time. Although most of the blooms will fall off the tree once full blown winter hits, these gorgeous flowers are good enough to enjoy until the full reign of winter sets upon the area. These flowers are known for their gorgeous pink color and their extra thin petals. The smell is pretty great, too!

12. Honeysuckle

The honeysuckle plant is not only a super interesting plant to look at, but it smells absolutely divine, as well. These hardier vines hold flowers that just pour out sweet fragrance that will waft their delicate perfume all through the yard. The smell can be a bit too strong for people with allergies or extra sensitive noses, but if you don’t mind strong perfumes, then this plant is the plant for you!

13. Common Dogwood

The Common Dogwood is a very unique shrub that grows interesting seeds through a bulb-like patch of leaves. The common dogwood isn’t necessarily known for its blooms, but you can find some blooming dogwood that hold tiny flowers. The dogwood is more commonly known for their lime green color and reddish “veins” within their stems and leaves.

14. Cotoneaster

The Cotoneaster shrub doesn’t bloom, but it does grow brilliant red berries throughout the entire bush. These are typically used as ornamental shrubs since they grow exceptionally well in cold climates and their berries are prized for their gorgeous colors. This shrub’s berries range from bright red to a deeper, darker red that is perfect for having around for the holidays.

15. Flowers in Snow

These snow flowers are gorgeous as the delicate new snowflakes fall all around it. There are flowers that do really well in colder weather, you just need to find them. Plants with broad leaves and thicker petals seem to do better than most. In this case, these flowers mostly grow all year round, but there is just something about the snow that makes this picture absolutely gorgeous.

16. Frozen Branch

This plant looks gorgeous with the snow and frozen leaves. The delicate wisps of petals are frosted with moisture that has frozen due to the extremely cold weather. Not only does this make for a great photo, but it just goes to show how even plants go through gorgeous transformations in the seasons. Whether they are hardy plants or not, all living things adapt to the change in seasons differently.

17. Narcissus


The Narcissus plant and flowers are a common holiday flower because of their pure white blooms. These flowers look fantastic in a vase that is decorated for the holidays or even as part of a grander arrangement that is to be given to someone extra special. These flowers may be a bit harder to find depending on your location, but most floral stores should be able to order them for you.

18. Faux Boxwood


Remember that gorgeous boxwood shrub we discussed earlier? Well this boxwood you can have anywhere in your home or garden all year long – and you don’t even have to water it! This faux boxwood looks almost as great as the real thing, and it is definitely less tedious to take care of. Having faux plants is a life-saver for a lot of people, especially around the holidays when everyone become so busy.

19. Pink Flowers in Snow

As picturesque for a holiday card, this image of pink flowers against a snowy background is gorgeous enough to send off as a holiday greeting. There is just something so interesting about a brilliantly colored flower or plant against an alabaster background, and snow makes for the perfect pure white background, naturally. This is a gorgeous setup that is eye-catching and simply spectacular.

20. Snowy Pine Tree

This pine tree is heavy with its boughs full of snow. The pine tree is the classic tree for the holiday season, and what’s more holiday-inspiring than a tree full of snow? These fabulous trees are so hardy that it doesn’t matter if the whole thing becomes overridden with snow. They can survive pretty much anything due to their thick nettles and thick bark.

21. Wild Narcissus

This wild Narcissus is almost too beautiful to pluck off their delicate stems! Imagine being able to find this gorgeous flower in its natural element? The best thing to do would be to leave it alone to grow spectacularly in the natural sunlight, but it may be too hard not to pick these gorgeous blooms, especially since they’re so hard to find regularly.

22. Hellebores

Hellebores are another great flower that does well in chilly climates. These flowers, although their petals are thinner, are great for growing naturally in the yard. Set up a garden bed with some surround smaller shrubs and watch these little plants thrive. Their wide, broad blooms are multicolored and look fantastic in any kind of garden setting.

23. Winter Privet Berries

These winter privet berries are the perfect accompaniment to the holly berries. The deeper blue color of these berries are often mistaken for blueberries, but you can’t eat these, they are poisonous! It’d be best to keep these plants away from homes that have small children or homes that have children in the neighborhood to prevent a tragic accident.

24. Nepalese Paper Plant


The Nepalese Paper Plant grows tiny flowers that almost look like succulents. The thick, fat petals are so hardy and full of moisture that this makes the plant nearly indestructible. These flowers do well in colder temperatures and actually don’t start to bloom until the middle of January. That’s uncommon for a flower plant, but for the Nepalese paper plant, it works!

25. Himalayan Birch


This interesting tree the Himalayan Birch, also known as the Grayson Ghost, not only looks great, but they are one of the hardiest trees you can find. These trees are a fabulous gray color with intricate dashes all across its bark. This makes the tree itself look like a work of art and these trees are coveted for their unique designs.

26. Winter Shrubs


There are plenty of winter shrubs that simply flourish in colder climates. Most of these shrubs, like the one depicted, grow flowers, but some are unique in their deep colored leaves or stockier makeup. Typically the thicker the shrub, the less likely it is to freeze in frigid temperatures, but all plants are different. You just need to do some research and find out which ones grow well in your area.

27. Red Robin


The Red Robin or Christmas berry, as it is sometimes called, is a gorgeous red plant that doesn’t flower, but is known for its gorgeous red color. This shrub grows well all year long and is exceptionally gorgeous among holiday decorations when it comes to a garden holiday party. These shrubs are also easy to take care of and can grow very quickly.

28. Azara Microphylla


The Azara Microphylla plant is another example of a hardy shrub that does not grow any flowers. It’s a shrub that grows thick, dark green leaves that looks great all year long. These look exceptionally beauty in window areas where you can view the plant from indoors. Since the leaves are a unique deep green color, they look great as an ornamental bush too.

29. Nigrescens


These nigrescen shrubs are more like ornamental grasses. They vary in color and last well in even the most frigid temperatures. These are commonly used as extra filler plants for a larger garden project, but can definitely stand alone as the prize eyepiece to a garden since they’re unique in shape, size and color. Adding these to any outdoor scene is a must for winter!

Yellow Winter Flowers

30. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is most commonly known for its healing and medicinal properties, but it’s actually a very hardy and very interesting plant all in itself. The way the petals curl back like that makes this plant very distinguishable and intriguing to look at. Natural medicine doctors can tell this plant apart from the others very quickly due to its unmistakable design.

31. Clematis


The Clematis tree is known for its gorgeous creamy white and yellow flowers. This is the perfect tree when it comes to a winter flowering plant because of its radiant color and ability to withstand cooler temperatures. The flowers are so interesting because they sort of hang down as they grow so the viewer can see the gorgeous blooms from down below easily.

32. Winter Aconite

Talk about brilliant! The Winter Aconite has blooms that are as yellow as the sunrise. These gorgeous plants hold buds that turn into these radiant flowers perfect for a garden that is lacking color or for any kind of winter garden layout. These plants do well in winter, but do need a lot of sun in order to soak up that wonderful yellow color.

33. Mahonia Flower

Almost like the color of a goldenrod, the Mahonia Flowers grow in tight clusters, making the plant look as bright as a yellow fire. These plants are highly sought after for their gorgeous color and the way the flowers grow in cluster form. They are fluffy and ooze happiness since yellow and orange are some of the happiest colors around!

34. Yellow Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine seems to be a popular winter plant for sure! This yellow jasmine is no exception. The plant is hardy, it contains gorgeous blooms and it smells absolutely divine. Jasmine is one of the most popular scents in perfume, so it only makes sense that you’d want the natural thing in your own yard! These yellow blooms set the jasmine plants apart, but they’re all in the same family.

35. Yellow Daffodil

The yellow daffodil always reminds me of the movie “Alice in Wonderland” when she meets all the flower in the garden patch. Create your own winter wonderland with these gorgeous blooms all year long! These flowers can grow in chillier temperatures and even prefer to grow tall and strong when it’s colder out! The yellow of the daffodil is the classic color, but here are other colors of daffodils if yellow isn’t your thing.

36. Wintersweet Flower

The tiny, delicate wintersweet flower is just as sweet as its name describes. These adorable tiny buds grow quietly and quickly on thin branches and makes your entire yard look more interesting because of the unique design of the bud. Most trees have vines or stems that hold buds and flower at the ends of the, but this tree has its flowers growing right off the bark.

37. Kew Green


The Kew Green plant is a broad leafed shrub that has tiny, yellow flower clusters at the centers. Much like a bottlebrush type plant, these shrubs give off a unique look and an even better aromatic aroma. These plants will make your entire yard smell delicious, and the fact that the flowers grow in a bottlebrush format will make anyone look at this plant and think about how interesting it is.

Blue Winter Flowers

38. Blue Perennials

These blue perennials are so gorgeous and blue! The color makes this plant hard to look away from it! The gorgeous blue stays that vivid color all year long, even in the colder months. These plants are known for their relaxing properties since blue is a naturally calming color. They grow upwards in a bottlebrush type way, which makes this plant even more interesting to look at. As if the color wasn’t enough!

39. Purple Crocus

The purple crocus can grow in such a deep color, that some come out blue while others come out more of a purple color. This flower is coveted for its gorgeous shape and color, and can withstand the cooler temperatures come winter. They are gorgeous to have growing inside a canopied garden or even on a cascading walkway up to the front door.

40. Blue Frosted Flowers

These blue frosted flowers are gorgeous. The snow is delicately clinging to their thin petals as they stand tall and strong in the cold temperatures. There are so many flowers that do so well in snow, it may be hard to just choose a few of them to add to your garden. I say choose as many as you’d like and start your own winter garden collection!

41. Iris

This iris is growing tall and proud in the sun as its blue color shines brilliantly against a greener backdrop. These are some of the most popular plants you can find for the garden because of their strong qualities. They can grow in the summertime well and grow just as well in the winter. The gorgeous color helps make this flower a must have in the garden.

Japanese Winter Flowers

42. Japanese Cherry Tree

The Japanese Cherry Tree is one of the most sought after trees around because of their gorgeous blooms. These trees typically only bloom in the colder months and tourists can come from miles away just to catch a glimpse of all the Japanese Cherry Tree orchards. These trees can grow in certain places throughout the world, but they are best known for growing in Japan.

43. White Japanese Cherry Tree

Just like the pink blooms, these white Japanese Cherry Tree blossoms are just as gorgeous and just as fragrant! These blooms give off such a perfume that it is said if the wind is right, you can catch a whiff of them for miles. The distinct sweet smell of these flowers makes them one of the most popular flowers in the world.

44. Japanese Quince Flowers

The Japanese quince flowers are much like the cherry tree blossoms, only they don’t have the sweetest smell to them. They are fragrant, but definitely not as aromatic as the Japanese Cherry Blossoms are. The red, delicate blooms are lovely to look at and they can withstand the cooler months easily. These flowers are known for their beauty and are quite popular for gardeners.

Winter Patio Plants

45. Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce is known for its hardier branches with thick nettles. The tree is known for its pale blue color and the aromatic smell. Sort of resembling a pine tree, these spruce trees and more bushy and tend to fan out farther than stay clumped up. This makes the tree one of the most popular winter trees and grow well all year long.

46. Decorative Boxwood

This decorative boxwood is set inside a planter and is well groomed. This proves how versatile this plant is, since you can let it grow wildly or you can trim it up to create a more polished design. This is why the boxwood is one of the most popular garden plants. They are also very easy to take care of as the only require little water and grow well all year long.

47. Cypress Trees

Cypress Trees make a great addition to any garden because they grow so well all year long and can be kept in smaller pots if needed. The trees are bushier as far as the leaves grow, but can be groomed down to be made smaller for more decorative purposes. The cypress can grow rather large if left out to grow freely in a yard, but do grow quite beautifully if left to their own devices.

48. Sweet Box


The Sweet Box is a shrub that is popular in home gardens due to their hardiness and ornamental properties. The sweet box is known for their ability to withstand cooler temperatures and can even survive a harsh frees if the base and roots are covered securely. Covering the plant with sheets is a common, easy way to prevent the plant from completely perishing in winter.

49. Japanese Yew


The Japanese Yew is an adorable, furry little plant that can last you all year long. It’s not only able to withstand colder weather, but it is also drought tolerant which is perfect for areas that get very hot, too. The plant itself is absolutely adorable and makes for a good porch plant or even windowsill potted plant. The furriness of its leaves makes this adorable little plant extra lovable and a popular addition to many homes.

To Conclude

So, there they are! Some of the best plants you can have around your home for winter. Which ones were your favorite? Do you already have some of these growing in your home garden? Whether you want to add some interesting new winter plants or you just want to start fresh, there are so many options to choose from! Have you ever had a winter garden before? Which plants worked best for you? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know about your experiences in the comments! Your insight would definitely come in handy. Until then, happy planting!

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