38 Bike Storage Ideas for Garage
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38 Bike Storage Solutions: Innovative Ways to Free Up Space

Even if you have a decent garage storage room, bikes are amongst those awkward, odd-sized, bulky items that take up more room than they should. In fact, if storage space is at a premium, they are a downright nuisance- and may have even influenced you to get rid of, or avoided purchasing, a bike.

The size of a bike, in relation to how much space it truly takes up, is actually quite small. And if you can manage to incorporate a storage solution in your space, there is no reason to deny having a bike of your own. The following illustrates various bike storage solutions to help you maximize the space you have, and provide easy access to your favorite vehicle.




Bikes are actually rather narrow overall, but their length, and upright stance, can make them difficult to park side by side without creating chaos when access is needed. Instead of finding floor space to keep them in, use this handy bike gravity stand to stack your bikes for easy access.

Hanging Around

#2 Hanging Around


Ceiling space is an often overlooked storage solution, and can seriously come in handy if you are willing to consider it. This hanging, storage rack lift allows for easy bike suspension, and utilizes a pulley system to quickly store, or retrieve, your bike.

Protective Storage

#3 Protective Storage


Not everyone is blessed with indoor storage space, although most people accumulate items they wish were better stored out of doors. This YardStash structure provides the perfect solution to protection from inconvenient weather and sets up in mere minutes.

Simple Solutions

#4 Simple Solutions


This simple bike storage rack incorporates a hook and tire tray for vertical placement. Easy to mount, simple to use, and affordable- this is a solution that allows you to place your bike at any height to maximize your space.

Going Up

#5 Going Up


Not all bike racks need a wall for mounting purposes. There are many free-standing options that allow you to easily stack your bikes and adjust for height in order to better reach your equipment.

Everything in its Place

#6 Everything in its Place


If you enjoy the outdoors, what better to keep all your equipment in one place? Vertical bike storage is a popular way to get your bikes up off the ground, and also allow you to better utilize those storage recessed within which your vehicles are unable to fit.

Room to Grow

#7 Room to Grow


This entire wall has been dedicated to bike storage and includes the foresight needed in a growing family. With plenty of room to grow, each of these simple utility hooks allows for easy access to each bike, the ad opens up the floor space for the rest of your gear.

Double Duty

#8 Double Duty


If you are looking for overall storage solutions, research products that provide multiple solutions in order to maximize both your budget and space-saving techniques. Shelving that incorporates durable racks is a good way to take advantage of a place to hang your bikes.


#9 Staggered


This solution includes a staggered series of poles that allows you to hang your bike side by side in a stacked manner. Although to access the bike in the back you would have to remove the first bike, this is a simple solution for a tight space.

Smart Spaces

#10 Smart Spaces


Upright storage in some manner is the most popular way to store bicycles. Placing them as flush along a wall as possible truly will utilize your floor space. This idea incorporates a decorative touch through the use of tall fencing posts and strong bike hanging solutions.

Flow Walls

#11 Flow Walls


Flow walls are a popular garage wall choice as they can be used in conjunction with many different types of storage solutions. These strong panels are able to incorporate hooks of all kinds, including bike hooks for storage.

Easy Racks

#12 Easy Racks


Vertical wall racks are easy to install and come in a variety of differing hooking mechanisms to keep your bike well supported. Plus, they are not a permanent feature and are easy to disengage to move to another wall if needed.

Innovative Ideas

#13 Innovative Ideas


There is no reason to look specifically for bike racks or bike hooks, rather take advantage of what storage you already may have in place. These bikes are hung from overhead shelving with durable ‘S’ hooks.

Bike Shelf

#14 Bike Shelf


City dwellers often rely on their own power to get about community, and biking to and from work is a popular mode of transportation. Unfortunately, space is often an issue in city apartments, but luckily, these types of solutions fit well in small foyers and allow for easy back storage and access.

Overhead Space

#15 Overhead Space


Most bike storage takes advantage of the strength and design of the tires to help keep your bike in place. Therefore, hanging them upside down from the ceiling is an obvious choice to get them up and out of the way.

Paneled Support

#16 Paneled Support


You don’t have to have long walls covered in a flow wall if you don’t want to. Small sections are just as effective as long sections and can be better utilized in specific decor.

Pulley Systems

#17 Pulley Systems


As mentioned, your ceiling space is often overlooked as the perfect storage spot. Many people wonder how to access those upper reaches, but with pulley systems it only takes seconds to both lower, or lift your items.


#18 Work Spaces


If your garage is more of a livable workspace than an area to store all your odds and ends, then you will most likely want to keep your place look clean and presentable. Sporting equipment can be easily organized to be a part of this overall look, rather than an afterthought.

Traditional Monkey Bars

#19 Traditional Monkey Bars


The use of monkey bar storage systems allows for an almost endless supply of ideas to store your equipment- no matter what the size. Bikes are easy to hang in multiple ways, and if you find you need more room, often all you have to do is reorganize a few things to make it.

Simple Adjustments

#20 Simple Adjustments


These types of storage bars take up very little wall space, can be set at any height you need, and is adjustable for multi, vertical bike storage. Because it is almost flush against the wall, you can easily use it for other items as well without leaving them dangling.

Strong Versatility

#21 Strong Versatility


This illustrates just how versatile a monkey bar system is to provide additional ideas of how to use it. They also are incredibly strong, so if you have one and haven’t already put it to good use, you should!

Everything Up!

#22 Everything Up!


Even though we are all guilty of doing this, storing things on your garage floor could invite a lot of future problems with rodents and moisture damage. Getting your belongings off the floor can be a challenge, but not if you are willing to invest in awesome systems such as these.

Tall Wall

#23 Tall Wall


Often overlooked within the home and garage is the space allowed by your walls. We have a tendency to only place items where we can reach them, even if there is plenty of room above. The length of bikes makes them an ideal choice for high-hanging as you can still grasp them from below.

Storewall Solutions

#24 Storewall Solutions


There are obviously many different versions of paneled storage solutions you can take advantage of. No matter what shape, size, or space you need to fill- you are sure to find one that matches the decor you need.

Handy Devices

#25 Handy Devices


These bike hanging triggers are the perfect solution for easy access and trouble-free storage. All you have to do is push on the flat trigger to both releases and lock your bike into place.

Triggered, Take 2

#26 Triggered, Take 2


These bike lock triggers don’t have to be used in tandem. They also are excellent solutions for vertical bike storage and can be mounted easily to both walls and ceilings.

Sliding Panel Storage

#27 Sliding Panel Storage


Sliding panels, such as these, lay flush against your walls, floors, and ceilings and have many options for storage. Hooks, baskets, and other various tools slide easily into the panel and can be adjusted for the types of items you need to be stored away.

Modified Pulleys

#28 Modified Pulleys


If hanging your bike vertically still gets in the way, consider modified pulley systems that can easily lift and lower your bike, all while allowing it to still be attached to the ceiling for stability.

Out of Sight

#29 Out of Sight


Most people don’t think of cupboard space as a place to keep your bike. But if you remove shelving, and provide an easy access hook, you can easily tuck your bike out of the way. Never be afraid to find solutions that are uncommon.

Surf and Turf

#30 Surf and Turf


Just to highlight the versatility of wall storage paneling, both surfboards and bikes can be easily hung with one another. Since both are considered more bulky items, this illustrates well the space you can save with a few ingenious storage solutions.


#31 Hideaway


City dwellings may leave you with very little space, and nonexistent storage. Since leaving your belongings out in the open is not a preferable method of storage, some ingenious mind thought up of this little storage hideaway to keep your property safe from both theft, and weather.

Narrow Spaces

#32 Narrow Spaces


Counter space is awesome to have in your garage to work upon, but you can only utilize so much before it becomes yet another place to lay your storage items down upon. Instead of one long counter, why not break it up a little to allow for additional storage of larger items?

Simple Racks

#33 Simple Racks


This overhead design illustrates, once again, how effective overhead storage can truly be. This is especially true for bikes that are easily grasped and lowered from heights due to their lighter weight, and unique size.

Ingenious Solutions

#34 Ingenious Solutions


Most people have a discarded shelving unit of some sort within their garage that they have used for storage. A few quick measurements and a scale saw are all you need to create the perfect place upon which to rest your bike – and still take advantage of the shelf space for other items.

Collapsible Solutions

#35 Collapsible Solutions


Most of these vertical storage racks are collapsible as well with a removal of a screw. This makes them adjustable to the amount of bikes each can support, and also allows you to create more space when needed.

Compression Poles

#36 Compression Poles


All you need is a solid flat surface on either end of these poles to use effectively. They can be used both vertically and horizontally and will fit snugly into the space you have for it.

Landscape Decor

#37 Landscape Decor


Small backyard storage solutions can be easily incorporated into your landscape without becoming a distraction, or eyesore. This unique shed blends right into the garden fencing and provides the depth to store bikes, or any other types of items you may have in mind.

Storage Locker

#38 Storage Locker


Never underestimate what space an outdoor storage locker can provide. These products are available in a variety of sizes and designs to provide you with the room to safely store your outdoor equipment.


If bikes have become a source of clutter and frustration, and you have resented the space they take up, then a storage solution may be the answer you need. As we have highlighted above, there are many, many choices you can take advantage of to help open up space in your garage (or yard) and make your bike easily accessible. Personally, I love the outdoor storage spaces that blend into the landscaping, as well as taking advantage of the ceiling to get your bikes well out of the way.

We’d love to hear of your innovative bicycle storage solutions, as well as which of the above were your favorites. Please leave your comments below, and, as always, please share.