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Black And Decker GH900 Trimmer Review

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Upholding the aesthetic value of your lawn and garden doesn’t have to be a hassle, nor does it have to be expensive. There are many products on the market made to help you manicure your property into shape no matter what vegetation you have that requires a regular maintenance schedule. There also are a variety of tools that fall well within your budget, so there is no need to sacrifice landscaping for lack of budget.

One of those items is the Black and Decker GH900 corded, electric string trimmer; a powerful, yet inexpensive tool to have around to clean up those hard to reach places, and give a clean finish to any yard.

Why Own a String Trimmer?


String trimmers are an added bonus to any yard maintenance storage shed, and having one of these around guarantees you’ll be reaching for it whenever you need to cut down weeds along a garden bed, edge the side of your driveway, or knock down those annoying tall weeds that always grow right up against your tree trunks.

You may want to consider a few things before deciding if this is the tool for you:

Do you have a lawn bordered by decking, garden beds, or other miscellaneous yard ornaments?

Huge Yard

If so, then you may want to consider a string trimmer to help get into areas that can be otherwise hard to reach with just a lawnmower. String trimmers can get under and close to most obstacles to cut out annoying, tall weeds and grasses that tend to grow flush against walls and other structures.

Are there sidewalks or driveways on your property?


Grasses and weeds have an annoying habit of taking seed in the narrowest of cracks. This not only can look awful and unkempt, but root systems can begin to erode the soils and concretes under these features, resulting in crumbling foundations.

Is there an outdoor powersource available?

43273595 - plugged in electric devices in an extension cord

The Black and Decker GH900 model requires an extension cord to run, so if you are seriously considering a corded string trimmer, then you want to make sure you can plug it in!

Do you have a budget limit, but don’t want to sacrifice quality over cost?


Corded power tools drive cost down due to the perceived inconvenience of using an extension cord. However, corded tools have an added convenience of providing more consistent power, and should definitely not be overlooked as the Black and Decker GH900 review ratings found below illustrate.

What’s So Special About The Black And Decker GH900 String Trimmer?

If the above questions fit your needs, then you may seriously want to consider the Black and Decker GH900 string trimmer due to the highlights mentioned below:

The lightweight design contains both an adjustable head and pivoting handle for ease of use which can be helpful to variety of different sized users. This feature also provides maximum comfort and precision control to get into the hardest to reach places without added body stress or strain. Furthermore, this boasts a 6.5 Amp motor combined with Black and Decker’s POWERDRIVE transmission that guarantees the power needed to cut through the toughest of grasses and weeds supported by the string size.

This tool is also multi-purposeful, and so you truly get a bang for your buck since you don’t have to store multiple tools in your shed to get basic hedging, trimming, and edging taken care of around your yard.


  • Lightweight: weighs only 7 lbs
  • Allows for precision cuts and edging
  • No fuel to mix: meaning no mess or fumes
  • No battery life to contend with
  • Automatic line feed


  • Goes through line quickly with Black and Decker replacement spools
  • Motor bearings can go out quickly (2 year warranty does come with the tool)
  • If line jams will overheat motor
  • Wheel edge spacer can break

Features And Benefits

This is a powerful tool that has become pretty popular due to the usability and offered functions this manufacturer has become known for over the years. Listed below are the top selling features Black and Decker GH900 reviews have highlighted as helpful to buyers considering this particular model. For a complete manual of use of all features complete with labeled images, click here.

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The PowerDrive Transmission

The POWERDRIVE transmission is a patented Black and Decker design created for optimal motor to cutting head power. Since reviews concerning cutting force have been almost 100% positive, it seems that this motor really delivers what it claims: the “ability to cut twice as much in one stroke” as any other previous string trimmer transmission.

Cord Retention System

Cord Retention System

As an electrically powered string trimmer, it does have a short cord that you plug into your own extension cord during use. This little feature is definitely an added benefit, especially during storage since the cord can retract back into the main body of the trimmer.

Trimmer Mode_BLACK+DECKER GH900

Trimmer Mode

The GH900 is marketed as a dual string trimmer and edger, meaning that it is equally effective in either position. In trimmer mode, this electrically powered motor really packs a punch and can mow down some of the toughest grasses and weeds put in it’s path. String weight and strength can hamper its overall capabilities however, so be sure to store your trimmer string correctly, and purchase the best string for your job.

This mode is crucial for getting into tough to reach places that a lawnmower cannot get into, and helps keep your yard looking well manicured.

Smart Edge Mode_BLACK+DECKER GH900

Smart Edge Mode

This dual trimmer/edger easily converts with a quick twist of the head from either mode. As an edger it also contains the Smart Edge wheel for accuracy, as well as straight, clean, controlled cuts. This is a fantastic perk; not only because this is a multi-purpose tool, but because keeping your walkways and drives edged used to be a tedious process that is now an easy task to complete.

Pivoting Handle_BLACK+DECKER GH900

Pivoting Handle

The pivoting handle is an often overlooked benefit of this particular model. This is such an added bonus to adjust grips according to user heights, or even to get into different spaces during use. No more having to think about hand placement on a stationary handle – you can move it to the angle for the best grip possible!

Zero Emissions_BLACK+DECKER GH900

Zero Emissions

Black and Decker has been a leader in environmental sustainability for multiple years, and their corded electric tools have served as powerful models for zero emission goals.  If mixing fuel and gas fumes are a problem for you, or you’ve been looking for a ‘greener’ solution, then this is a great model to consider.

Push Button Start_BLACK+DECKER GH900

Push Button Start

Since this is an electric trimmer, you never have to pull a cord to fire up your engine! No more shoulder wrenching, priming, and pulling to get your trimmer started; instead, simply push a button!

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14 inch Cutting Diameter

14 inch Cutting Diameter

No trimmer can boast a bigger cutting width. The 14 inch deck is by far the largest handheld electric, string trimmer available- making your job that much easier, and faster to complete.  

The Automatic Feed Spool

The Automatic Feed Spool

The automatic feed spool system (AFS) is a patented design by the manufacturer to make string cutting and feeding hassle-free. The no bump technology allows you to work without any pause, and even though you can string your own trimmer, a pre-fed replacement spool is available for your convenience.

Height Adjustment_BLACK+DECKER GH900

Height Adjustment

Let’s face it, this shaft height adjustment feature is a huge bonus for both those owners that are of less than, or more than, average height. Combined with the pivoting handle, the GH900 truly has the comfort of the user in mind by allowing complete control over how you find the best balance during run-time.


Coming in at only 7 pounds, this is one of the lightest string trimmers on the market. This definitely has its advantages as there are very few trimmers that can power through tough weeds, but still be lightweight and portable.

The Black and Decker GH900 Rating Overview

We give it a 4 out of 5 star review, and are heavy with praise over its overall ease of use, lightweight balance, and the power put forth in such a relatively small unit. Also popular is its friendly price. Multiple reviews also mention how easy a machine it is to use for both elderly, and smaller framed users as well due to how little effort is required to both start and maintain the trimmer over time.

Almost every complaint that was made deals with how much trimmer line is used through the automatic feed system. Although the non-bump feed, pre-fed spools are easy to use, they had to be replaced much too often for most general users. Some solutions were put forth to either replace the head or wind your own spools with more positive results.

Another major complaint deals with how quickly the motor, or parts related to the motor, burnt out. It seems neither the bearings, nor the spool housing, last long with heavy use in some cases. What seems to be the biggest problem is that the motor capabilities far exceeds the body materials of the trimmer unit – which speaks well for the motor, but poorly for the overall design if it cannot handle what it is capable of.

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