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23 of the Best Black Christmas Tree Ideas

When someone brought up black Christmas trees to me I was initially appalled. “Black… like the color of coal?” I questioned while considering why anyone would think black Christmas trees were a good idea.

Upon further researching black Christmas trees and seeing how flawlessly black trees complimented classic Christmas decorations and colors, looking gorgeous with metallic accents, pretty with plaid ribbons, and whimsical with Night Before Christmas decor, my mind was changed.

Yours will be too after you check out the 23 black Christmas tree ideas below to see how stunning they can be.

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Best Black Christmas Trees

black xmas tree ideas wide full black tree decor
Credit: Treetopia

Black Christmas trees have become a full-blown trend, with all of the best artificial tree makers carrying black options now. To help you weed through the trees, below are some of the best black Christmas trees you can buy online.

Full Black Tree

The Best Choice Products’ 6ft Full Black Christmas Tree has a gorgeous full-shape and a deep black color that will make it the talk of any Christmas party you host. It’s 6 feet tall and has 1,477 branch tips so you can hang all of your classic decorations on it. You will have no trouble setting it up or taking it down because it comes with an easy-to-use foldable stand and hinged branches.

    Best Choice Products 6ft Artificial Full Christmas Tree

Buy at Amazon
    Fluffs in approximately 30-45 minutes (6ft) or 45-60 minutes (7.5ft), with 1,477 branch tips to create a full appearance and ample space to hang Christmas ornaments or Halloween decor. Hinged branches and foldable stand for quick setup and tear-down, making it easy to store until the next year

Pencil-Thin Black Tree

If your Christmas tree being black isn’t enough of a statement for you, try the National Tree Company’s Pencil-Thin Tinsel Tree. It’s glimmering branches and unusual shape makes it a total show-stopper. With a sleek design, it’s perfect for compact spaces and is super quick and easy to set up.

    National Tree 6 Foot Black Tinsel Tree

Buy at Amazon
    This tinsel tree brings a whole new dimension to your seasonal decorating scheme. Slim and sleek, this tinsel tree with matching stand is perfect for display in corners or areas with limited floor space. Set up is quick and easy allowing you to enjoy a decorative piece that will shine and sparkle.

Pre-Lit Small, Black Tree

If you so hate the holiday hassle, consider the National Tree Company’s Pre-lit 4 ft. Black  Artificial Christmas Tree. With pre-strung lighting and a compact size setting up this small tree will be a worry-free experience. It’s also perfect for people who don’t yet feel fully committed to a black Christmas tree and want to try a smaller one out.

    Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree - Black Tinsel, 4 ft

Buy at Amazon
    Built to endure many holidays with its sturdy metal base and 70 UL white lights that remain lit even if a bulb burns out. Our time-tested needles are fire resistant and non-allergenic. This Christmas tree comes pre-strung with 70 white lights and measures 4 feet tall and 24 inches in diameter at the base. Add ornaments and other tree décor to create an eye-catching holiday display

Black Spruce Tree

If you love the idea of black trees but hate how fake they look, try out the National Tree Company’s 7.5 ft. North Valley Black Spruce Tree. While its coloring is, yes, unnatural, the tree otherwise strives for hyper-realism. It has 3 sections and hinged branches so it’s super easy to set-up and looks great in living rooms.

    North Valley Black Spruce - 7.5 ft

Buy at Amazon
    Our artificial branches look ultra-realistic and lifelike. With 1,346 individually crafted branch tips, this full bodied tree is as charming as the real thing. Tree stands 7.5 feet tall and 54 Inches in diameter at the base. For its most lush and full form, plan on taking 45-60 minutes to shape the tree.

Black and Red Christmas Tree Ideas

black xmas tree ideas black white red christmas decor

When it comes to holiday decorations, black and red are often paired together, coloring ornaments, tree toppers, bows, you name it. You can use this intense combo to decorate your tree with the ideas below.

Bright Red Bows on a Black Tree

Your black tree will look absolutely stunning with Red Christmas Bows tied on its branches. The combination of the dark, black tree and bright, red bows will be show-stopping. Finish it off by using a giant red bow as your tree’s topper.

    WILLBOND Christmas Velvet Red Bow, Set of 12

Buy at Amazon
    each decorative bow measures approx. 5 x 7 inch, suitable size for most Christmas decorations; Please allow slight variations as they are handmade

Red Lights on a Black Tree

Give your black Christmas tree an ominous look by lighting it up with Red Christmas Tree Lights. The glow of red coming from within the darkness of the tree will give it a dramatic look that will perfectly pair with other intense decorations.

    MYGOTO 33FT 100 LEDs String Lights

Buy at Amazon
    Made of durable material in order to better adapt to outdoor, you don't need to worry that rain will damage the products and electric leakage. The length of cable have 33FT/10 M is enough for you to decorate the place where you want.

Red Garlands on a Black Tree

Add some red stripes to your tree by winding Red Garlands around it. The vision is to make it look like an emo candy cane in a festive way. Upgrade the look by hanging black ornaments in front of the red stripes and red ornaments in front of the black stripes.

    DECORA Red Tinsel Garland

Buy at Amazon
    Pack of 1 Christmas Party Tinsel Garlands, each pack 10m/33 feet length

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas/Holiday tree. Black, white, and red themed.

We all know that red and black plaid that basically becomes omnipresent during the holidays.

While I have always loved buffalo plaid, I have never loved it as much as I like it on black Christmas trees. Below are some ideas for incorporating buffalo plaid into your black Christmas tree decorations.

Buffalo Plaid Bows

Dress your black Christmas tree up for the holidays with Buffalo Plaid Bows. They will look absolutely stunning in contrast to your tree. Top it off with a bright red tree topper, and add some red lights to really make it shine.

    Aneco 12 Pack Red Buffalo Plaid Bows

Buy at Amazon
    each Christmas bow is equipped with a twist tie on the reverse side for easy fixing and hanging; the size of each bow is 5 x 8 inches, suitable for decoration

Buffalo Plaid Tree Topper

Having something as dramatic as a black tree can draw attention away from decorations, so having pieces like this Buffalo Plaid Santa Hat to top the tree makes a real statement.

    Christmas Santa Hat Buffalo Plaid

Buy at Amazon
    Size: with the inner circumference of about 60 cm/23.6inches, tiling height of 41cm/16.1inches and width of 30cm/11.8 inches, the hat fits for most adults and teens

Buffalo Plaid Ornaments

Not ready to commit to the buffalo plaid theme for your whole tree? Make micro-statements with buffalo plaid ornaments. Try these stuffed Plaid Farmhouse Ornaments.

    12 Pieces Christmas Wishes Tree Ornament Buffalo Plaid

Buy at Amazon
    Thick, sturdy and delicate, will keep its shape and color to use in next year. Comes with twine hangers.

Black and Gold Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

black xmas tree ideas wide black gold

My absolute favorite decorations for black Christmas trees are metallic accents. In particular, I love the way that gold looks with black trees. Below are the best gold and black Christmas tree decorating ideas to help your tree shine.

Golden Garlands

Drape gorgeous Golden Garlands around your tree for some metallic pizazz. If you really want to lean into the metallic theme, you can add some silver and bronze garlands to your tree as well. Worried about mixing metals? The people who warned you about that probably wouldn’t approve of a black Christmas tree either, so I wouldn’t worry about appeasing them.

    DECORA Gold Tinsel Garland

Buy at Amazon
    With its bright and vibrant color, this gold tinsel garland is definitely your must have for Christmas, New Year and other celebration decoration. It's Christmas clearance now.

Golden Tree Topper

A bold black tree needs a strong topper. What better than this geometric Moravian Star in champagne gold to adorn the top of you gold and black tree?

    Lewondr Star Tree Topper

Buy at Amazon
    Made of high-quality iron wire with glittering sequins, this Christmas tree topper looks very shining and attractive in the light.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Black Tree Ideas

black xmas tree ideas wide nightmare before christmas
Credit: Christmas365

Whether you are an obsessed fan of the cult Christmas classic or prefer more mainstream movies like Rudolph, it’s undeniable, that black Christmas trees are the perfect canvas for Nightmare Before Christmas decorations. Below are some of the best Nightmare Before Christmas decoration ideas for black Christmas trees.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

These Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments depict all of your favorite characters from the movie, including Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Finklestein, Lock, Shock, Barrel, Mayo,  and Zero. They are shatterproof and Disney-approved, so you will be able to treasure these off-beat ornaments for years to come.

    Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament Set

Buy at Amazon
    Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas 9 Piece Christmas Tree Ornament Set Featuring Jack Skellington Sally, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Finklestein, Lock, Shock, Barrel, Mayor and Zero. Measuring 2.5 to 4 Tall Detailed PVC Shatterproof Design Set Comes Boxed, Strung and Ready To Gift and Hang!

Zero Tree Skirt

Zero is one of the most memorable and beloved characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. You could have him guard your tree with this Zero Tree Skirt. It’s best suited for standard-sized trees, around 6 feet tall and you can make his ears stand up by placing them on lower branches.

    Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Skirt

Buy at Etsy
    This would best suit a 6ft Christmas Tree. Measurements can be bigger or smaller depending on the size of your tree and the Zeros are made to suit the size of your tree.

Jack Skellington Tree Topper

He’s no angel but he will look great placed on top of your tree! Make your black Christmas tree undeniably spooky with this Jack Skellington Tree Topper. With his trademark grin and a set of 6 coordinating ornaments, he will transform your tree.

    Ornament & Tree Topper Set

Buy at Amazon
    Ornaments feature Jack Skellington on one side and different designs on the other side Other designs include Oogie Boogie; Dr. Finkelstein; Santa Claus; Sally; Lock, Shock & Barrel; The Mayor, and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas logo

Best Halloween Christmas Trees

black xmas tree ideas wide halloween ideas
Credit: Treetopia

What’s your favorite holiday, Halloween or Christmas? It turns out you don’t have to choose because Halloween-themed Christmas trees are in fact a thing. Below are some of the best Halloween Christmas trees you can buy online.

Black Tinsel Tree With Ghosts

With glitter and ghosts, this Hydream Black Tinsel Tree is a fun and festive Halloween and Christmas decoration. Pop it up before Halloween and then leave it up through Christmas by calling the ghosts the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. See? It’s multi-functional.

    Halloween Christmas Tree with Ghost Tinsel

Buy at Amazon
    The tinsel tree can collapse down into a tiny shape for store it easily until next year. It’s great for space saving compare to traditional trees.The pencil tree has an internal metal bar structure with a secure base. Just pull it over the base and pole. Easy to put up and keep for next holiday.

Black Tree With Spider

Looking for some purple accents to your black tree? Try the YuQi Black Tinsel Tree With Purple Spiders. Place it on your porch or in your living room to liven things up even when you are celebrating the dead. Add rainbow lights to it to convert it into a holiday tree for the Christmas season.

    5FT Pop Up Tinsel Tree with Spider Sequin

Buy at Amazon
    Impress your neighbors guests with scary & cute Halloween decorations. Resuable Halloween carnival props. Stands 5 feet tall, easy to collapse, stores flat, and is hypoallergenic.

Small Black Tree With Pumpkins

One of my favorite Halloween decorations is pumpkins so of course, I love the Sunnyglade Small Black Tree With Pumpkins! This adorable little tree has prestrung purple LED lights and cute, bright-orange pumpkin ornaments. While it might not scare anyone it will bring some festive Halloween cheer to your home.

    Black Spooky Tree Glittered with Purple Lights & 12 Pumpkin Decorations

Buy at Amazon
    This beautiful tree for Halloween comes with a special design, decorated with 30 led purple lights and 12 Pumpkin, just input 3 AA batteries at the base and enjoy the light effects!

Best DIY Black Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

black xmas tree ideas wide diy ideas

I love making Christmas crafts like tree decorations! Below are some of my favorite tree decorations that you can make that will perfectly complement your black Christmas tree.

Glittery Toilet Paper Roll Stars

black xmas tree ideas wide diy tp stars
Credit: Hey Now Whoa Now, Be Brave Keep Going

My toilet paper rolls are always piling up, and although sometimes I save them for crafts, I’m never able to find a good use for them. These Toilet Paper Roll Star Ornaments fixed that problem. Their detailed design and glittery look makes them perfect for black Christmas trees. Paint them gold or silver to really show them off, and top off your tree with a DIY Toilet Paper Roll Tree Topper.

Christmas Star Tree Topper

black xmas tree ideas wide diy cardboard topper
Credit: Hometalk

I absolutely love the look of this Cardboard Star Tree Topper, and its metallic shine makes it perfect for black Christmas trees. All you need to make it is cardboard, a box cutter, a ruler, a pencil, duct tape, hot glue, newspaper, mod podge, and paint. Although the star looks really quality, it doesn’t take much time or skills to craft.

Dried Orange Garland

dried orange garland
Credit: Bluet & Clover

Bring some color, and a delicious scent, to your black Christmas tree with a Dried Orange Garland! Simply bake the oranges to dry them out, and then string them with some cranberries. The burst of color will really pop in contrast with your black tree.

Sheet Music Garland

Mica Snow Christmas Vintage Sheet Music DIY tutorial
Credit: Fox Hollow Cottage

If you are going for a white ad black theme for your black Christmas tree, this Vintage Sheet Music Garland is perfect for you. All you need to make it is sheet music, glue, scissors, glitter, and spray glue. It complements other black and white decorations perfectly.

Golden Clothespin Stars

Transform your old and unused clothespins by making these Golden Clothespin Stars. Simply take them apart, glue them into 1 of 3 formations, paint them, and add some glitter. Then they will be ready to add some sparkle to your black Christmas tree.


There are so many creative things you can do with your black Christmas tree, from adding elegant metallic touches to it to playing with plaid. Black trees complement so many holiday decorations, you can really play around with what you put on it.

I hope you found these ideas inspiring! If you did, be sure to share this guide, and comment below with which ideas you used!