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51 Black Rock Landscaping Ideas

Your landscaping can speak volumes about who you and your family are as people. From modern takes to casual garden plots, your style shines through in intriguing ways. And if you’re looking for something a bit “different” from the norm, you might want to consider some of these unique ways to use black rocks, lava rocks, and even polished rocks for your landscaping.

Just be sure to find the best landscaping black rocks to use for your projects and dedicate enough time to craft the space well.

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Raised Firepit and Black Rock Gravel

Backyard deck with firepit
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

One of my personal favorites in any list of landscaping ideas is always using firepits. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved firepits and the inviting atmosphere they provide both literally and figuratively.

A raised firepit surrounded by black rock gravel can add layers of unique textures to that inviting space for the perfect family gathering spot.

Black Rocks and Boulder Combo

Black Stone
Image credits: Peter Döpper(opens in a new tab or window) from Pexels via Canva

Pairing multiple textures, sizes, and types of landscaping elements is a brilliant way to add some “flavor” to the front or backyard without a lot of hassle. In this case, using black rock gravel with boulders for some unique designs could be the ticket. Put the rocks in, keep the beds weed-free, and that’s it!

Black Rock Instead of Mulch

Closeup BW Smooth Polished Black Pebble Rocks Background
Image credits: ryasick via Canva

For a very simple landscaping option, you can replace old mulch (or build a new bed) with black rock gravel. Small pieces or smooth, polished black rocks work great for this, especially around water features, evergreens, shrubs, and certain kinds of flowers.

Black Rocks with a French Drain

French Drain With a Black Pipe
Image credits: Brian Hartnett Photography via Canva

If you need some drainage in the yard, use this as an opportunity to get decorative. Add a French drain with the gorgeous black rock pebbles for some visual appeal around that all-important drainage zone.

Sidewalk Landscaping with Black Rock

Black and gray asphalt
Image credits: Alexandr Yurtchenko via Canva

If your home has some sidewalks bordering your property, and the HOA doesn’t have super strict rules, consider using black rocks for your landscaping around the sidewalks. Edge the concrete with black rocks, plant some colorful plants along the edge, and enjoy!

Black Rock Garden Path

Rock Path
Image credits: titoslack via Canva

If you need to upgrade your garden path, black rocks are a simple way to do that. Much link gravel or polished pebbles, the black rocks make for a visually appealing, reasonably easy-to-install upgrade for the pathway.

Black Rock Japanese Garden

Black rock layered in japanese garden
Image credits: BlackSalmon via Canva

If you’ve got a thing for lanterns, stone cairns, and beautiful Japanese statuary, consider using those black rocks in a Japanese-style garden. Plant appropriate shrubs, trees, or flowers mingled with the volcanic black rock for a gorgeous, clean look.

Black Rock Plant Bed

Black rocks
Image credits: beronb via Canva

If you’ve already got some plants or want to create a plant bed with clean lines and a modern look, use black rock gravel around the plants instead of mulch or ground cover.

Black Rock Boulder Garden

Boulder Garden
Image credits: Adrian Wojcik via Canva

Rock gardens are beautiful but creating a black rock boulder garden could take that concept to the highest of heights. Consider both black boulders and black rock pebbles for a dark, rich look, or mingle black boulders in with white rocks for a modern appeal.

Black Rock Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden
Image credits: Nikki_Zamora via Canva

If you’re like me and get a real kick out of fairy gardens, you could consider creating a full fairy garden with black rocks instead of sod. It makes for much easier maintenance and gives a nice little “paved village” feel for your fairies to enjoy.

Succulents Amid Lava Rocks

Succulent Colored Rock Garden
Image credits: MeeshFitz via Canva

Succulents and black rocks just make sense together. So, if you’re into clean-looking, modern designs, consider planting some succulents in a clean plant bed with black rocks as “mulch.” Space out the succulents in clean, even lines or scatter them about for a wild, natural feel.

Black Rock Wall

Dark Stone Pieces Background
Image credits: ruslangilmanshin via Canva

If you want to invest a bit more time and energy, creating a black rock wall could be a great, unique, and intriguing piece to your landscaping. This wall could be constructed of black boulders, stacked black rocks, a chicken wire frame filled with black rocks, a crafted masonry wall – practically any methodology and look that appeals.

Black Rock Sculpture Garden

Rock Sculpture
Image credits: NaomiGuest1 via Canva

For a simple but gorgeous look, consider choosing a singular statue (or several sculptures if that’s more your thing!) as the centerpiece for your garden. Then surround that piece with black rocks as a solid bed or even in some pattern or pathway leading to a bench for admiration of said sculpture(s).

Black Rock Koi Pond

Koi ponds
Image credits: gyro via Canva

If you’re all about water features like I am, you might want to consider a black rock koi pond. The pond itself could be lined with black rocks, but you can also surround the pond with a black rock surface and maybe a bench or two for relaxed enjoyment around the pond.

Black Rock Herb Garden

Herb Garden - Oregano on Rocks
Image credits: 2ndLookGraphics via Canva

For those who appreciate growing their food, black rocks surrounding your potted or planted herbs in a garden could be an excellent choice. Raised beds, raised pots, or a black rock surface with planters atop the rocks could all work.

Black Rock “Volcano” Waterfall Garden

Black and White Waterfall
Image credits: Matthew Gibson via Canva

If you’re crafty and handy or want to hire someone who is, you could consider building a “volcano” waterfall made from volcanic rocks and boulders. Paint the rocks with red and orange or just let the looks of the rocks imply what’s going on with that fountain spilling forth water down the side of the black boulders.

Volcanic Rock Fountain

Rock fountain
Image credits: tplant98 via Canva

If you love the idea of a black rock water feature but aren’t so into volcanoes, simply build a fountain from some black boulders and stones. You can find tons of DIYs out there for building these sorts of fountains – just switch out the stones for your favorite volcanic rock pieces instead.

Black Rock Container Garden

Variation of rocks for garden
Image credits: brebca via Canva

This one appeals to me since I have harsh winters and not a lot of space: a black rock container garden. You can build up your garden space with black rocks, then simply place your container garden planters onto the rocks. Easy, fast, inexpensive.

Black Rock Zen Garden

Zen Rock Garden
Image credits: bworld via Canva

Similar to the Japanese garden idea is the idea of using black rocks in your Zen or meditation garden. You may want to incorporate some sand and greenery or just have a bed of black rocks and a board surface or comfortable bench for your meditation space.

Black Rock Gravel and Custom Steppingstone Path

black and white gravel rock
Image credits: tammykayphoto via Canva

If you’d like a distinct walkway using black rocks, consider laying out a bed of black rock gravel with custom steppingstones for the pathway. Planting the unique stones depicting unique images you love or designs the kids helped make, then surrounding these stones with black rocks could be the perfect way to have a simple but gorgeous and family-friendly walkway the whole family can be proud of.

Black and White Rock Delineation

Pebble Stone Colorful Background
Image credits: Fabio Pagani via Canva

For a chic, modern look, consider using some metal edging between black rocks and white rocks in precise patterns or curved shapes. Plant some shrubs or well-groomed plants within, and voila – a beautiful, modern landscape without a lot of work.

Raised Bed Black Rock Front Entry

Retaining Wall
Image credits: Mark Herreid via Canva

For homes on slanted spaces, a raised bed black rock front entry could be the perfect way to add some distinction and elegance without a lot of ongoing work. Create a “retaining wall” with proper drainage, then use black rocks to help support and “mulch” your plants within, near the house.

Multi-Sized Black Rock and Gravel Beds

Rock Garden
Image credits: Tristin Nelsen via Canva

Using multiple colors, sizes, and styles of rocks and gravel can create a unique, attractive landscaping project without a lot of hassle or ongoing maintenance. Consider delineating between the types of rocks and gravel with metal edging or blend the black rocks in with the gray boulders. The key focus of this idea is using different types of edging (stone, brick, metal) with different textures of rock.

DIY Black Rock Bubbler Fountain

Solar bubbler birdbath
Image credits: Beth Bachelor via Canva

If you’re looking for a small landscaping touch using black rocks, you could use this tutorial to create your own DIY black rock bubbler fountain. It’s perfect for small spaces, including patios and lawns alike.

Black Rock Water Features

Water feature
Image credits: Frank Wagner via Canva

Additionally, you could use black rock boulders “slices” and other black rocks to create all sorts of other water features. I love the idea of combining multiple black rock textures (jagged, polished, standard) for a truly unique water feature unlike anyone else’s. In many cases, you’ll need a small pond at the base, but not in all situations. Look for some “rock” water feature tutorials for ideas.

Defined Landscaping with Black Rocks and Smooth Stones

Smooth Beach Rocks at Upper Edge of Tide
Image credits: KellyvanDellen via Canva

For some elegant, modern coherence to your landscaping, consider creating a “mirrored” pathway through or alongside your front yard. Use black rocks on both sides of the pathway, against the house and opposite the house, with clearly maintained shrubs or plants planted within on both sides. You can line the inner edge of the path with smooth stones to keep lines clear.