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51 Black Rock Landscaping Ideas

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Black Rocks, Plants, and Brick Edging

rock plant
Image credits: jawphotos via Canva

For some unique, tropical feeling landscaping around the pool, consider using some sunken bricks for an edge to the patio space, then planting colorful, tropical plants and flowers within black rock “mulch.” The brick edging gives an almost rustic, Latin American feel while the black rocks lead into the tropical climate feel with the plants.

Black Rock “Mulch” with White Rock Drainage

Rocks in Drainage Ditch
Image credits: dbvirago via Canva

For homes on slopes, a beautiful idea for a clean, clear-cut drainage design from the gutters is to incorporate the gutters right into the landscaping. Use black rocks as mulch around your plants with white stones beneath the gutter drains. Or, reverse that with white rocks around the plants with polished black rocks as your drainage space.

Black Rock Firepit

Rock Firepit on Shore
Image credits: wholden via Canva

Black rocks come in many forms, including rounded, smooth stones you can use to create a firepit. This unique feature needs little to “add” to its good looks for a full landscaping effect – just add some chairs!

Lava Rock Rose Garden

Red Roses Garden in Bloom
Image credits: Irina Iriser from Pexels via Canva

For an easier-to-maintain rose garden setting, consider black rocks instead of mulch or greenery. Plant the roses as usual, then fill the grounds with black rocks for a clean, unique look.

Black Rock Plant Border

Polished Black River Rocks Bordered by Red Leaves
Image credits: Ozgur Coskun via Canva

If you’ve got some space around the house, front lawn, back patio, or elsewhere that you’d really like to border with some clean, attractive features, consider black rock plant borders. You’d choose some green plants like ferns or shrubs, plant them moderately distant apart, them “mulch” with black rock gravel. It gives a nice, clean, easy-to-maintain space.

Crisp, Clean Black Rock Lines

Curved Line of Stones
Image credits: Billion Photos via Canva

If you love modern designs, using black rocks to create some crisp, clean lines could be the perfect way to go. Pour a concrete or lay a stone patio with straight edges, then place black rock gravel around clean-cut plants like succulents or cacti and some distinct, matching rocks or similar elements. Place everything evenly around the space for a clean-cut look that’s modern, chic, and easy to maintain.

Black Rock Xeriscaping

Xeriscaped Residential Walkway
Image credits: Solidago via Canva

Of course, you could go with full-on xeriscaping. That is, planting a “dirt” yard with black rocks, succulents, cacti, and similar plants, instead of trying to maintain a lawn or heavily planted space. Scatter the heat-resistant plants or place them in specified designs or spaces. Whatever you like! This particular landscaping is ideal for hot, dry climates but can work in other warm climates as well.

Lava Rock Boulder with Black Rock “Mulch”

Black rubber granules
Image credits: LarisaBozhikova via Canva

If you’re not too keen on plants, you can create a rock garden that doesn’t require any plants at all. Layout some black rock “mulch” and strategically place large, black rock boulders for an earthy, rich landscape.

Black Rock “Riverbed”

Image credits: Kerstin via Canva

If you like the idea of a running river through your yard but don’t happen to have one conveniently, you know, flowing through, you can emulate one with building a dry riverbed with black rocks. Fill the bed with black rocks and boulders, line with other rocks, or even some plants that look like they might belong along a creek.

Defined Black Rock Spaces with Green Plants and Trees

Black Rock Trees
Image credits: CSParker via Canva

If you like a tidy space, you can create defined spaces using black rocks. Edge any given location with bricks, stones, pavers, or anything else you love, then lay out shrubs, green plants, and/or small trees as you like. Then, lay down some black rock gravel for definition and clarity.

Tropical Black Rock Path with White Stone Edging

Rock path
Image credits: phlyersphan via Canva

For a tropical space with defined edges, layout some weathering edging to define pathways. Then, lay black rock between as your clear-cut pathway. On either side of the edging, plant tropical plants, ferns, or other plants that appeal and surround with smooth white stones.

Lava Rock Boulder Trail

Obsidian Boulders from Lava Flow
Image credits: cascoly via Canva

I have a thing for “unkempt” looking spaces that feel wild, free, and a bit rustic. For this feeling, I love the idea of creating a path using lava rock chips with large boulders placed throughout the path for definition and unique features. If they’re big enough, the boulders can function as seats. Add some colorful plants, greenery, or trees for the rustic, wild feel.

Mixed Textures with Defined Lines

Black and White Rocks
Image credits: Lemanieh via Canva

For those who love defined spaces, you can blend black rocks with other stone types for some unique landscapes. For example, using some edging sunk almost completely into the ground, you can edge a curved space then fill it with white rocks. Within the white rocks, plant a tree or two. Then, curving into that space, create another defined space for your black rock. Plant trees or shrubs within for more defined plant beds. Finally, add a third curved space on the other edge of the black rocks using natural stone.

Black Rock Sitting Area with Firepit

Image credits: EpicStockMedia via Canva

Grab some Adirondack chairs, bricks, a firepit, and some black rocks, and you’ve got a perfect family spot for practically any season. Layout the black rocks underfoot for a safe space for fire use and edge with sunken bricks for the cozy, safe for fire use space.

Glossy Black Rock Designs

Rock Design
Image credits: mlevy via Canva

Black rocks can be used in conjunction with many other stones and rocks for some gorgeous landscaping. Consider using glossy polished rocks from creating a stone path with designs or even build some smooth rock walls for shaping your landscaping spaces.

Black Rock Succulent Garden Box

Succulent Garden
Image credits: Foreverhappy-Mee via Canva

If you like geometric shapes and definitions, consider finding some perfectly square paver stones and creating a uniquely attractive space with them. Section the landscaping zone into sections – one for black rocks and succulents and one for your clearly defined path using those square pavers. Use black rocks between the steppingstones or let the grass grow up.

Black Rock Cacti Patch

Image credits: Davel5957 via Canva

If you have a thin strip of yard you’re not quite sure what to do with, consider creating a black rock cacti “box.” Edge the patch with wood, stone, or metal edging, then plant some cacti with enough space between them for healthy growth. Then, fill the box with black rocks to keep the space defined and low maintenance.

Black Rock, White Rock Checkerboard Design

Black and White Checkerboard
Image credits: Imágenes de oiasson via Canva

If you’ve got some space and love geometric designs, you can create a white rock and black rock “checkerboard” space in your yard. Mark off the check patterns with metal edging, mostly sunken in, or use smooth, straight-edged pavers or bricks to delineate the spaces. Then, fill in your checks with alternating white and black stones.

Half Circle Black Rock Shrub Garden

Perennial rock and flower shrub garden
Image credits: deboraH brock via Canva

One edging design I love is creating a half-circle bed for your plants using black rocks. If you edge the space with larger white rocks, bricks, or slate, you can create a nearly perfect half-moon shape for a gorgeous and unique look.

Black Rock with Pedestal Planters

Garden with planters and decorative pedestal
Image credits: Hemera Technologies via Canva

Another easy container garden idea is combing the use of tall planters, slate steppingstones or stone pavers, and black rocks. You’ll want to start placing your pavers where you want the planters to rest. Then, fill in the bed with black rocks. Then, place your planters in their tall planters onto the pavers for clearly defined, level container gardening with ease.

Black Rock Fountain Scape

Image credits: vili45 via Canva

I love fountains, so I love the idea of scaping around fountains themselves. This idea is based on a gorgeous pair of black, rippling water fountains by someone’s front door. Besides the fountains, a few select plants make for nice touches within the scaping. Then, place your smooth black rocks around as your cover. Gorgeous!

Geometric Designs with Black Rocks

Black rocks
Image credits: beronb via Canva

Similar to the checkboard idea, you can create geometric designs with your black rocks. Use shades of black or different types of black rocks (lava rock, polished stones, etc.) to create some gorgeous designs in the yard, pathway, or even patio. Or mix in rocks of other colors, sea glass, or seashells even.

Black Rock and White River Rock Pathway

Rock pathway
Image credits: Cheedman007 via Canva

A nice, smooth option for your landscaping is using river rock in white shades to create a smooth pathway through the yard, with black rock gravel surrounding or in between the white rocks for a gorgeous design. The design can also be used around plants, edging the house, along side the patio, or edging the deck.

Black Rock and Slate Pavers

Image credits: josanmu via Canva

A simple, no-nonsense landscaping option with black rocks is to simply create a pathway using square slate pavers and fill in the gaps with black rocks. It gives a nice, crisp look for your pathway in a nice accessible way for walkers and canes. Just be sure to keep the pavers close enough together that they don’t trip up pedestrians!

Black Rock and Poured Concrete

Black Concrete Texture
Image credits: claudiodivizia via Canva

Finally, a gorgeous idea I love is using black rock in a concrete pour for a pathway, patio, or barbecue surface. What this means is pouring your concrete surface, then inlaying the black rocks for a nice design. Be sure to smooth down the rocks to avoid bumpy or jagged edges, though.

Your Landscape, Your Way

Ultimately, any of these gorgeous designs work for landscaping in most spaces. Some are more suited to small yards, while others require a fair bit of space. But whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the process! You can use black rocks in so many creative ways like those suggested or combine two or three to make your own unique landscaping designs.