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7 Bold Black Christmas Tree Ideas

With Christmas approaching, it’s time to think about how to deck the halls with the perfect tree! Choosing non-traditional colors is the way to go this year! Black complements everything, and by selecting this (absence of) color, you’ll escape from the traditional holiday tones of red, green, gold, and silver.

This creative new palette is sure to grab everyone’s attention. There’s a black Christmas tree design to fit the décor of any home — modern or traditional. And best of all, many Christmas shops have artificial trees in different shapes and sizes. You can even buy them online.

Black Metallic Christmas Tree

Black Tree with Gold and Black Decorations
Image credits: Leonhard_Niederwimmer via Pixabay

If you want to make a striking and bold statement, go for metallic pink and purple ornaments to highlight your tree. The playful contrast of these colors will make your tree pop. Choose ornaments that have movement, like a glittery disco ball or snowflakes that twirl. They’re sure to be a hit at your next holiday party!

Rustic Wall Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Image credits: Pascal Claivaz

How about a handmade wall Christmas tree? One of the biggest advantages of these trees is that they don’t take up any floor space. Plus, it’s a great DIY project! All you need is four to five sturdy branches of different sizes. Laying the branches on a flat surface will help you place the longest one on the bottom and the smallest one at the top.

You can also decide on the vertical space you want between each branch. Then loop each branch edge with strong black twine. Mount on your favorite wall and go for a more traditional look with black charcoal branches. Add some bold black Christmas ornaments to contrast your frame. Finally, hang wooden chips with carved designs to give your home a rustic and warm feeling.

Bold Black Christmas Tree With Gold

Christmas dark blurred background with a black Christmas tree, ornaments and bokeh lights
Image credits: Rodionova Marina via Shutterstock

What more glory can you have than a black pine tree adorned with gold? The simplicity of these two colors combined is reminiscent of a warm and cozy fire. You can forgo the idea of a traditionally crowded tree full of ornaments and opt for a tree tinged with hints of tawny lights. It truly has a strikingly bold effect when you embrace a minimalist approach to decorating. Going for this style leaves you more time to sit back, relax, and watch Christmas movies!

Blue and Black Tree

A heap of dark blue Christmas baubles for festive decorations
Image credits: kuvona via Shutterstock

This tree screams boldness! The combination of icy blue ornaments on a black tree is magical. Go wild and decorate with deep blue stars and icicles to make this regal tree come alive. If you prefer, try an ocean theme and adorn your tree with ornamental marine mammals and shells that swim with the blue tones of this black evergreen.

Black Tree With White Accents

Image credits: jbundgaa via Pixabay

Black and white are a perfect match for your Christmas tree! The contrast between light and dark gives a shadowy backdrop brightened by the ethereal white of the baubles.

Choose star and angel ornaments for decorations, and wrap this evergreen up with some shiny white tinsel. You can even decorate the tree with your favorite Christmas characters! Sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and admire your creative efforts!

Masquerade Tree

Carnival mask on decorated Christmas tree.
Image credits: ka100500 via Shutterstock

This macabre mask tree will undoubtedly be a conversation starter for everyone! If you’re into theatrics and appreciate the darker side of things, this tree is for you! A home with mute shades of white, black, and gray is a lovely backdrop to this gorgeous tree.

Decorate with black lights. That’s right, glorious black lights! These incandescent lights and LED bulbs are sold on Amazon. Remember, this tree is also frighteningly perfect for Halloween. You just need to add splashes of orange garland.

DIY Feather Palm Tree

Image credits: ArjanneHolsappel via Pixabay

There’s nothing like the feel of being in the tropics at Christmas time! You don’t have to go far. A feather palm tree sprayed with black glitter can go a long way. Perhaps start with a Hawaiian theme and decorate with festive luaus as your garland. Look for unique figurines to adorn the quills of feathers, like hanging pink flamingoes, mini tiki torches, honu turtle ornaments, and small ukuleles. For a tree skirt, you can shroud your palm in black cloth. Spread loose gravel to resemble sand, and throw some pretty shells. Don’t forget to leave some space for your presents! You’ll truly appreciate your unique paradise of a tree as you sit back and sip on a Mai Tai or two.

Imaginative and Quirky Bold Black Trees

It’s no wonder black is in season! There’s so much holiday decorating you can do with this daring shade. Go out on a limb, experiment, and embrace everything black!

Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Please leave them in the comments below.

Happy black tree hunting!