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BREEO Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pit Review and Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve never heard of a smokeless fire pit, your world is about to change. The BREEO fire pit isn’t just any fire pit. It’s a smokeless fire pit that’s stylish, portable, and sturdy. Because of its many great features, the BREEO a perfect introduction into the amazing world of smokeless fire pits. Whether it’s a cold winter night or a daytime summer barbecue, you can make great use out of the BREEO fire pit. Find out everything you should know about this fire pit and whether or not it’s right for you.

About the BREEO Fire Pit

The BREEO Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pit is a wood-burning fire pit that is available in several models. Many of the models come in a stainless steel model or a steel with a high-heat black coating. Whichever option you choose, it’s likely to match with your decor. It’s a stylish fire pit that won’t smoke out your home.

BREEO Double Flame Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit (24 Inch)
    The Double Flame 24” was built to be the ultimate backyard fire pit. Larger than the 19” Double Flame, to ensure there’s always plenty of flame to gather around.



What is a Smokeless Fire Pit?

A smokeless fire pit is exactly what it sounds like. While traditional fire pits are great, they can leave you and your guests breathing in smoke. If you’re tired of the smoke smell sticking to your hair or inhaling smoke as you sit around the fire, you need a smokeless fire pit. Although there are several ways in which smokeless fire pits work, the Breeo features a two-stage process. Put simply, the pit burns off smoke before it can leave the fire pit.

As the fire burns, the fire pit pulls air in through holes on the bottom of the pit. Then, the air travels through an area between two side walls of the pit. Eventually, the air exits in holes near the rim of the pit and the heated air mixes with the smoke. The smoke burns before escaping the fire pit and entering your air.

Before buying a smokeless fire pit, you should realize that there really is no way to completely eliminate smoke. You will have some smoke with this pit, but you won’t have as much smoke as you would with a regular fire pit. If you add green or wet wood to your fire, some smoke will escape the pit.

Features and Benefits

breeo fire pit closeup lip lit fire reflectingThere are many things to love about the BREEO fire pit. Out of all of the features, these ones stand out:

Can Be Moved

While the BREEO pit doesn’t have wheels or handles, it is somewhat portable. The largest model weighs 57 pounds and the smallest one weighs 48 pounds. If you grab the pit by the flange, you can lift it and move it around your yard.

Now, you won’t be packing this fire pit in a hiking backpack and walking a mile with it. But you can take it in your pick-up truck or move it to different areas of your yard. Even one person can handle moving this pit a short distance.


This fire pit was made with a thick 304 stainless steel. Although this steel makes the pit heavier than other fire pits, it also makes this pit much more durable.The thick steel walls mean that this fire pit can take a beating. It won’t dent easily, which means you don’t need to treat the pit with kid gloves.

The 304 stainless steel is a combination of steel, chromium, and nickel. As a result, it’s rust-resistant. Even if you live in a humid or rainy climate, you can expect this fire pit to last.

Double Walls

As mentioned above, the double wall design is what makes this fire pit smokeless. When you sit around the fire, you don’t get smoked out. You also don’t need to worry about the smell of smoke lingering in your clothes, skin or hair.

breeo fire pit lit in park outdoors daytime

Four Feet

There are many fire pits available that only have three feet stabilizing it. Unfortunately, the base isn’t stable enough to prevent it from tipping over. However, this fire pit has three feet. It’s less likely to tip, which is great for safety. If you have kids around or guests who have had one two many beers, you don’t need to worry about them bumping into and knocking over the pit.

Ability to Cook: Is it Good for Cooking?

While having a fire pit is great for warmth, it’s not the only reason you might want one. The BREEO fire pit is also a cooking tool. If you want to cook on your fire pit, you can do so with ease. You can buy several accessories made for the BREEO pit. With just a few of those accessories you can cook delicious meals on a hot fire.

Two essentials for cooking are the cooking grate and post. Place the grill post in the hole of the fire pit, and you can start cooking your favorite grill recipes.

Does it Come with Accessories or Inserts?

The cooking accessories, as well as other accessories, are available for an added cost. However, the fire pit itself is all you need to get started.

Are there any Common Problems?

The biggest problem with this fire pit is the purple color that can occur where the fire touches the steel. That said, the color change isn’t very noticeable. Another issue is sharp edges. However, you can contact the manufacturer if the edges of your product seem particularly sharp. BREEO is a quality company that stands behind its products.

Similar Options

If you’re not sure about the BREEO, there are some other options for fire pits. All of the following are similar to the BREEO Double Flame, but have a few small differences.

A More Portable Fire Pit

Solo Stove Ranger Outdoor Fire Pit
    This smokeless fire pit is small, but extremely portable.



The Solo Stove is one of the main competitors of the BREEO. Like the competition, the Solo has a double wall design to reduce smoke. Because it only measures 15 inches in diameter, this pit doesn’t take up much space.

The size of this pit also makes it more portable. It also comes with a carry case, which makes the pit easy to take anywhere. At only 15 pounds, this fire pit is one of the lightest on the market. Unfortunately, it doesn’t produce as much heat as larger models. It’s also difficult to clean.

A More Affordable Fire Pit

Esright Stove Bonfire Fire Pit
    A 21.5 inch fire pit, the Esright also features a double wall for smokeless fires.



A 21.5 inch fire pit, the Esright Stove is a pit that limits smoke with double sidewalls. It comes fully built, so you don’t need to worry about a difficult assembly. With this product, you get a two year warranty.

The Esright pit weighs under 50 pounds, and looks great in a garden or patio. It’s not quite as stylish as the BREEO, but it’s also not an eyesore.

A Footless Portable Fire Pit

Hi-Flame Bonfire Stove Fire Pit
    This durable, smokeless fire pit comes with a lid.



Weighing in at 42 pounds, this fire pit is light enough to travel with you. It’s made of 304 stainless steel, so it’s durable. Thanks to a top cover lid, this pit doesn’t let embers out. Safety is at the forefront of the product’s design, including the lack of open space below the fire pit’s bottom (normally exposed by feet or legs on other models), which can be a danger zone for pet or small hands.

Like the other fire pits mentioned here, this is a smokeless pit. For patio use, this 20.5 inch pit is great. It’s not quite as refined in design as the BREEO, but it is still a good option.

Where can I Buy One?

The right fire pit can make your yard an extension of your home. In the cool weather, you can warm yourself by the fire. In the warm weather, you can create a feast on the fire. But to create memories, you need the right fire pit. The BREEO fire pit does everything you could want a fire pit to do. If you’re looking for a durable, stylish, multi-purpose fire pit, it’s the right choice for you.

Do you have  BREEO smokeless fire pit, or one of the other options listed here? Comment below and let us know what you think!