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Brick Raised Garden Ideas You Need To See

Whether you are an avid gardener or have just started your gardening journey, you must have heard about raised garden beds. Thanks to them, you can provide your plants with the perfect soil mix suited to their requirements, minimize the number of weeds and pests, gain space by growing your plants more densely, and have easier access to your crops.

Building and caring for your raised garden beds can seem complicated at the first glimpse, but by avoiding some common mistakes, these tasks should go much faster and easier than you think. You can create your raised garden beds using various materials, and one of the best you can choose is brick. It not only looks elegant but is also durable and will make your garden bed last years. 

Discover some of the best brick raised garden ideas, and pick something suitable for yourself! 

Separating Path

This idea is a perfect choice if you have limited space in your yard. Build two garden beds next to the fences, separate them with a cute path, and add some curves to make it look more interesting. You can create the path using various materials, so do not limit yourself. If you want to do it on a budget, use what you already have in your garage. It is only important that the whole project is consistent.

Fence Edging

The idea of using raised garden beds is to extend your outdoor living space. If your property is surrounded by a fence, build this narrow but long garden bed along its entire length. It will allow you to enjoy your time outside while still having some beautiful plants, fruits, or vegetables. To make the whole project look even better, add a few decorations and outdoor lights.

Corner Raised Bed

If a tiny corner is the only place you can use to grow plants, do not worry. It’s better to use this small space than not having your crops at all. You will be surprised how many beautiful flowers or herbs you can accommodate there with proper planning. You can also use this spot to grow your favorite fruit or vegetables that don’t need plenty of room to thrive! 

Spiral Garden

Usually, the most unconventional solutions always attract the most attention. So if you want your raised garden to stand out and catch the eye of visitors, create this spiral design in your yard. You can plant herbs to have them at hand when cooking delicious food or anything else that will have enough room to grow. No matter what you sow, everyone will envy you this beautiful garden anyway!


Instead of having one raised garden bed, why don’t you have three? With this idea, you can build three separate garden beds attached to minimize used space in your yard. Just make sure they have different heights to not only look more attractive but also for easier access. You can also surround them from below with gravel or small stones for the best outcome.

Circular Bed Garden

You can build your raised garden beds not only with various materials but also in multiple forms. If you are a fan of geometric shapes, incorporate this design into your yard! Create a circular bed in its center and smaller beds around it. Thanks to this project, you will accommodate plenty of your favorite plants and make your outdoor space stand out!

Garden Beds Rows

If you are faithful to the classic look, build raised garden bed rows. Create as many rows as your space allows, and start planting! Their length and width will also depend on the size of your yard, so create them in a way that fits it. Just make sure you leave enough room between the beds to access them with ease. 

Brick On The Ground

Brick is a perfect material for building your raised garden beds as well as a floor around them. This idea will add some vintage charm to your yard and make it look more consistent. For the best result, try to use different brick colors. Put the red one on the floor and use the grey one for your beds. These two colors will look amazing together.

Curved Bench 

When you really don’t have much space outside, you have to do everything to maximize it. For this reason, try to build this raised garden bed that can also serve you as a bench. Sitting there will allow you to be as close as possible to your beautiful garden, that’s why make sure to grow fragrant plants that will make it smell amazing.

Raise it Up!

Raised garden beds don’t only look great but also come with plenty of other benefits. They allow you to use the most suitable soil for your plants’ requirements, maximize your yard space, prevent many pests from getting in, and let you access your crops easier.

Even though you can build your raised garden beds using various materials, brick is one of the best choices. It is very durable, meaning it will last longer, and it also looks elegant, adding a lot of charm to your yard. 

Let us know if you like raised garden beds made of brick, and as always, please share!