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18 Ways To Bring Shade To Your Backyard

If you spend plenty of time in your backyard, whether you love to lounge and read, enjoy a BBQ with your family, or have a few friends over for a glass of wine, chances are you’re seeking a little shade from the blasting hot sun rays. Fortunately, this list of 18 ways to bring shade to your backyard is here to help.

From natural resources like trees and plants to DIY curtain set-ups, canopies, and structures such as gazebos, there are numerous ways to create a cooler, shaded area in your yard. Below, you’ll find everything there is to know about bringing shade to your outdoor space.

Ways to Bring Shade to Your Backyard

1. Trees

If you’ve been dreaming of a weeping willow or a classic oak tree to add to your yard space, you’ll be happy to hear that large trees are a great way to add shade to any garden. Whether you want to set up a patio area beneath the tree, a reading nook, or a cozy hammock, there are plenty of ways to decorate around the base of the tree to suit your needs.

Another great thing about trees is that they also provide privacy. So, kill three birds with one stone by adding a tree to your yard space. It’ll add plenty of color and greenery for a more aesthetic design, a shady area, and more privacy!

2. Gazebo

gazebo is another classic option to create a shady space. They’re usually set up over patio sets since they provide ample shade for daily use, making them the ideal option for lounging areas. The structure of a gazebo adds an inviting and aesthetically pleasing touch to the space as well, and you can easily jazz it up with lighting and hanging plants.

3. Umbrellas

While you may envision umbrellas trailing around lounge chairs on the beach, you can also use them in your backyard with a patio or dining setup. They’re easy to angle to keep the sun out of your eyes and block the wind. Plus, you can pick them up and move them around different areas of your yard, whether you need shade to read or eat your meal!

4. Patio Curtains

Similar to umbrellas, patio curtains are a versatile option. They come in different colors and lengths to suit your space, and you can opt for sheer or fully light-blocking fabrics. You can open them when you want to let the light in and close them for shade and privacy. They’ll also easily attach to anything from trees to gazebos and more!

5. Pavilion

A pavilion is a decorative building with a triangular roof and no walls. It functions and looks very similar to a gazebo, but it has a different aesthetic and is usually wider and longer. It is ideal for setting up an outdoor dining space or large lounge area.

6. Balcony or deck

If you’ve got an upper level or want to create a deck space, a balcony is a good option. Plus, it can create a shaded area below, so you’ll have the best of both worlds! You’ll have more outdoor space, as well as a sunny area to lounge around with a cooler, more relaxed space below ideal for grilling, eating, and hanging out!

7. Pop-up Canopy

pop-up canopy or tent is another way to add shade without the commitment! You can move it around all areas of your yard, placing it over a seating area or dining space–it’s really all up to you. And when you need to store it for cooler seasons, you can simply fold it up and keep it away!

8. Pergola

Pergolas are usually used to create a shaded walkway, passage area, or sitting space, featuring wooden slats that allow some light to peak through. This is ideal if you don’t want to block the light completely but, you can also add vines and shrubbery to create a more ethereal, natural-looking space.

9. Built-in Roof

If you’re interested in a more permanent shading solution, opt for a built-in outdoor roof. This will act as an extension to your home while providing the shade you need for your yard. You can keep it wall-free for more open space or build walls to create a cozy sanctuary or sunroom.

10. Fence

Like trees, a fence also adds shade, privacy, and decor. They come in different styles, making it easy to match your decorations, and they’re also great for keeping pets in your yard and providing a more personal touch to the area. Plus, you can hang plants and lighting to create a brighter, more open aesthetic.

11. Hang Plants

You can also use hanging plants strategically. Depending on where you place them, they can block and filter light for a more comfortable seating area. We can’t forget that they add an opulent, inviting vibe to any outdoor space! Hang them from the posts of your gazebo or fence for an extra shaded touch. You can also DIY hanging planters for a more personal style.

12. Vines

Vines add greenery and shade to your outdoor space and can trail along with most things. You can attach them to your roof using zip ties, the railings of your deck, or along the top of your pergola. They’ll also usually grow back each season, making them a low-maintenance option.

13. Cabana

A cabana is similar to a gazebo, but it usually has some bed or seating built-in. It is the ultimate relaxation lounge, providing plenty of shade and comfort. Plus, it’s a great way to add a sumptuous resort feel to your space, and you can decorate with plants, color, and lighting as you please.

14. Hedges

Hedges are another option if you’re interested in the natural route. They add plenty of greenery and can be cut into all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. They’re super easy to maintain and add privacy to your outdoor space.

15. Awning

An awning is similar to a rooftop extension, though it’s usually a more inexpensive alternative. It comes in a variety of fabrics and materials, whether you’d like something constructed of wood, glass, or sheer fabric. You can easily remove and store it for the winter months. Plus, it is angled in a way that seamlessly blocks light to create more shade.

16. Hanging Sun Shade

A hanging sun shade is similar to an umbrella since you can easily move it around your yard to suit your needs. It usually requires three to four touch points to attach it, whether that’s a tree, your home, or a fence. It’s usually made of a sheer white fabric that blocks wind and provides privacy.

17. Trellis

trellis is an easy structure to DIY and attaches to your plants. Plus, you can place it anywhere you like, and the growing plants will filter the light and provide a little extra shade. You can build one as big or small as you’d like, adding an aesthetic and functional touch to your yard space.

18. Swing Sets or Seats with Built-in Shades

If you need a shaded sitting area, consider a swing set or seat with built-in shade. You can often find them on patios and porches, but they can find a home in any area of your backyard. Choose a style in line with your aesthetic to achieve your desired look.

Get to Decorating!

If you love your outdoor space but worry about the amount of sun you get each day, fret no longer. This list of ways to bring shade to your backyard is effective, and many are easy to DIY. Some require a bit more time and money than others, but you can combine them to provide your space with ample and versatile shade.

These ways to bring shade to your backyard could also be upscaled using one or two of these 15 outdoor lighting ideas. So, let us know, will you be trying out any of these ideas to add a little extra shade to your yard space?