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Can You Mow Wet Grass?

Lawn mowing is a rite of passage for every homeowner, and there are plenty of things to learn along the way. But if you’ve ever wondered when the best time to mow your lawn is, and particularly when you shouldn’t, this guide is the right place to find out.

While the rainy weather may have ruined your weekend plans, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your yard or garden. But, is it the best time to mow the lawn? Below, you’ll learn about whether or not you can mow wet grass, as well as the reasoning behind the answer.

Can You Mow Wet Grass?

Wet grass
Image credits: Skitterphoto via Pixabat

Is lawn mowing best done on wet or dry grass? Of course, you should never be working with machinery in a downpour, but if you’ve been stuck inside all weekend it may seem like a good idea to do some lawn care. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t mow wet grass. Technically, you could, but it’s not exactly a great idea. So, if you tend to water your grass in the morning, try waiting until mid afternoon to mow your lawn if needed. Of course, it’s recommended to mow your lawn before watering. 

If it’s raining and the grass is simply getting too long, you may have to resort to mowing wet grass although it’s not recommended. If you can hold off,  it’s the preferable route.

Ideally, the best time to start lawn mowing is when the grass is dry enough that it won’t make your feet wet when you walk across the lawn. It is okay if the lawn is slightly damp, but you should avoid mowing wet or soaked grass.

Reasons to Hold off on Lawn Mowing

Clogging and Clumping

Blue lawn mower close up on grass
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Tall, wet grass can clump and clog even the best lawn mowers, which will need to be regularly cleaned out, or it will overheat. The clumps of wet lawn clippings will also scatter all over the lawn, killing the turf and creating a patchy finish. The grass also won’t be cut as cleanly, creating a choppy field of grass that is less than desirable.

The wet grass can also cause damage to the mower, sticking to the blades and coating them in moisture. When this happens the blades start to erode. This is a pricey fix that is easily avoidable.

Potential Dangers of Lawn Mowing in the Rain

Grass stains on knees
Image credits: HalynaRom via Shutterstock

Mowing your lawn when it’s wet is a safety hazard for you and your attire. When grass is wet, it’s quite slippery, which means you are likely to slip and fall while lawn mowing after it has rained. There’s also a good chance that you’ll become covered in wet grass clippings, which will stain and ruin your clothes.

Using an electric mower on wet grass is an especially dangerous game, and essentially, you’re putting yourself at risk of electric shock. Water could also get into the fuel tank of a gas-powered lawn mower which could cause the machine to break down and stop working.

Maintaining a Lush, Green Lawn

Lush green lawn
Image credits: Petar Tonchev via Unsplash

On top of causing damaged patches of grass and an uneven finish, mowing wet grass can spread fungal diseases. Since funguses usually thrive in moisture, mowing the lawn when it’s wet can spread diseases all over your yard. This can be detrimental to the overall health of your lawn and garden beds.

Wheel Ruts When Lawn Mowing

Lawn mower for grass spreading
Image credits: Counselling via Pixabay

Unfortunately, the appearance of your lawn can take quite a beating if you are mowing wet grass. Lawn mowers are heavy machines, and if you’re trying to push one through soft, mucky grass, chances are it’ll shred the turf and cause damage to the soil. It can cause deep ruts in the ground and tear at roots, making it difficult to revive your grass and replant seed.

If your soil feels soft, it’s likely not the best time to mow. Try your best to mow before watering the lawn or long after heavy rainfall. Chances are your grass will benefit from a little water, anyways!

To Sum Up

If your grass is wet, take it as an opportunity to relax. There’s plenty of time to mow your lawn, and it’s important to avoid lawn mowing when the ground is soft and wet. It can be dangerous for you, but it can have too many negative effects on your lawn and your mower. And overall, wait until it’s a sunny day out!