Chainsaw Kickback


If you are an old pro at using a chainsaw you know exactly how potentially dangerous chainsaw kickback can be. Even the most experienced sawyers know the feel of their chain catching just right and creating a backward momentum. Inexperienced cutters are at the most risk for kickback incidences, and prior to using a saw …

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Poulan PRO PR5020 20” Chainsaw Review

Featured Image - POULAN PRO PR5020 20” CHAINSAW REVIEW

What is Poulan Pro? The Poulan Saw Company was founded in 1946 by retired lumberjack Claude Poulan in Shreveport, LA. Their first products were saws to help in the logging industry. They continued to offer affordable chainsaws and chainsaw parts that appealed to both professional and homeowners through the 1970s. Source Through the years, they …

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