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How to Convert Your Raised Bed to a DIY Cold Frame

Man working on diy project construction closeup of vegetable winter garden for raised bed cold frame box in Ukraine dacha by farm house

There are many reasons to invest in a cold frame. Besides helping you extend your growing season, they protect your plants from climatic conditions, pests, and diseases. Cold frames are a great alternative to elaborate greenhouses and hoop houses, and can be DIYed into your already existing raised garden beds — They’re shaped like a box with a glazed …

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3 Ways to Grow Peppers in Winter

growing pepper in a pot on the windowsill

Peppers are warm-season veggies, meaning they need the right temperatures to thrive. Pepper plants prefer daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees and night-time temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures vary between different pepper varieties. For example, chilies can withstand daytime temperatures up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Does this mean you can’t grow peppers in …

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6 Ways to Use a Cold Frame in Your Garden

Ornate, old-style cold frames seen on an outside allotment plot. Lettuce are growing in the cold frames, one of the glass panels has fallen out onto the soil.

Whether you’re interested in extending your crops or protecting your favorite potted perennial plants through the cool seasons, a cold frame is the way to do it. Easy to install and even easier to use, these set-ups are perfect for winter and spring gardening. As a bonus, there are ways to use them in the summer as well! The minimalist …

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9 DIY Cold Frame Ideas To Keep You Growing

Growing in a Cold Frame

A cold frame is a handy gardening accessory that’s also an alternative to a greenhouse. Mainly, these frames are boxes that lie flat on the ground with a glazed, sloping, and transparent lid. They are convenient if you have limited space or are looking for a cost-effective alternative to a greenhouse. Below you’ll see some …

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7 Tips For Planting A Fall Vegetable Garden

Work in autumn garden, digging in soil, preparing ground for planting, autumn gardening.

Fall is a busy time for gardeners. There’s harvesting, clean up, and prep for next year, but what about planting a fall garden? It may seem daunting, and with winter fast approaching, you may be wondering if you even have time. You may be ready to pack away the trowels, but fall gardening can be …

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6 Ways to Protect Your Garden From Frost

Rosebud in autumn after a night frost

Gardening is all about preparing for the next season and making sure the conditions are just right so your plants don’t die off unexpectedly. With cold weather approaching, it’s time to start prepping for the winter months and thinking about how to stop frost in its path. Frost loves to wreak havoc on gardens which …

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How to Grow Carrots From Carrots

Woman holding wooden crate of fresh ripe carrots on field, closeup. Organic farming

Did you know that you can regrow vegetables from scraps? Herbs, green onions, lettuce, and celery are all popular, but you can even regrow carrots. Since the taproot (orange part of the carrot) won’t reform from scraps, you’ll be growing carrots from carrots for greens and seeds.  Carrots are biennials, which means that they produce …

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