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6 Composting Problems and How to Fix Them

Earthworms in green vermicomposter, hidden in dirt, making compost

Composting is a great way to transform organic kitchen scraps and disease-free garden debris into black gold for your garden. Compost helps improve soil fertility and structure by fostering an ideal environment. It’s very beneficial for bacteria, earthworms, and other microorganisms. While there are many commercial composts on the market, making your own batch is easy. It helps you save time and …

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5 Benefits of Keyhole Gardening

keyhole vegetable garden

Have you discovered the joys of keyhole gardening yet? The name “keyhole” describes how this garden looks from above due to its famous circular shape. This type of garden has a pathway open to the center of the circle where there’s a compost “basket” to encourage nutritional soil. The unique shape also provides more accessibility for …

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7 Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

getting rid of live christmas tree

As the holiday season winds down, you may still be debating when to take down your tree and how to dispose of it. Whatever you decide, avoid throwing a live Christmas tree in the landfill. Real Christmas trees are biodegradable, meaning there are several sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives for disposal.  Before you take down your Christmas tree, check …

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6 Creative Things To Do With Your Old Christmas Tree

Children hands touching small tree. Environment, education concept. Educating naturally and effectively. Travel, holiday and vacation concept

The holiday season is almost over, which means saying goodbye to the beloved Christmas tree you put up in your home. But just because it’s time for the tree to come down doesn’t mean it has to go into the trash can. Instead of tossing out your old Christmas tree, why not give it a …

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Can Compost Get Too Hot?

"Brown compost"

Compost is a great way to transform leftover food, kitchen scraps, and other organic matter, like fallen leaves, grass cuttings, and tree prunings, into black gold for your garden. Regardless of your experience with composting, you may have noticed your pile heating up. Compost starts heating up when beneficial microbes break down the organic material …

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How to Care for Hostas in the Fall

Woman planting hosta bush plant on flower bed, using shovel tools, spring gardening.

Hostas are popular perennial plants that are incredibly versatile. Their stunning foliage provides a perfect backdrop for other plants and they’re often used for ground cover and borders. But, they can also stand alone as a focal point! These shade-loving plants are low-maintenance, requiring little attention throughout their growing season. In the fall, however, it’s …

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