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How to Store Compost

hands holding compost above the composter with organic waste

Compost is an excellent addition to your garden. It’s a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers and will divert your waste from landfills, lessening your environmental impact. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to make your own using leftover foods, plant materials such as leaves and grass, and other biodegradable materials. Whether you’re in the process of making …

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How Often You Should Add To Your Compost Pile

Close Up of Kitchen Counter Compost Bin with Food Scraps

Proper fertilizer is essential when it comes to maintaining your plants. There are all-purpose fertilizers that you can find in store, however, they are made of processed minerals. There is another type of fertilizer, however – organic. Compost is the most popular example of organic fertilizer due to several factors, but mostly because it is …

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How Often You Should Turn Your Compost Pile

Earthworms in the soil on red shovel, compost box outdoors full with garden browns and greens and food wastes, sustainable life concept

If you’re composting, you’re probably wondering how often to turn your pile. It’s a good question! Turning your pile helps the composting process by exposing fresh air and materials to the microorganisms that break down the organic matter. So, how often should you turn your compost pile? Keep reading to find out! Turning Your Compost …

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The Best Potting Compost For Your Plants

Planting pelargonium flowers into window box in garden. Woman with shovel is putting soil into flower pot. Gardening at spring

Compost is an organically rich material with a good texture that can lighten heavy clay soil and give substance to slippery sandy soil. Any soil texture, including garden soil, will benefit from compost because it’s a mix of many ingredients, all working together to create a harmonious environment for your plants to thrive. So, apart from picking …

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Cheap And Easy DIY Compost Bins That You Can Build This Weekend

Compost bin and mulch in a summer garden

Gardening is a great hobby that can not only be relaxing, but also provide you with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. And one of the best ways to make your gardening easier (and more affordable) is to create your own compost bin. Composting is an excellent way to reduce your household waste, as well as …

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