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Can Compost Get Too Hot?

"Brown compost"

Compost is a great way to transform leftover food, kitchen scraps, and other organic matter, like fallen leaves, grass cuttings, and tree prunings, into black gold for your garden. Regardless of your experience with composting, you may have noticed your pile heating up. Compost starts heating up when beneficial microbes break down the organic material …

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How to Care for Hostas in the Fall

Woman planting hosta bush plant on flower bed, using shovel tools, spring gardening.

Hostas are popular perennial plants that are incredibly versatile. Their stunning foliage provides a perfect backdrop for other plants and they’re often used for ground cover and borders. But, they can also stand alone as a focal point! These shade-loving plants are low-maintenance, requiring little attention throughout their growing season. In the fall, however, it’s …

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When and How To Add Compost To Perennial Garden Beds

Compost, organic materials that can be added to soil to help plants grow

With the right time, care, attention, and resources, your perennial garden beds can thrive for years to come. And what’s one of the most important factors for growing healthy, lush, blooming plants? Soil health! Unfortunately, as time goes on, soil may compact, lose nutrients, and even change pH. With all that said, there is a …

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6 Tips to Caring for Your Hydrangeas in the Fall

Bush (hydrangea) cutting or trimming with secateur in the garden

It’s garden clean-up season, but what does that mean for your hydrangeas? Depending on the variety, these beautiful flowering shrubs can bloom into the fall. Since they’re known to be finicky about their care and maintenance, you might be unsure what to do with your hydrangeas come fall. Don’t worry; you’re not alone.  Here are …

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