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12 Retaining Wall Ideas For Above-Ground Pools

A view of the pool towering above the ground from which a girl in a swimsuit and sunglasses looks out against the greenery and sky

Nothing beats the relaxation of sitting by a pool and enjoying the water. However, such an experience is prefaced by the hassles of installing a pool. On one hand, in-ground pools can be really expensive to install and could take months to be completed. On the other hand, above-ground pools spark controversy because they aren’t …

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8 Naturalized Landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscape with fountain and stone.

Landscaping is a diverse process that can transform your garden, increase your property value, and even your quality of life. There’s something special about taking on an outdoor space and altering its design to suit your taste. From landscaping around trees to DIY landscaping for your yard, there are many landscaping ideas to choose from, …

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10 Drought-Tolerant Lawn Alternatives

Decorative wooden carts with flowers on a lawn made of clover on the background of a wooden house and trees

Whether you live somewhere that tends to be dry and warm all summer long or are simply looking to conserve water, there’s one simple answer for keeping your lawn looking green and lush: drought-tolerant lawn alternatives. While turf lawns are a traditional and visually appealing choice for your yard, they do come with plenty of …

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5 Ideas For Your Best Backyard Entertaining

People Hanging Out at Backyard

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of backyard entertaining. There are endless possibilities when it comes to planning an outdoor party, but we’ve put together a few ideas that we think will make your event one remember. From classic backyard bars to festive games, keep reading for inspiration on how to create an …

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45 Design Ideas to Brighten Your Yard With a Garden Pond

beautiful garden pond with statue

Nothing brightens up a yard and provides interest quite like water features. Not only do you add an entirely new and diverse ecosystem of plants with the creation of garden ponds, but you also invite a relaxing atmosphere into your outdoor living space. Ponds also give an illusion of depth to an otherwise spatially challenged area …

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25 Super Easy Dry Creek Landscaping Ideas You Can Make

Dry Creek Bed

Most people prefer to hire a professional to complete tasks around their house like gardening or constructing a display based on some dry creek bed ideas. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you might look at things and immediately think, “I can do it yourself”! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration, and …

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39 Front Porch Designs And Ideas For Breathtaking Entryways

beautiful front porch

Our homes are generally a place we take pride in, and nothing welcomes guests like a well-designed front porch. Since it is the first thing anyone sees of your house, how it is perceived from the roadside, as well as by approaching guests, is a detail that can be worrisome to the gracious hostess or …

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Best Free Landscape Design Software Tools

landscape plan

With a little bit of imagination and some time to spare, landscaping can turn into one of your most rewarding activities. There’s nothing like walking in your yard or garden and enjoying the view that was born from the depth of your imagination. However, that’s easier said than done. Landscape design software tools can help …

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