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How to Keep Chipmunks Out of Your Garden

Chipmunk in live humane trap. Pest and rodent removal cage. Catch and release wildlife animal control service.

Chipmunks might seem cute while running around your backyard and garden but can be havoc for your plants if given the right environment. These rodents feed on fruits, seeds, flower bulbs, and insects. If you don’t want these little critters to chew away your vegetation, learn how to prevent them from entering your garden and what to …

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How to Test Your Garden Soil

Man Testing Rich Soil Outdoors

There’s a saying that goes, “Dirt is dead, but the soil is alive.” The Soil Science Society confirms that there are more species of organisms within the soil than there is above ground! The soil is teeming with life, minerals, nutrients, and particles that are invisible to the naked eye. Since you can’t tell your …

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How to Grow and Care For Indoor Cacti

Woman gardener hands in yellow gloves planting cactus into new flowerpot with fertile soil on wooden table. Indoor plant care and gardening concept. DIY home garden with plants and succulents

Cactus plants are popular in many households, known for their low-maintenance and drought tolerant qualities. Cacti are most popular for their unique, organic shapes, succulent pads, and sharp spikes, but all varieties are different. Though you can grow them outdoors depending on the plant and your zone, cacti add a wonderful touch to your collection …

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How to Grow Fruits and Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

Potted Garden Red Strawberry With Many Riped Berries Hanging In Greenhouse, Closeup

Gardening enthusiasts don’t need acres; just pick your veggies and fruit and grow them from the sky! Planting fruits and vegetables in hanging baskets is a great way to create beautiful aesthetics around your home. It is also an excellent solution for gardening enthusiasts who lack ample space to grow different types of crops.  Growing …

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