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10 DIY Ice Melt Options That You Can Make at Home

rock salt ice melt is being spread on your walkway to melt the ice and snow from your path

Winter can bring a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to keeping sidewalks, driveways, and steps clear of ice and snow. One of the most common solutions for this challenge is to use ice melt products. However, they can be expensive and often contain harsh chemicals that can damage surfaces and harm the environment. …

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5 DIY Upside Down Planter Ideas

Flowers in baskets upside down hanging from the ceiling

Many plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, mints, and thymes can grow upside down! With upside-down planters, everyone gets access to a home garden regardless of the space available. There’s no need for cages or stakes as the water goes effectively to the root system! Upside-down planting provides your green friends with better air circulation …

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How to Convert Your Raised Bed to a DIY Cold Frame

Man working on diy project construction closeup of vegetable winter garden for raised bed cold frame box in Ukraine dacha by farm house

There are many reasons to invest in a cold frame. Besides helping you extend your growing season, they protect your plants from climatic conditions, pests, and diseases. Cold frames are a great alternative to elaborate greenhouses and hoop houses, and can be DIYed into your already existing raised garden beds — They’re shaped like a box with a glazed …

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8 Amazing Keyhole Garden Ideas

keyhole vegetable garden

Keyhole gardening can be a perfect solution for growing plants in small spaces, poor soils, or harsh climates. This innovative raised bed garden design originated in southern Africa and has since gained popularity worldwide for growing all sorts of delicious and nutritious veggies or gorgeous ornamental flowers. In contrast to traditional garden bed layouts that group plants in …

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How Often Should You Water Your Terrarium

Watering a Terrarium

If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-maintain addition to your home décor, consider creating and caring for a terrarium. Terrariums offer a unique opportunity to bring the outdoors into your living space with little effort on your part. But it is vital that you know how often to water them in order to keep up …

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How to Make Your Own Terrarium

Women's hobby. Girl nerd florist make a mini terrarium with house plants

A terrarium is a fantastic way to bring a piece of nature indoors, especially for people who live in apartments or have limited outdoor garden areas. Creating a terrarium is a fun and rewarding DIY activity because you can choose the plants and add decorations to make a unique and personalized mini-ecosystem. A well-maintained terrarium …

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How To Propagate Your Polka Dot Plant

polka dot plants

The polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) is unique due to its splotches or “freckles” of pink, white, green, or red. The impressive tropical foliage makes a statement and ensures these beauties do not go unnoticed, whether outdoors in the garden or indoors as a houseplant! If you want to multiply your collection of polka dot plants or hope to …

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6 Creative Things To Do With Your Old Christmas Tree

Children hands touching small tree. Environment, education concept. Educating naturally and effectively. Travel, holiday and vacation concept

The holiday season is almost over, which means saying goodbye to the beloved Christmas tree you put up in your home. But just because it’s time for the tree to come down doesn’t mean it has to go into the trash can. Instead of tossing out your old Christmas tree, why not give it a …

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