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7 Fast-Growing Plants for an Instant Garden

Woman gardener picking red zinnias and blue bachelor buttons in summer garden using pruner. Cut flowers harvest

If you’re looking to create a lush and vibrant garden quickly, there are several fast-growing plants you can pick to help fill out your space. No matter how much room you have to work with, selecting plants that develop quickly will make it easy to grow a beautiful, instant garden. Learn all about seven of …

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11 Tips for Watering Plants Growing in Containers

While growing plants in containers is a space-saving option, it is essential to take care of their watering needs. How often do you water your container plants? How much water is necessary for them to thrive?  Read on to find the best watering tips for container plants and prepare them to beat the summer heat!  …

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7 Nectar-Rich Plants for Your Pollinator Garden

Yellow butterfly (Colias croceus or clouded yellow) on wild Borage, also called starflower, on natural background.

Your garden is a sanctuary, for both you and a wide variety of beneficial insects. Plants rich in nectar add endless beauty to your yard, ranging in color and shape, but also an inviting habitat for many birds, bees, and butterflies, who also happen to be pollinators. Nectar, chock full of carbohydrates, is an essential …

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6 Balcony Vegetable Garden Ideas

balcony garden

If you’re an urban dweller with limited outdoor space but want to grow your vegetables, you might wonder if it’s possible. The good news is that balcony vegetable gardening is a great way to have fresh, organic produce at your fingertips without needing a large outdoor garden. Discover six balcony vegetable garden ideas that are …

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9 Common Container Gardening Mistakes

Woman working outside in a garden planting young flower plants in a planter. Woman's hands plant out flowering plant. Replanting / putting plants in grey container pot

Creating a container garden is a creative way to optimize growing space while livening up porches and decks! Whether you grow beautiful flowers for the showy display or opt for a functional fruit or vegetable garden, planting in containers makes gardening accessible for most. Container gardening is similar to planting directly into the ground; however, …

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3 Common Basil Growing Problems

Fresh basil in the pot. Garden as a background

Basil is a versatile herb that grows vibrant green with aromatic leaves. It’s often added to savory kitchen dishes to boost flavor and in addition, it’s easy to grow. These qualities make it a popular home garden staple. However, just like any plant, basil can experience challenges while it grows. Continue reading to learn about …

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5 Common Propagation Mistakes That Kill Your Cuttings

ficus cuttings. Breeding potted plants. Ficus elastica

Propagation is a great way to increase your plant collection, especially since plants can be expensive and growing from seeds can be time-consuming. You can propagate most plants, including houseplants, herbaceous plants, and shrubs. You can also share propagation cuttings with friends, spreading the plant love. There are many popular ways to propagate plants, but …

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