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How to Grow and Care for Chrysanthemums

Watering flowers in a pot. Sprays water on flowerpots in the garden, florist working, takes care of plants in house. Gardener caring ornamental flowers in summer day closeup slow motion

Chrysanthemums are a beloved and interesting flower to add to your collection, blooming in various shades and color combinations. These bright and cheery perennials come in many varieties so it’ll be easy to find one that matches your aesthetic. Not only are their 13 different cultivators to choose from, there are also hardy varieties for …

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How to Sharpen Your Garden Shears

Gardener cleaning and sharpening garden tool in autumn.

Garden shears are a necessity for every gardener. They make the pruning process a breeze, which keeps your plants happy and healthy and helps them produce higher-quality fruits. But, how should you sharpen your garden shears to ensure the job gets done right? And on a related topic, how should you clean them? Below, you’ll …

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How To Make Your Own Soil Sifter Box

gardeners sifting soil

You’re forgiven if the act of sifting something makes you think of baking. But did you know that sifting is something experienced gardeners do, too? Removing rocks, debris, and large clumps of soil by hand can be a very time-consuming process. This is why professional landscapers use electric sifters to make short work of the …

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How to Repair, Maintain, and Repurpose Garden Tools

antique garden tools

Tools are expensive, and garden tools are no different. It takes a healthy investment to build up a decent collection of tools. However, if you’re crafty and are willing to put in extra work, you could build up this collection for a fraction of the cost. Estate sales, garage sales, and second-hand stores are usually full …

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