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Why White Fungus Balls Are Growing in Your Potting Soil

Pot with a flower covered with mold. High humidity in the soil of a home plant. Close-up of white spores of the fungus. Too much water and improper watering of the plants. Pieces of mold and mildew

Have you been watering your houseplants lately and noticed little white fungus balls growing in the potting soil? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! These little guys are actually a common sight among gardeners, and they’re nothing to be alarmed about. Keep reading to learn more about these strange little creatures, what they mean for your …

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How to Harvest Lemongrass

Harvesting fresh lemongrass in garden bed

Lemongrass is an aesthetically pleasing tropical plant with a wide variety of uses, including aromatherapy, sprucing up a floral arrangement, or adding a lemony flavor to soup, tea, and other meals. Depending on where you live, it may not be easy to find fresh lemongrass at your local grocery store, making it ideal for growing in your garden. Although …

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When Is It Too Hot To Fertilize Your Plants?

Female farmer hand in a rubber glove giving chemical fertilizer to young cucumbers in the garden.

It’s hot out there! Plants need nutrients to grow strong and healthy, but fertilizing in this heat can actually do more harm than good. Fertilizers contain nitrogen, which can stress out your already thirsty plants and damage their roots. So, when is it too hot to fertilize your plants? The answer may surprise you. Here …

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5 Common Lavender Growing Mistakes to Avoid

Woman touching blossoming lavender in the lavender field with her hands, first person view, Provence, south France

Timeless and elegant, lavender is a popular herb among home gardeners in many parts of the world, beloved for its distinctive fragrance and tall spikes of delicate flowers. Although this member of the mint family is generally unfussy and requires little effort to grow, certain misjudgments can undermine your lavender’s chances. If you’re struggling with lackluster lavender, …

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How To Use A Greenhouse For Beginners

Happy young father with small daughter working outdoors in backyard, gardening and greenhouse concept.

Recently, the concept of self-reliance and growing your food has become quite popular. People have become more aware of its environmental and financial benefits. However, what can you do if your region’s temperatures and weather are not constant, or if you’d like to grow plants off-season? There’s a straightforward answer: greenhouses. They come in many …

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The Best Soil For Your Vegetable Garden

Woman planting vegetables in garden, close up

You know that vegetables are good for you, but do you know what is good for your vegetables? The right growing conditions are essential to whether plants grow from a hopeful little seed into a delicious, nutritious crop. While not everyone has the optimal ground conditions needed for vegetable sowing, here are eight great suggestions for …

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The Best 7 Summer Flowering Vines and Climbers

American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens) blooming in springtime in front of a house, California

Flowering vines and climbers feature stunning blooms, which can add many benefits to your garden or landscape, including providing resources for garden wildlife and visual interest. What exactly are vines and climbers? To keep it simple, there are five main types of climbing plants: those that climb via hook, leaf, roots, tendrils, and those that twine. …

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How to Grow and Care for Snapdragons

common snapdragon. Pink snapdragons in garden

Snapdragon plants are a colorful and beneficial addition to your garden. They produce fragrant blooms that attract pollinators, but they also repel deer and rabbits. But when it comes to care, you may be a little unsure about where to start. Fortunately, snapdragons are a low-maintenance option and make excellent companion plants to the other …

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