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5 Cactus Plants To Grow In Your Garden

Child's palm on a leaf of a prickly pear cactus.

Cacti are prickly, but they are incredible plants to have in the garden. They are an easy-to-grow and exciting choice despite their appearance, many yield beautiful flowers, and some even yield fruits. They’re an excellent choice for landscaping and even ensure your garden’s safety from unwanted visitors like raccoons. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, cacti do not disappoint. …

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8 Pretty Indoor Flowering Plants You Must Have

Three potted flower stand on windowsill in curtains background

Indoor plants are a fabulous way to add greenery to your home. When you add a plant that flowers it’s even better! Their beautiful blooms elevate any room with bright shades that come in all the colors of the rainbow. Whether you’re looking for a plant that is low-maintenance or a challenge for a true …

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4 Charming Houseplant Combination Ideas

Looking to spruce up your indoor space this winter but can’t decide? Selecting which plant you want to add to your collection next can be difficult for any plant lover. However, with these houseplant combinations, you don’t have to limit yourself! Companion planting saves space by growing multiple plants in one pot. It is the perfect way …

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