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When and How to Harvest Pumpkins

green and orange pumpkins in garden or on fair. autumn harvest time. natural fall background

Soon, pumpkin gardeners everywhere will wait for the perfect moment to harvest those plump pumpkins. Whether they plan to use them for cooking, decoration or carving for Halloween, the time is almost here! For those who did decide to grow pumpkins this year, you probably wonder when it’s the best time to harvest them. Do you cut them …

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5 Houseplants You Can Neglect in The Winter

cup of coffee and houseplants on windowsill in sunlight in winter

Houseplants are a great way to brighten up your home and improve your air quality, but many people mistakenly believe they need to be kept in perfect condition year-round.  In reality, there are a few houseplants that you can ignore in the winter without too much trouble. So, if you’re looking for a easy way to spruce …

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6 Best Plants For A Hydroponic Garden

picking up fresh vegetable from the garden

Hydroponic gardening is one of the best ways to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs indoors. Essentially, you grow the plants directly in nutrient-rich water, similar to propagation, and the entire setup is soil-free. Plus, it’s easy to DIY your own hydroponic garden using items you likely already have at home. If you’ve recently …

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How To Refresh Old Raised Bed Soil

Woman working on her garden in raised garden bed holding handfull of fertile soil.

It’s essential to refresh old raised bed soil with organic matter and nutrients for healthy plant growth. If your plants don’t grow the same way they once did, it’s an indication that your old raised bed soil needs tilling, replenishing, and refreshing. Your raised garden bed soil’s health and structure will weaken as the plants …

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