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How and When To Prune Your Tomato Plants

Gardener pruning tomatoes

Pruning your tomato plant is necessary if you want it to yield as much fruit as possible. Pruning is an easy process that involves removing dead foliage and smaller shoots to ensure all the nutrients go towards fruit production. There are a few things to consider to ensure you prune your tomato plant correctly. In this guide, you’ll …

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How To Grow and Care for Marigolds

Shovel and pot with marigold flowers for planting in home garden. Gardening and floriculture. Flower care

Marigolds are a stunning, annual flower to add to any garden! Whether you’re looking for the perfect plant to complete your container garden or place them in your outdoor garden space, they are a great option. Available in numerous different varieties, marigolds add a vibrant copper hue amongst fields of greenery. They bloom all summer long and …

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