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How to Prune Pumpkin Plants

Green vine of pumpkin plant tree growing on ground on organic vegetable garden agriculture farm

Pumpkins are always a popular squash in the fall, whether you love a classic pie, a scrumptious latte, or Jack-o-lanterns lining your porch. While bright orange is the most common choice in October, “pumpkin” is a general term. Pumpkins are any round winter squash with a hard-ribbed rind and come in many colors, including orange, yellow, …

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How to Use Planters Without Drainage Holes

Potted green plants on window

Every houseplant owner knows the struggle: there are plenty of planters on the market, but they don’t always have the drainage holes plants need to survive. If you’ve chosen to home your houseplants in an aesthetic pot that lacks proper drainage, you already know they usually don’t make it out alive. If they do, the …

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How to Grow Mums In Containers

Crysanthemnum flower pot. Fall garden decor plant at house porch or patio. Stone container with orange bouquet. Elegant bush for outdoor landscape arrangement

Chrysanthemums are a classic fall flower, packed with petals and fluffy blooms available in many vibrant colors. These hardy perennials are especially gorgeous planted in containers, placed thoughtfully on your balcony, around the front door, and in your fall garden. Mums require only a little TLC, and cultivating these splendid blooms isn’t a complicated task. In this article, you’ll discover …

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How and When to Plant Daffodil Bulbs

hands holding daffodil bulbs before planting in the ground

Daffodils are eye-catching, featuring bright, inviting flowers that bloom all spring. With thousands of cultivars in breathtaking pastel colors, these plants are the perfect addition to your fall planting list. If you’re looking to attract pollinators and help your garden spring back to life after the winter blues, daffodils are a great choice. If you want …

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How to Build a Hydroponic Garden

Vegetables hydroponics

Hydroponic gardening is the perfect solution if you want to continue growing herbs and veggies throughout the winter. As an added benefit, the entire contraption is soil-free. Instead, you’ll grow plants directly in water, similar to propagation. You will also add a nutrient solution, which acts as fertilizer, to help the plants grow and thrive. …

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How to Grow Epazote in Your Herb Garden

Epazote plant in mexico food

Epazote (Dysphania ambrosioides) is a unique and pungent herb commonly used in Mexican cuisine. It grows as a perennial herb in its native environment of South America, Central America, and southern Mexico, but in cooler climates, it acts as an annual. Epazote is drought-resistant, sun-loving, and easy to grow. If you want to get your …

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How to Grow Green Onions

Onion in the ground

Green onions are a delicious addition to any meal, whether you use them to garnish your favorite ramen dish or grill them on the BBQ. If you’ve been wondering how to add these flavorful tubular alliums to your garden, you’re in luck. The process is quite simple, whether you’d prefer to grow them indoors or …

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