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How to Propagate Pothos

Woman is holding pothos plant cuttings with roots ready to be planted

Low-maintenance, forgiving, and unfussy, pothos make excellent beginner houseplants. They can thrive in a range of indoor environments, needing relatively little, indirect sunlight. And, with their ability to trail and hang from shelving and climb trellises, they are a great way to add texture and lushness to any room. The best thing, they’re also easy propagate, …

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How and When to Harvest Cucumbers

cucumber harvesting or organic food concept

Cucumbers are a refreshing vegetable, whether you add them to a garden salad or grill them on the BBQ and add them to your favorite summer meals. Cultivating cucumbers in your vegetable garden is also a rewarding and exciting experience. But if you’ve ever grown veggies in your garden, you know it can be difficult to determine …

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How To Grow and Care For Hens and Chicks Plant

Hen and chicks, Houseleek

Hens and chicks plants (Sempervivum) are delightful, colorful, and weather-hardy alpine plants. The plant looks like it belongs in an arid environment resembling a succulent from the Southwest, but being an alpine plant means it can survive in cold regions. They’ll thrive there with ease! So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for plant that will …

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How to Harvest Watermelon

Watermelons on the green melon field in the summer

Juicy, red watermelon is the perfect addition to any summer get-together. But how do you pick the perfect one? Nearly all of us are familiar with the disappointment of biting into a flavorless, unsweet watermelon. This has probably happened when you selected the wrong watermelon at the grocery store or maybe you harvested your homegrown …

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How to Grow Sunflowers in Containers

sunflowers in pots on Stock Photo ID: 1331359451 London garden in summer with patio, wooden garden furniture and a parasol or sun umbrella

Everyone wants a unique garden, which is why people often turn to beautiful blooms that are difficult to grow or that may have invasive tendencies. Never fear; there are some quite versatile and easy-to-obtain plants that can add zing to your garden! Sunflowers are a popular choice among expert and amateur gardeners alike. These gorgeous herbs are …

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