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How To Grow and Care for Marigolds

Shovel and pot with marigold flowers for planting in home garden. Gardening and floriculture. Flower care

Marigolds are a stunning, annual flower to add to any garden! Whether you’re looking for the perfect plant to complete your container garden or place them in your outdoor garden space, they are a great option. Available in numerous different varieties, marigolds add a vibrant copper hue amongst fields of greenery. They bloom all summer long and …

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How to Get Rid of Mushrooms in Your Lawn

Gardeners only like to see mushrooms on their plates at meal time. Finding them on the lawn can only yield frustration. In some cases, mushrooms are not always a bad thing to appear in your grass. They are nature’s disposers, transforming organic material into healthy nutrients that are returned to your lawn and soil. But, while …

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