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Why White Fungus Balls Are Growing in Your Potting Soil

Pot with a flower covered with mold. High humidity in the soil of a home plant. Close-up of white spores of the fungus. Too much water and improper watering of the plants. Pieces of mold and mildew

Have you been watering your houseplants lately and noticed little white fungus balls growing in the potting soil? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! These little guys are actually a common sight among gardeners, and they’re nothing to be alarmed about. Keep reading to learn more about these strange little creatures, what they mean for your …

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How to Harvest Lemongrass

Harvesting fresh lemongrass in garden bed

Lemongrass is an aesthetically pleasing tropical plant with a wide variety of uses, including aromatherapy, sprucing up a floral arrangement, or adding a lemony flavor to soup, tea, and other meals. Depending on where you live, it may not be easy to find fresh lemongrass at your local grocery store, making it ideal for growing in your garden. Although …

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How To Grow and Care For Your Orchid

Woman growing orchid

Orchid plants produce some of the most stunning and easily-recognizable blooms of all the flowering plants. With 28,000 species, orchids are native to every continent except Antarctica but grow naturally in arctic and tropical regions. Since many commonly kept as indoor plants are cultivated in the tropics, mimicking these temperate conditions is key to keeping …

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6 Signs of Over-Fertilizing Houseplants

slow-release houseplant fertilizer stick spike at spring.

A houseplant or two will do plenty in terms of adding greenery, dimension, and life to any space. While some can require more time and attention than others, there are general care rules to follow that will help your plants thrive. Of course, fertilizing makes its way onto that list. Fertilizing is essential for adding …

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Why Your Basil Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Basil plant in yellow pot and watering can on the window sill on the balcony. Growing aromatic herbs at home

Basil is the perfect plant to add to your indoor herb garden or vegetable garden as it’s easy to grow, store, and harvest. But, like all plants, basil requires the proper care to continue to thrive. Fortunately, the plant will let you know if something’s wrong, whether it’s an issue with watering, pests, or nutrients. …

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Why Your Orchid Leaves Are Turning Yellow

An orchid leaf is damaged by fungal disease or sunburn. Bacterial and fungal diseases affecting orchid leaf. Treatment of exotic tropical plants at home. Orchid diseases. Circles brown and gray

Orchids make a beautiful addition to your growing list of houseplants. They’re also easy to care for, and the stunning blooms are definitely worth writing home about. But, like all plants, orchids require the proper care techniques to grow and thrive. And if you’ve noticed yellowing leaves on your plant, there’s a good chance it’s …

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Money Tree

Guiana Chestnut (Pachira aquatica) planted in a white ceramic pot decoration in the living room. Houseplant care concept.

Have you ever wondered if having a money tree was a good idea? Maybe you’re not sure what a money tree is, or maybe you’re just curious about the benefits. Well, here’s everything you need to know about your potential new financial advisor: the money tree! First, you’ll learn some basics about these plants and …

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